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Online Learning in Education

eLearning 24-7

It still has a way to go, but it is happening – and happening faster than its corporate counterpart. Popular ones included Lotus Notes, Blackboard and WebCT. 75% of institutions report that the economic downturn has increased the demand of online programs/courses (Sloan Consortium – survey based on 2,500 institutions). By 2015, Marketdata predicts that 37% of all post-secondary enrollments will be in online programs.

LMS Administrator Hiring – What you need to know to find the right 1

eLearning 24-7

It’s not ideal and honestly, you would rather have a dedicated person, but budgets are budgets. For me, I’d say, if you have a budget line item to hire this important resource do it. That said, if you have 10,000 plus employees, and again, have budget line items for two or more administrators, then go for it. I once worked at a place which besides corporate, had 46 locations/agencies, plus we provided external training too.

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