Four Emerging Technologies that L&D Leaders Need to Consider

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s been “emerging” since 2008… and still only a handful of organizations are using it in a meaningful way. Timeline to usability: This can happen now and it doesn’t require lots of budget to make it happen.

How to protect your learning budget amid current uncertainty

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Yet, given the growing uncertainty about the economic climate and possible recession, many organizations are reassessing their budgets across the board. History has often seen learning and development as one of the first budgets targeted.

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How Can You Maximize Employee Training Value?


So, when it comes to determining where that precious learning & development budget goes, it’s critical to maximize employee training value. Stop Burning the Budget to Preserve Allowances. A common practice is that budget line items need to be spent or lost.

Virtual Reality Training on a Reality Budget

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Or a pilot can practice making emergency landings in a simulation without endangering a plane full of passengers. However; even with a limited budget, you can still incorporate elements of VR into your online training programs.

Tips to Choose the Ideal eLearning Content Provider for Online Training Program

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The secret is choosing an eLearning partner who upholds your brand image, meshes with your L&D team, and fits into your budget. These eight tips can help you find the ideal content provider to outsource your corporate eLearning program.

How to Unlock Your Company’s Employee Development Budget

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Because forward-thinking organizations recognize the importance of employee development, their growth strategies always include ample budgets to fuel their learning and development (L&D) programs. How Sales Pros Can Convince Their Boss To Get Them Into a Training Program.

Your Olympic Training Dream Team: 5 Emerging Roles for L&D Pros


Today, to build an Olympic-quality L&D dream team, you'll need to consider some new and emerging roles and who in your department might best take them on. Five emerging roles for the progressive L&D pro: Connected community cultivator. The 2018 Winter Games are underway!

Cohort-based programs can develop leaders at all levels

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Or, to help high-potential or emerging leaders onboard into new roles, manage change, develop teams, work effectively with others on an enterprisewide basis or execute on challenging new business objectives. 3: Choose Appropriate Participants for Your Program.

Training in a Turbulent Economy

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With fiscal year 2018-2019 promising to be another economic trial, organizations are again looking for ways to streamline staffs and cut budgets while adjusting to new levels of productivity and progress. First, look at staffing and budgets across the organization.

ICRC’s onboarding program: designed to prepare their staff for the field

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Want to find out more about the key role of onboarding & get concrete tips to implement great onboarding programs? With an operational budget of €1.75bn for 2017, they respond whenever people are affected by armed conflict or disasters in conflict zones.

How a Learning Management System Help Healthcare Organizations Elevate Their Corporate Training Program


This poses a significant challenge for healthcare organizations to meet regulatory requirements and ensure their medical professionals are delivering the most effective medical care possible for their patients with limited budgets. The healthcare industry is truly a unique one.

Bridging the Skills Gap: An Opportunity for Associations

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While traditional colleges have been unable to provide some of the technical trade type training that industry is asking for, these for-profit institutions have been popping up like weeds to provide programs.

Demonstrating Your Training Program’s Return on Investment

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As distance‐learning programs grow ever more popular, companies have discovered that technology‐ driven learning can be a critical tool to communicate new information and regulations with far‐flung workers, and to help businesses that are experiencing significant growth get employ- ees quickly on the same page. We address these issues, as we discuss return on investment (ROI), and the importance of establishing clear business needs and program objectives.

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Let’s change our focus on always adding more

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Our field is always excited about the new or shiny object, emerging technology or hot leadership theory book. Learners and learning professionals are often overwhelmed by the continual addition of new programs, technologies and resources.

“The Making of…”: Real Drama, Special Effects, and Interaction in eLearning Video by Fiona Quigley and David Cameron

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While it is true that many eLearning programs now use video and sometimes original drama, these are presented in much the same way as text is—which is to say, rather flatly. Here is the story of a project that “went Hollywood” without breaking the budget. Design Strategies Emerging Topics Learning Media Training StrategiesThe rise of high-quality video in eLearning projects over the last few years has been phenomenal.

The Impact of Social Learning: Will You Be The First? | Social.

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The topic of the evening was emerging stem cell therapies with a particular focus on applications for heart disease. Yet they are alive and well, and perhaps ideal candidates for an emerging stem cell therapy.

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Podcast 19: Customer Education 101 – With Dave Derington of Azuqua

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EPISODE 19 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: On our previous episode , we talked about the increasing popularity of customer success programs among high-growth companies – especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors. But for startups that need to move fast, you may not have the time or budget.

The Measure of Leadership Development ROI You're Not Using (and How to Leverage it)


Meanwhile, what is measurable is the opportunity cost of training: Each hour an emerging leader spends away from the workplace is an hour of productivity and output lost. But thinking through exactly at what rate, in whose budget, etc. Program Evaluation

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Bringing the Future Forward

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But as this emerging technology becomes more ingrained in our lives, CLOs should consider how it can be used more broadly and strategically for employee development. Experts say most of the hesitation comes from either limited budgets or the fear of new technology. “It

5 Significant Benefits of Simulation Based Learning


Simulation based learning has emerged as one of the most popular components of corporate training modules in the present times. Simulation based learning: Its Emergence & Benefits. Moreover, employers will also be empowered to create better training programs in the future.

Training for a “New Face”

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As we hear rumors of the eventual upturn in the global economy, organizations are beginning to emerge after taking cover and taking drastic action during the downturn. Did the training integrate efficiencies such as e-learning and on-the-job programs?

Disaster Preparation and Training Have Something in Common

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It’s common for stores to run out of emergency supplies right before a hurricane. That same panic kicks in when there’s a new product on the way, a new software program rolling out, etc. Anticipate training costs and build them into the project budget from the start.

Coaching as a Training Resource

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Even if the recession is beginning to back off, it may take some time to build budgets and training staffs back to a serviceable level. < The first question that may come up is, “how do I create a coaching program when things are such a mess?”

Project Spotlight: Verbal De-escalation Training for the National Center for Campus Public Safety

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The following summarizes Microassist’s work developing a Verbal De-escalation training program for the National Center for Campus Public Safety. The design of the Verbal De-escalation Educational program was influenced by two factors: budget and accessibility.

What is the Role of Your LMS?


Learning management systems have been around for quite some time, and each year there are more that emerge. The learning management system is the critical component to the entire elearning program. Critical to ELearning Program Success.

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Management Training: Why It’s Important and Popular Topics

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In this article, we will cover what management training is, the difference between leadership and management training, why it’s essential, and how you can conduct an engaging management training program. Emergency Procedures. Budgeting and Financial Planning.

Disaster Preparation and Training Have Something in Common

Association eLearning

It’s common for stores to run out of emergency supplies right before a hurricane. That same panic kicks in when there’s a new product on the way, a new software program rolling out, etc. Anticipate training costs and build them into the project budget from the start.

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Training in a Turbulent Economy

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With 2018 promising to be another economic trial, organizations are again looking for ways to streamline staffs and cut budgets while adjusting to new levels of productivity and progress. First, look at staffing and budgets across the organization.

Strategies You Can Follow Today to Successfully Deploy Your Online Training

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Here are the proven strategies you can follow today to successfully deploy your online training programs. The size of the available budget – Asses the L&D budget before jumping into actions as you may hit a wall and stop the training because your resources have run dry.

Government Initiative To Endorse eLearning In Saudi Arabia

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The Saudi Government remains the major contributor to the development of the country’s higher education infrastructure and is continuously raising the budget to be spent on the education sector.

Infographics and Learning


An emerging type of infographic is an ‘instructographic’ – a graphic used to represent step-by-step instructions on how to make something. Programming Skills. Here is a wonderful infographic that captures the entire US federal budget in a single graphic.

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Employee upskilling & reskilling statistics: Casting light on the trend


The only way to bridge the skills gap is through upskilling or reskilling programs. Formal programs vs. Ad hoc. Also, another 12% say they do have set a budget but it’s not enough. Create a training program without worrying about costs.

Leading High Performance Teams

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But the way the cash incentive program is created will keep the high performance team in stretch mode. Bonus and profit sharing programs create high performance and retain those high performers. If the budget allows, offer leadership training for the high performers at various levels.

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Training and the New Global Economy

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Now that the world’s economy is in the worst shape it’s been in for many years, organizations are looking at every program, project, department, and even every employee. It is a sad but true fact that budget cuts often go to the training area first.

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Why Virtual Reality (VR) is the Best Training Tool for Your Company in 2020


Learning and development (L&D) professionals have struggled a long time in creating organisational training programs for the workforce that is not only engaging, but conveys the key learning points clearly.