Fixed Training Costs versus Variable Training Costs

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Many times departments must “make do” with the budget they’ve been handed. But once you have a budget, no matter how large or how small, you should have an idea of what costs are fixed and what costs are variable. If budgets are fixed, there is not much leeway.

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High Impact Blended Learning on a Tight Budget: How We Did It

Bottom-Line Performance

Large companies may be able to devote resources to a dedicated on-boarding program that spans weeks… but small companies don’t have this luxury. Getting new employees ramped up quickly is the challenge and goal of every company.

Accelerate the Leadership Engine

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After creating an e-learning program which included a virtual classroom, the company was able to deliver live courses that promote the same level of interaction as a traditional classroom. Brakes on the Budget Nissan employs more than 150,000 people worldwide, with production sites in 20 countries and markets in more than 160 countries. The group would need to be convened multiple times, and travel budgets had been frozen companywide.

The budget didn’t fail your low-budget eLearning. What else did? Your enthusiasm to use all of it.

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Is this how you arrive at your project budgets? The training wasn’t very effective since we had very small budgets and couldn’t do a lot of stuff we wanted to.”. “We Being a freelancer, most of the times I get to work on projects with very small budgets.

Scaling My Certification Program

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What does it mean to you when you say you need to make your program scalable? By this definition then, most certification programs are not designed to be scalable as many are not able to withstand much strain. So what are the variables that cause strain on a program? You don’t have to be a Systems Engineer to think in terms of configuration, we do it all of the time and may just not think of it that way.

ICRC’s onboarding program: designed to prepare their staff for the field

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Want to find out more about the key role of onboarding & get concrete tips to implement great onboarding programs? With an operational budget of €1.75bn for 2017, they respond whenever people are affected by armed conflict or disasters in conflict zones.

UNINETT Spreads New Technologies Across Norway With eCampus Program

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The eCampus program within UNINETT was officially launched in 2012 due to demand from institutions and as an effort to better manage resources for both the Ministry of Education and the schools it supported. The program was influenced by demand from Norwegian institutions.

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Namely, it is the combination of statistics, computer programming, and domain expertise to generate insight. They are entirely dependent on Jared to write up their budgets and forecasts and all the other tickets required to play in the big end of town.

How to Sponsor and Retain Managers in MBA Programs

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It may cost some money upfront, but with the right support and retention efforts, sponsoring employee MBA programs could more than justify the investment. Imagine a scenario in which an employee wants to upgrade her skill set, so she enrolls in an executive MBA program. Her employer sees the value in bolstering her leadership abilities, reimburses her for courses taken, and provides formal and informal support as she juggles the job and her academic program.

10 Free Audio Programs to Use for E-Learning

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I’m no audio engineer. Even if you’re on a limited budget, you can get a good microphone for about $50. The video kind of reminds of all of the lame training programs I’ve been in where we had to write and perform songs based on what we learned. And odds are that neither are you.

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Extended Enterprise Learning: Can You Get There From Here?

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Are you an HR or L&D professional trying to figure out how to expand your training programs to customers, channel partners or others outside of your organization’s walls? How to Launch an Extended Enterprise Learning Program Without Losing Your Way.

Q&A with Nicole Tarasoff

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Currently, Nicole is a senior compliance manager on LinkedIn’s small but mighty Global Compliance & Integrity team, where she spearheads the company’s compliance training and program build, communications, and culture initiatives.

Future Scope Of E-Learning To Train Workforce In The Aviation Industry


Business drivers are meant to meet regulatory requirements as well as improve learning and development experience for employees who are involved in diverse roles such as engineering, maintenance or front-end customer service. The world today, is more revolutionized than ever before.

Help Young Graduates Close the Executive Skill Gap

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One of the biggest challenges for engineering and tech companies today is that young recruits come to the workplace with few practical skills or experiences. It was a terrible mistake than happened because the engineers weren’t using critical thinking skills,” he said.

Workplace Learning Trends in 2018

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Innovative AR and VR solutions are helping medical students become qualified surgeons and trainee engineers become qualified aircraft maintenance engineers. We have Google and IBM building programs that can help predict weather trends.

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Unleashing The 7 Essential Features Of A New-Age LMS


At the built layer, it is an alliance of IT systems, comprising of content repository, data analytics engine and a wide spectrum of digital applications. ? Instead of centrality, it helps to enhance the personalization feature as an option available at all levels of the program.

The Essentials of Mobile Learning

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In this blog post, we will examine the importance of mobile learning in modern workplace learning, why organizations should invest in it, the growth of mobile learning apps, and the elements of an ideal mobile learning program.

How a Low Cost LMS for CME Costs You More in the Long Run


That’s because unlike a great deal from a retailer, the value offered by software is contained in its features: if it isn’t there on the day your program launches, then you’ll end up paying for it many times over as your program grows. Your LMS is the engine of your program’s success.

Scary MOOC Savings

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However, in spite of such incredible cost saving potential, MOOCs are still not widely seen and many businesses tend not to include it in their training programs. Can verified certificates mean big reductions in your executive education budget?

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Learnnovators was also the FINALIST in the ‘eLearning on a Budget’ category for the same solution. Sashi Sairaman, CEO – MTAB Engineers has to say about the solution. Chennai (India). Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, has won PLATINUM at the LearnX Impact Awards 2016 in the ‘Performance Support’ category. This award is in recognition of a unique and innovative solution titled MPSS that Learnnovators designed and developed for their client MTAB.

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Ten Words We Must Keep Saying About the Science of Learning (While We Still Can)


These seven words created quite a stir when it was reported that the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an internal style guide advising employees to avoid these words if they wanted to get their programs funded by our current Congress.

What is the Role of Your LMS?


The learning management system is the critical component to the entire elearning program. It is the engine and foundation. Whether or not you use this for your organization is dependent on a few factors such as budget and complexity of training.

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Learnnovators wins PLATINUM at LearnX Impact Awards 2016


Learnnovators was also the FINALIST in the ‘eLearning on a Budget’ category for the same solution. Sashi Sairaman, CEO – MTAB Engineers has to say about the solution. Learnnovators has won PLATINUM at the LearnX Impact Awards 2016 in the ‘Performance Support’ category.

Government Initiative To Endorse eLearning In Saudi Arabia

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The Saudi Government remains the major contributor to the development of the country’s higher education infrastructure and is continuously raising the budget to be spent on the education sector.

Lower Your Cybersecurity Risks with Proper Employee Training

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Unfortunately, year after year we see costly database breaches due to weaknesses in company cybersecurity programs. A cyberattack may disable or bypass your technical safeguards, such as a firewall or antivirus program. Implement a rewards program.

Free L&D webinars for February 2019

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Monday, February 11, 2019, 10AM – 11AM PT : Emotional Intelligence Is Part of Basic Learning (Free for ATD members) Rather than merely an objective of a particular learning program, emotional intelligence needs to be integrated into the learning objectives of every course.

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Preventing Expensive Risks of a Low-Cost LMS Software for CME


It also means that your organization will have to be okay with providing a featureless educational experience to your members—a state of affairs that will only deteriorate as your program expands. How an LMS handles data is critical to the success of your CME program.

The Personal Versus Personalized Learning Debate

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When learning is offered by an instructor or is designed as a self-paced unit that helps the learner pick elements of the program and study at their own pace it is termed as personal learning.

Learning Measurement, But It’s Different


JetBlue is leveraging our modern learning measurement technology to tell their story of impact and ensure their strategic programs are applicable and aligned to crewmembers needs. All of this is affordable, usually for a small percentage of an overall L&D budget.

20 Free Online Resources and Software Every Students Should Know


This is a huge computational search engine. Students, researchers & entrepreneurs fondly refer it to as the ultimate answer engine. For all purposes, its user-interface resembles that of popular search engines. This mega knowledge engine lets its users to input mathematical equations, phrases & sentences. If you want a nanodegree in professional web development, programming or AI, Udacity is your best bet. 12: Engineer’s Toolbox.

E-learning In Automobile Industry – New Report

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Interestingly just last month we were discussing a potential blended solution around our mobile learning platform Upside2Go for delivering a focused year long program for the heads of extended enterprise of a large European automaker.

Why Sales Managers Struggle with Coaching

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Sales training is a big budget, high visibility endeavor in many organizations. The goal should be to turn sales managers into empowered coaches by implementing a comprehensive training program that includes opportunities to practice and get meaningful feedback.

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The 70:20:10 L&D Model for Developing a High-Performing Workforce


“Virtually everything new seems to come from the 20 percent of their time engineers here are expected to spend on side projects.” Despite knowing about these statistics, many organizations spend their training time, effort, and budget in inverse proportion!

Designing a game

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They’d spent their budget on a video, comic book, and a poster, but now realized that the kids would play games at the Care centers. My student did most of the programming, under my direction. It was built upon a simple simulation engine, which supported replay.

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When is Self-Directed Learning Right for Corporate Training and Development?

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Most training programs have to make the best of limited instructional resources. The same happens when you have any two given silos: Marketing and IT, sales and engineering, HR and legal…I could go on. Are on-the-job seminars and corporate learning retreats eating into your training budget? You can also sample some of the microlearning videos ej4 provide to clients for their own self-directed learning programs or sign up for a free, full-featured trial of our full library.