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10 Widely Used Authoring Tools that Support HTML5 and Empower E-learning

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As technology evolves the workforce seeks more interactivity and access to learning programs on multiple devices. The adaptability and flexibility of HTML5 can address learner requirements and industry experts’ needs at the same time. Flash is Fading Away. Two decades ago, e-learning developers used to develop courseware on the primary code base of JavaScript and action script in Adobe Flash. Flash files (.swf) Flash fails in flexibility.

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In fact, in terms of power, its capabilities are more in a league with Flash than with the majority of most rapid development tools. The big advantage that Zebra has over Flash, though, is in its ease of use. There’s no programming language. As of this writing, Zebra only outputs to SWF. Today we’re excited to share impressions on another new authoring tool: Allen Interactions’ ZebraZapps, which launches at ASTD ICE in about a week.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

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lack of Flash support). The acceptance and adoption of "cloud computing" resources for mobile learning will become commonplace as IT budgets remain strained and the complexity of mobile authoring and delivery continues to increase - especially in larger, more complex environments.