19 Insider Secrets About Selecting An LMS

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It doesn’t work that way. Many LMS users work with an authoring tool (e.g. And wasn’t something they had budgeted for. They diverted the money they were spending on the ongoing maintenance and hired an instructional designer with LMS knowledge. Training Budget Bloat.

The Rise of the Servant Leader

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In the 20th century, information became as important as materials, leading to what my friend and mentor Peter Drucker called knowledge work. People were no longer viewed as mere “hired hands,” and managers had to learn to encourage and inspire those who worked with them. But what does servant leadership look like to the average manager who has a budget to work within and goals to meet?

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Not Your Father’s ROI

Jay Cross

At the same time, we are shifting into an era in which knowledge work and learning occur where re-engineered business processes collide with a participative and interactive ecology of information flows. The working definition of ROII is the observable development of capacity and capability to create economic values out of intangibles. It is supposedly the secret handshake that gets you to the inner circle of those who control budget dollars.

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