Reduce Compliance Online Training Costs: 6 Tips To Leverage Learning On-The-Go With A Mobile Learning App

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How can you tap into this second benefit using mobile apps with offline functionality? Mobile Learning Compliance Training eLearning Budget eLearning eBooks Mobile Learning Benefits Offline LearningMobile apps are usually seen as a ''bandwagon'' move rather than a cost-saving one. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Offline Marketing for Online Courses with High Ticket Ecommerce and Consulting Business Expert Sayan Sarkar


Learn about offline marketing for online courses with high ticket ecommerce and consulting business expert Sayan Sarkar in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Most of the time in the world of marketing we are learning about the new ways of doing things with marketing online, but as Sayan shares in this episode, he has had tremendous success with his businesses by marketing offline in newspapers. But offline, it tends to be, there are three ways.

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Build An Air-tight Business Case For A Learning Platform


Don’t say “this solution has a great mobile app”, but instead “mobile learning gives our learners a way to engage with our programs at the point of need, online or offline, wherever they are, leading to higher platform adoption, more engagement and greater returns on learning.”. Get internal buy-in from your key decision makers with an air-tight business case.

Online learning tools


You’ll ensure your students are getting adequately trained while getting to manage your training budget efficiently. Corporate Education eLearning Platform learning mobile offline online toolInterconnection is fundamental nowadays. Using multiple tools that can work together, will facilitate the work and save time in the realization of many processes.

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6 Signs It’s Time to Invest in an LMS

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6) You offer a variety of education and training including live events, credentialing or certification programs, and webinars, but lack a way to centralize your offerings and ensure members receive credit for all their on- and offline professional development and continuing education. We are currently in the Information Age and have had computer technology at our finger tips for nearly five decades.

By the Numbers: Learning from MOOCs

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They found the strongest predictor of achievement was whether or not the students worked offline with someone else on the material. As L&D budgets are slashed and organizations consider their training needs, many companies will start turning to MOOCs to deliver their training programs. eLearning Featured Posts Learning & Development MOOC Training big data budgets L&D learning and development mooc MOOCs

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Change Management Efforts Are At The Heart Of e-Learning Success: 4 Tried And Tested Ways


They are willing to devote budgets as well as time for training. Create avenues for both offline and online learning: e-Learning is undoubtedly a great way to train employees and it provides time and cost efficiency as well. So if an option of download and save is provided, learners can catch up on learning even when they are offline.

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Are CPD Offices Maximizing Their CME Software Systems?


Does it allow you to easily deliver and track your CME, especially with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, increased compliance and reporting requirements, and shrinking budgets? Short Staffed and Budget Strapped? Is your office short staffed and budget strapped?

7 Factors that boost the transfer of learning


Especially during times when there is a considerable amount of pressure on training budgets (the uncertainty brought by a pandemic is an illustrative example), companies strive for efficiency above all when it comes to training their talent. When resources are scarce, you try to do the best you can within the limits of your budgets and, at the same time, deliver results. Transfer of learning is a key indicator of the success of any training program or strategy.

3 Tips for Creating the Right Enterprise Learning Environment


For enterprises that usually means blended learning that combines offline and online activity. Be sure they offer features that take it up a notch, like auto shut-off of resources and alerts to control budget, multi-language support and more. Enterprises can employ thousands, work with an equal number of partners, and serve customers across the globe. It can be an extensive community, and what’s more, for the first time there are five generations in the workplace.

Fixed Training Costs vs. Variable Training Costs

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Though, I always mentioned that online modes for training and learning are becoming the norms of the day, yet, many stakeholders involved in the training process, either online or offline; do hold concerns about the training cost. Usually the budget constraints compel the training departments to adjust with whatever they have got in their hands. Since these costs are likely to remain same, you can estimate the final budget in accordance with them.

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Best ePublishing Platforms for Large Publishers


To be able to make an informed choice, the most important thing that you need to consider is how well the platform fits your specific needs and budget. Enables secure distribution and offline access. Digital publishing or ePublishing needs no introduction today.

Creating avenues for On-Demand Learning in the Modern Workplace


There are pros and cons of each – so make the right choice keeping in mind the learner profile, learning needs and available budgets. A variety of topics can be pushed, as per the learner needs, from offline sources within the organization as well as online source. With the changing profile of the learner, the content can be adapted to be viewed online or offline and through a variety of devices including laptops as well as mobile devices like smart-phones or tablets.

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Want to go mobile for learning and support?

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Does not work offline. Can work offline through HTML5. Can work offline. Works offline. What is my budget? If you are working on a shoestring budget, creating a native app is out of the question unless you have a dedicated developer to code for native apps. 3. Does the app need to work offline? John Park is my guest blogger.

Interview: Micro Agility Featuring Acky Kamdar, CEO, Magic EdTech

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We assumed that the efficacy of digital curriculum, and offline testing is just there(it is not!). The cost of digital technology adoption in the education world will be high in the short term, and the school budgets have to be redesigned to support the constant upgrades in the technology.

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Self-publishing Checklist for New Authors


If hiring a concept editor does not fit in with your budget, you may also ask your family and friends to provide a reader ’ s perspective. However, as with offline publishing, you need a strategy to write an effective book and also a promotional strategy to create a buzz around it.

The 5As model to deliver results with busy learners


For instance, you offer a blended training program (online and offline), as you were told that learners work in several offices across the country and the client does not have the budget to fly them over to a certain location. Once you have the information provided by your client, use your experience and your expertise to come up with at least two solutions within the allocated budget and allow them to choose the most suitable one.

7 Best Digital Publishing Platforms for Your Business


Secure distribution & offline access. It transforms offline assets into digitally interactive content to deliver an engaging experience to the users. Offline content access. Offline application access. It is important for publishers to choose the most appropriate tool based on their needs and budget. The rapid growth of the digital publishing industry has given rise to a seemingly infinite number of digital publishing platforms.

Easing the Transition to Distance Learning

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MagicBox to deliver the learning products (like ebooks, video, simulations, Word/PowerPoint) and assessments online and on any of the devices for online and offline access. The instruction material must be delivered on devices using apps that allow offline access to larger size ebooks, simulations, games, assessments, quizzes, etc. Provide downloadable content that can be printed or used offline on phones or tablets. .

Employee upskilling & reskilling statistics: Casting light on the trend


Not all companies indeed assigned more courses after the coronavirus outbreak, but they definitely will in the future since all their existing offline training is, for the most part, officially online. About training costs, 33% of employers say their upskilling/reskilling training budget is part of their overall training costs while another 30% say that they don’t have a specific budget for upskilling or reskilling. In late 2019, the World Economic Forum issued an alert.

What is Blended Learning? The Guide to Everything You Need to Know


Blended Learning is the method of effectively combining online teaching with traditional offline, face-to-face instruction in order to provide the learner with a deeper, more meaningful learning experience. By offering a wide-range of options on the online learning side and having full engagement on the offline learning side, where instructor and learner alike are interacting with the technology, Blended Learning becomes a powerful tool. What’s your budget?

6 Reasons Why Publishers Need a Mobile App to Expand Reach


With the online/offline reading feature on your eReader, you can enable your users to access the eBook even without internet access. In today’s increasingly digital world, people are more inclined to consume content through mobile apps than the printed format.

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10 Advantages Of Leveraging LMS For Blended Learning

Upside Learning

With this, you can schedule and run your offline and online training as per the schedule, administer assessments pre or post your training programs and generate instant reports to determine the success of your overall training. This entails a ready opportunity to leverage the existing technology at hand for learning without spending surplus budget on setting the basic infrastructure. Earlier I had shared the 8 things to follow while implementing blended learning via an LMS.

What is Blended Learning? A Guide to Everything You Need to Know


Blended learning uses online and offline technologies in tandem, allowing instructors to quickly adopt the latest learning trends and modalities into the curriculum. Share on facebook. Facebook. Share on twitter. Twitter. Share on linkedin. LinkedIn. Share on email. Email.

Blended Learning: A Optimal Mix of Self-Learning and Instructor-Led-Training


The budget to support the learning model in the long run. Permit course content-download for offline access. Blended learning refers to a mix of different educational approaches that facilitate learning both inside and outside the classroom.

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3 powerful ideas you should steal from marketing

Making Change

The video was so effective that the influx of traffic knocked the Dollar Shave Club site offline. The commercial has been featured in several publications as an example of highly effective, low-budget marketing. “We don’t have that kind of budget!” ” It’s not the budget, it’s the ideas. Marketers and trainers have the same goals: They want people to do something.

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5 Ways Tin Can API Revolutionizes eLearning

Bottom-Line Performance

Tin Can API allows for tracking of the informal learning activities, both online and offline, that we are all doing every day… and brings them into the training picture as well. L&D departments are constantly fighting battles with upper management to preserve and protect their budgets — and too many of those are losing battles. Do these sound familiar? “Brian watches a tutorial on how to fix a problem in Photoshop.”

10 Best Practices in Blended Learning

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However, the evolution of technology has ensured a more or less equal share between online and offline methods. This not only saves instructor and classroom time but also ensures that all learners are on the same page and are ready to move on to the next during the offline training session. Also, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. For example, if you are on a limited budget, you may just add some online elements to your traditional classroom settings.



Organizations are embracing microlearning for two additional reasons: It is often simpler and cheaper to build, deploy and update microlearning content compared to a traditional eLearning course, thus improving ROI on training budgets. Microlearning is expanding fast in workplace learning as it is answering the needs of the modern, mobile, busy employee.

6 Reasons Why Publishers Need a Mobile App to Expand Reach


With the online/offline reading feature on your eReader, you can enable your users to access the eBook even without internet access. In today’s increasingly digital world, people are more inclined to consume content through mobile apps than the printed format.

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9 Ways the L&D Function is Evolving

eThink Education

Budget restraints are reducing. Traditionally, L&D managers have struggled to receive the budget they need in order to implement and deliver effective training programs. However, fewer global talent developers struggle with a limited budget in recent years as organizations continue to recognize the value and growing enthusiasm towards professional education. Budgets are changing.

Let’s Talk LMS – A Glance at Learner Management System and Why You Need It.


Social learning and Mobile/Offline Learning. To avoid overshooting your budget, make sure you do your research well and make provisions for any hidden costs that may be incurred for your LMS. Mobile and offline learning features make anywhere, anytime learning possible through the LMS. Online learning is all the rage right now.

Top 6 Corporate Learning Management Systems!

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The courses made available through TalentLMS can even be downloaded for offline use. 5 Tips to Conduct an Effective Staff Training Session Online Game Changing Training Training in an Ad-Hoc, BYOD Environment How to create effective online training courses on a budget (Visited 2 times, 2 visits today). Corporate training has taken leaps and bound in the past few decades. Online training is now the new measure which most employers choose when polishing up their new employees.

Blended Learning: Different combinations that work


Blending Offline and Online Learning: This form of blended learning delivery is most common where traditional ‘offline’ platform of learning like classroom trainings are supported by online learning opportunities. But creating custom courses for the many varied learning needs of learners within available training time and budgets is often an impossible task. Blended Learning is in itself self-explanatory, its all in the name.

Top 5 Content Authoring Tools You Need to Know About


Offline use of the platform for authoring may be a limitation . To make the selection simple, you need to create a clear checklist of your specific requirements and check the budget.

5 Benefits of a Learning Management System for Businesses


With a cloud-based LMS, your organization’s eLearning content is not stored on different offline hard drives or devices. Your employees can carry out all the training online and your business is able to save a sizable sum on your learning and development budget. Compliance rules and regulations get regularly modified, but updating your traditional offline course to reflect these changes can be a rather time-consuming task.

Evolution of the Mobile LMS: mLearning for the new-age learner


The choice between web-based LMS or native apps should be made keeping in mind a variety of factors like development budgets, devices that are to targeted, the type of content to be delivered and if that is to made accessible offline. Over the last decade or so, Mobile devices have penetrated our lives and the monumentally changed way we communicate or access information.