Learning & Development: How To Do It Right (2020 Update)


With high stakes riding on the success of our training and development strategies, it’s time for us to unpack the importance of polished learning programs and, even more crucially, better understand how our training programs have failed in the past.

Tips for Preserving Your eLearning Programs

Blue Sky eLearn

To preserve the online education programs and processes I worked so hard to put in place! So, for the sake of your educational programs and all your hard work, start building your binder*! A general timeline or calendar of your program year. When do you budget? Budgets.

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High Impact Blended Learning on a Tight Budget: How We Did It

Bottom-Line Performance

Large companies may be able to devote resources to a dedicated on-boarding program that spans weeks… but small companies don’t have this luxury. Here’s a summary of our analysis process. Getting new employees ramped up quickly is the challenge and goal of every company.

Training Mojo: Stretching Your Training Dollar by Mixing Internal and External Tools and Programs

Your Training Edge

Summary: You can stretch your training dollar by carefully analyzing and choosing both internal and external tools and programs. Training departments should always maintain a certain budget-consciousness – in both good and not-so-good financial circumstances. You can stretch your budget by examining needs and being aware that a mix of external and internal resources are available. What about your current programs?

Obama Budget to Include $8 Billion Training Fund


While the Labor Department’s budget is taking a hit, worker protection agencies are getting a bump in funding, along with essential training programs. ET, Carmel Martin of the Education Department will be participating in a Twitter Q-and-A session on the 2013 budget.

5 great speakers from the AITD conference - a summary of ideas

Sticky Learning

I'd seen the program 6 months earlier and thought that there were a few sessions that looked pretty interesting. I'll give you a bit of a summary in this post and will provide a link to my Twitter feed for the conference, I think that will help to flesh out how I found some of the sessions!

8 Tips to Build a Blended Learning Solution on a Budget

Obsidian Learning

Building blended learning solutions on a budget is not a hard choice to understand, but it can be hard to do. This knowledge will guide you to make good decisions about how and where to spend your blended learning budget. Summary.

Podcast 32: Building a Customer Education Business Case – With Bill Cushard of Learndot

Talented Learning

EPISODE 32 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: If you’re a fan of Talented Learning, you know I’m obsessed with customer education. ” That’s important when you’re optimizing a mature customer training program. Lessons learned from real-world programs.

Building a Corporate University: Maintenance

Your Training Edge

Summary: You’ve built the University, opened it, and now it’s up and running. It’s never too early to look at the maintenance of the University and its programs, so let’s decide which areas should have your focus. The first area you should look at is the evaluation of the learning programs themselves. Your evaluation of the programs should start at the basic level, with immediate reaction surveys.

Training Mojo: Developing a Culture of Training by Getting Buy-In From Stakeholders and Staff

Your Training Edge

Summary: Looking for a way to bring your training department to the next level? Far too often, training programs are developed and delivered without any input from this important group. Gain approval from the executives with a simple but clear explanation of what is going to be covered in a training course and program. Involve them in the evaluation of your training programs.

Training Mojo: How to Measure Your Training Department

Your Training Edge

Summary: It’s time to start measuring your training department. Create a few questions that explore how the population feels about the training department, its programs, its image, and even its instructors. Finally, you can measure your department based on budget. To do this, you should take your annual budget and break it down to controllable items, such as materials costs and cost per student.

Survey 118

Podcast 19: Customer Education 101 – With Dave Derington of Azuqua

Talented Learning

EPISODE 19 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: On our previous episode , we talked about the increasing popularity of customer success programs among high-growth companies – especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors. WELCOME TO EPISODE 19 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

Part 5: Using Mobile Learning To Create High Performing Teams

InfoPro Learning

Mobile learning is revolutionizing the way companies can monitor, measure and report effectiveness of their training programs. Not only does this valuable information help large companies justify their training spend, but it fuels continuous improvement of learning programs to support better on-the-job performance. But how can you improve the impact of your sales training without increasing your total budget?

Part 5: Using Mobile Learning To Create High Performing Teams

InfoPro Learning

Mobile learning is revolutionizing the way companies can monitor, measure and report effectiveness of their training programs. Not only does this valuable information help large companies justify their training spend, but it fuels continuous improvement of learning programs to support better on-the-job performance. But how can you improve the impact of your sales training without increasing your total budget?

Podcast 14: Managing Nonprofit Member Education at The Land Trust Alliance

Talented Learning

EPISODE 14 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Many people assume that federal and state governments are responsible for land conservation in the U.S. We need to support land trusts that are doing great work with very limited budgets. Ideas for integrating new content into existing programs.

Trust 52

How to Write an RFP for LMS Vendors

Web Courseworks

When every organization or product you are considering follows the same guidelines, answers the same questions and provides the same materials, it is easier for you to compare them and determine which best suits your eLearning program goals. Executive Summary.

RFP 141

Learning & Skills Survey: 87% More eLearning & Mobile Learning; 73% Less 2-3 Day Classroom Training

Upside Learning

Results Summary. With L&D budgets still shrinking this does not come as a surprise. Other measures to manage this situation are apparently to do more coaching by line managers and more in-house programs.

Survey 262

Using Learning Scorecards to Show Impact and Action


A scorecard is summary information about your learning operation and programs for the purpose of discussing performance with learning leaders and learning stakeholders. Examples of balance: – Program – performance of the L&D itself.

A Fresh Look At Levels of Custom eLearning Solutions

Upside Learning

A summary is presented below. They are in no way linked to the learning value of the program. To simplify the implication –choose one of the lines on the graph and settle at the multimedia level your development budgets allow. How much does one hour of Level 2 elearning cost?

Identifying your Organizational Training Needs: 1

Your Training Edge

Summary: In this series, we will examine training needs assessment. Then we will move into various organizational areas that will need to be assessed in order to create a comprehensive training and development program. Assessment and Measurement Methods.

Using Video in eLearning

ICS Learning

Realistically, we understand that not all organizations have the budget or the timeframe for creating a professionally edited video (these can be costly and time-consuming). Your eLearning video does not need to rival Hollywood’s latest blockbuster with a budget to match.

Video 141

3 Topics for Medical Society Execs to Watch

Web Courseworks

I hope the summary below will help you navigate AAMSE and if you’re interested in exploring further, check out the additional resources provided to see where your learning management system may be able to step in and help. The medical society and association landscape is ever-changing.

Building a Corporate University: Marketing and Promotion

Your Training Edge

Summary: When it looks like the Corporate University is ready to go, it’s time to think about marketing and promotion. Is the budget sufficient to produce constant marketing and promotion, or does it need to be confined to the ramp-up and general start of University programs?

Market 153

Best Use Case Scenarios and Benefits of Microlearning

Hurix Digital

As a contemporary learning tool, the advantages of microlearning in modern workplaces, either as a part of a broader program or different parts of the learning cycle, are immense. Text – summaries, cheat sheets, and information.

6 Best Remote Training Tools for Modern-Day Learners


This remote training tool is ideal for organizations seeking instant feedback on their training and skill development programs. The Looop training tool is a software program with a specific focus on assessments. Remote teams and hybrid teams have become common in offices.

WizIQ 52

E-learning In Automobile Industry – New Report

Upside Learning

Interestingly just last month we were discussing a potential blended solution around our mobile learning platform Upside2Go for delivering a focused year long program for the heads of extended enterprise of a large European automaker.

5 Simple and Effective eLearning Interactions

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s simple and effective to ask people this, and no fancy graphics or programming skill is required to use this interaction. We kept the course within a tight budget by limiting how far each branch could go; incorrect responses only continued for two more choices before ending.

The Learning Development Feedback Funnel

Association eLearning

For this example, I’m applying the feedback funnel concept to the multiple rounds of formal review that are often carried out for a programmed eLearning course. The initial round of review is the first time the client or reviewer has seen the programmed course.

Stupidly Simple Strategy to Demonstrate Training Effectiveness


Since many elearning programs allow you to create quizzes and surveys, this is an opportune time to get baseline data on your users. If you’re on tight budget though, then I suggest you take a look at LimeSurvey – a free open-source surveying tool similar to SurveyMonkey. Summary.

Four Emerging Technologies that L&D Leaders Need to Consider

Bottom-Line Performance

Timeline to usability: This can happen now and it doesn’t require lots of budget to make it happen. The data helped them identify useful programs such as a car swapping program, a car sharing program, a web app that lets drivers in big cities quickly locate parking spaces, etc.

Can Companies Transform Themselves into Universities for Employees?


In fact, talent developers are playing a much more strategic role now, with increased budgets and stronger executive support. Only 27% of talent developers cite small training budgets as a constraint in 2019, compared to 49% in 2017.

Training Vision 4: The Training Vision

Your Training Edge

Summary: Now that you have assessed the organization, the industry, and your most important internal clients, it’s time to take a good look at your vision for the training department.

Train 141

Do You Have a CEO-Friendly Scorecard?

CLO Magazine

1 answer selected (by 78 percent) was: “I approve the budget with input from others.” The scorecard should offer insight into how L&D programs contribute to improvements in bottom-line measures. We know that most programs aren’t measured at level 4, or impact.

How to Get Better Funding with Your Existing CME Data


Looking to get better funding for your CME program? The key may be hidden in your existing program data. Many CME directors don’t realize the importance of their data to efforts to get better funding for their CME programs. Highlight your CME program’s unique value proposition.

Management Tips from Pixar Animation

Web Courseworks

In other words, the people keeping products on-time and on budget should not run over those producing the product, and those producing the product should not have free reign. Management must protect new programs. Disney/Pixar Animation post upon Steve Jobs passing.