Do Organizations Still Need an LCMS?

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A Learning Content Management System or LCMS manages all the learning content of an organization in one place. The primary business problem a LCMS solves is to create just enough content just in time to meet the needs of individual learners or groups of learners.

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LMS and LCMS: What’s the Difference?


If you’re confused about the differences between a learning management system (LMS) and a learning content management system (LCMS), you’re not alone. In fact, an LMS and an LCMS are complementary but very different systems that serve different masters and address unique business challenges.


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Another important learning tool that some may not be familiar with is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS). An LCMS is not meant to replace an LMS, as the LCMS enables authoring, presenting, and publishing via the LMS. Features of an LCMS.


LMS vs LXP vs LCMS: Which Learning Solution Should You Choose?


And, more importantly, which solution is right for my business? Do you ever feel like it’s hard to keep track of all the acronyms in the online learning space? Which product does what and how are they different? Learning Solutions


5 Defining Characteristics of a “Next Gen” LCMS


A traditional LCMS solves a lot of business problems: Makes it easier to find source files. Enter the Next Generation LCMS. That’s because today’s modern learner demands more — and so do modern content management and business intelligence teams.


Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

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The trends apply to both LMS/LCMS vendors. Asia – misleading by LMS/LCMS vendors. Forecast: Continued development by LMS/LCMS vendors making their front end UI (what the end user – i.e. employee or customer) more intuitive, easier to use and truly user friendly. Expansion into the SBM (Small Business Market). There are vendors who state they are “Performance Management&# LMS/LCMSs, rather than just saying they are a LMS/LCMS vendor.


Does your Learning Ecosystem include HRIS, CRM and Business Applications?


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Xyleme Nominated as a Top LCMS by Elearning!


Xyleme is pleased to be nominated as a top Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Xyleme is elated to be voted and recognized as a top LCMS platform by industry professionals. awards recognize those brands that solve real business learning challenges. Xyleme is the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) of choice for the visionaries who are looking for innovative ways to change the way learning is created and delivered. (October 18th 2018) Elearning!

how not to adopt an lcms


Home > Executive Perspective > How not to adopt an LCMS How not to adopt an LCMS June 2nd, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment As the economy has forced organizations to do more with less, we’re seeing more and more interest in LCMS systems. Some common mistakes organizations make when adopting and LCMS are: Trying to shoe-horn your existing process into your new system. One of the reasons you’re adopting an LCMS is to streamline your process.


Camtasia - LMS - LCMS - Best of eLearning Learning August 2009

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Empathy and Collaboration in Social Business Design - Skilful Minds , August 27, 2009. LCMS and LMS (17). Best of eLearning Learning. August 2009. Upcoming Free eLearning Webinars. Five New Influences on the Future of Learning Technologies <!–( –( eLearning Events Calendar )–> Tuesday, September 08, 2009. Social Media: Trends and Implications for Learning <!–( –( eLearning Events Calendar )–> Tuesday, September 08, 2009.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Learning Ecosystems


When combined with a business intelligence tool, you get a great insight into your customer or prospect. Instancy LCMS Instancy Learning Record Store Instancy LMSA customer relationship management (CRM) solution tracks your customer base.

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Hidden Costs Associated with Hosted (Sass) vs. Licensed LMS/LCMS Decisions

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Bob Goldschneider , Director of Business Development at SyberWorks discusses his latest article, “Hosted ( SaaS ) Vs. Licensed Cost Analysis of a Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System.” He mentions the top three hidden costs which organizations leave out of their analysis when evaluating a hosted vs. licensed LMS / LCMS purchase.

Outstart’s ForceTen: Tips on using the e-learning authoring tool

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Outstart is a company who bought out Eedo the company who originally owned ForceTen which is an LCMS (Learning Content Management System) authoring tool. ForceTen is built for the business content developer who needs to deliver lots of content quickly to a lot of people.

Why Investing in Learning Analytics Makes Business Sense

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This is accompanied by two equally important questions—did it create the required impact the business was seeking, and did it create the Return on Investment (ROI) to justify the training spend? In this blog, I outline why investing in Learning Analytics makes business sense.

LMS: Training Management

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In relation to curricula, the LMS enables you to build curricula based on business unit, position, or other criteria, and then place each curriculum on the system. eLearning Featured Featured Posts Learning & Development LMS LCMS learning management systems training management

What’s REALLY Going On? 6 Truths About Training in 2012

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Most companies are NOT in the L&D business; they are in business to do something else. e-Learning Learning Design Learning Research LMS/LCMS Mobile Learning Social Learning elearning ILT informal learning instructor-led training L&D mLearning Training

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How to Create a Content Strategy that Resonates with the Modern Learner


A veteran of the Learning Content Management market, Mike Buoy possesses a unique blend of leadership skills, business savvy, project management experience, instructional design and development expertise, technical competence and the knowledge of how to provide an incredible customer experience.

Giving Thanks for Built-in Templates

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With 360training’s free and freemium course creation tools (LCMS), not only can you author great online courses for next to nothing, but can access easy-to-use built-in activity and game templates. Strategies authoring business elearning ideas LCMS Shazia templates training

Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


As the Senior Partner of Bob Little Press & PR , you have been providing business-to-business public relations (PR) services to many organizations in the ‘learning’ and ‘learning technologies’ industry for years. Some run their businesses as lifestyle businesses, while others aim to grow the business to the point where it can be acquired by others. After 25 years in the business, I’m still learning things about PR.

How to Break into eLearning

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Ready to kick-start your online teaching business? LCMS: Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is free, easy-to-use instructional design software. Uncategorized authoring business elearning ideas instructional design LCMS sale Shazia teach online toolsOnce you’ve decided to create an online course, it’s time to get started. Like all other great journeys, this, too, starts with few basic steps.

Webinar: What’s New with Easygenerator’s e-Learning software ? #DevLearn follow up.


Kasper’s foundational approach blends together didactical learning principles with output management, agile development, and new learning metaphors to meet business needs. The new Web version of easygenerator’s e-learning software was successfully launched and announced at the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas last week. There was great interest in both the new Web edition and the existing Windows editions of the product.

Making the Move: Converting Training into Online Courses

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While learners may be more self-directed and taking more personal responsibility for their interaction with the learning experience, they are also often busy and may be distracted. Take advantage of the built-in templates in our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to create engaging and memorable learning experiences for your students. Tips and Tricks authoring design tips elearning ideas LCMS Shazia subject matter experts webinars

Easygenerator in Top 10 List eLearning Authoring Software


Not the least names in the business: Kaplan University, Walden University, Capella University, Collorado technical University and Ivy bridge college. Easygenerator is clearly gaining a lot of traction.

Webinar: Implementing a New Learning Environment at Rogers Communications


Rogers Communications is Canada’s largest provider of wireless communications services and a leading provider of cable television, high-speed Internet, information technology, and telephony services to consumers and businesses. CDS Content Management LCMS Products Resources Studio Videos

State of the LMS 2012

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On the total number of employees, over 44% were from businesses 500 or less employees. Do you have a LMS/LCMS/Learning Platform. One important data point here – the term “LCMS” is on its deathbed. What Features are essential for your LMS/LCMS/Learning Platform?

Digitec LMS Exhibition Team Heads North by Northwest

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Representatives for the Knowledge Direct learning management system are preparing for a busy month with two international conference in May. When she is not counting down to "cake time", Amy is busy meeting with folks at national conferences and sharing her love for eLearning.

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How to Make Better eLearning Videos

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Modern learners are busy and distracted, surrounded with different gadgets, living in an age of information overload. 360training Learning Content Management (LCMS) offers streaming video download (MP4 format) that allows users to upload larger files. Examples Help How To Tips and Tricks authoring design tips elearning LCMS planning Shazia trainingLearning is challenging nowadays.

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The Importance of Learning Technologies

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Technology is essential to run learning like a business. A second important learning technology is a learning content management system (LCMS) which allows content to be easily tagged, assembled, and reused. The Business Of Learning effectiveness efficiency LCMS learning technologies LMSWhile small organizations (less than 50 employees) may get by without technology, medium and large organizations depend on it for both efficiency and effectiveness.

Social Learning – What’s the Point? Time to turn the tables on the naysayers

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LMS/LCMS/Learning Portals (commercial & free), Social Learning stand-alone systems, hybrid system, content authoring tools, m-learning, web conferencing (already exists in many systems), virtual worlds, virtual meeting systems (already exists in some systems), marketplace exchanges (not affiliated with a system). LMS/LCMS/Learning Portal (commercial or free), e-readers, any mobile device(i.e. End users can locate video tied to business area, subject, class.

Webinar: Learning Ecosystem Best Practices


Content Management Content Strategy LCMS Resources VideosWhat does the modern learning ecosystem actually look like? Like most organizations, your organization probably has many platforms and tools needed to create learning content and distribute it to your learners.

Knowledge Direct Version 6.0 Learning Managment System (LMS) Now Available

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When she is not counting down to "cake time", Amy is busy meeting with folks at national conferences and sharing her love for eLearning. Digitec released the latest version of the award-winning Knowledge Direct learning management system this month. Version 6.0

eLearning Authoring Tool Must-Haves!

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If you are new to the elearning business, you may want to initially avoid course building tools that have expensive up-front costs, or heavy subscription charges. Strategies elearning LCMS Shazia All prepared to kick-start your elearning journey?

What is an LMS?


Current trends in technology and business are favoring the increase of collaborative, web-based applications, user-oriented design, and other features that are often grouped together under the term “Web 2.0.”

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Storytelling and Video Solutions at ATD TechKnowledge 2018


Frost has a team of three people to manage the program – a manager who works with the divisions to uncover the business needs, a videographer who creates and edits the videos, and an administrator to manage the system. Storytelling.

How to Buy a LMS

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LCMS – Learning Content Management System – going the way of the dodo bird. businesses would allow their employees’ learning move from their solution into another, without their consent? Assist with business processes. I rarely do a plug for my business, but here it goes.