All You Need to Know About Measuring Your Customer Training ROI

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Customer training is an important part of your business activities because you get an opportunity to teach the customer about your product. The Customer Training ROI is a metric where you can measure the success of your customer training method. Breakdown your ROI.

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What Lies Beneath… A Closer Look at the ROI of Informal Learning


All things considered, it’s no surprise that businesses continue to struggle with missed quotas and high turnover—between 40% and 50% every year. Only 21% of buyers claim their sales representatives could even effectively articulate the core value of their business or solution.

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Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

TechSmith Camtasia

We're excited to introduce a fun new project we're working on this month--the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive! For our first week, we asked each business to give us some insight into who they are, what they do, and how screencasting might fit in with some of their goals for the year.

5 Golden Rules of Creating Course Content


Why do you suppose reporters are on camera while describing a news story? He has had a unique journey, from training and enablement services for small to large sized businesses to managing shows and artists for a major music label.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. powerful, simple-to-use smartphone cameras. As a busy L&D professional, you want to spend more. training data, you’d have had to pay a variable fee, with the potential for spiraling costs as your business.

Ash Brokerage Boosts Sales with Agile Learning and Collaboration


Overcoming Camera Shyness to Capture Agile Content. Our salespeople could talk your arm off if you’re across a desk from them, but put them in front of a camera, and they freeze up a bit.”. They can do one piece of business, or 100 pieces. The ROI of Allego.

Marketing Math: How Much Should You Pay for a Learner?


As we’ve discussed before, one of the major draws of starting an online course business is your ability to do so with limited funds. Startup costs are low, contributing to a low barrier-to-entry for new businesses. But, many of those businesses that succeed in making a successful launch are hesitant to then begin putting money into any kind of marketing budget. Repeat customers have more value to a business than someone who comes once and then never again.

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Microlearning: How Educators Can Learn From Athletes


Back then our choice to execute this project was a gigantic video camera used mostly by folks in Hollywood, a notebook, pen and a VHS tape recorder/player rounded out the “high tech” tools.

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

eLearning Brothers

All you need is a camera, script, actors, and some lights if you feel like really going all out. But one thing we know from the movie business is that audio is more important than video. What can Hollywood teach you about making your eLearning AWESOME? Part 1 of 3.

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Free L&D webinars for May 2018

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 11AM – 12PM PT: The ROI Dilemma: Measuring Results of Your Learning Programs (Free for ATD members) Significant resources are being allocated to training and development across most organizations, but many companies still find themselves unsure of results.

Game-Based eLearning: Making GBL Effective Through Avatars And Immersive Stories

Adobe Captivate

An avatar-based game will work only when the avatar has a front view (a camera view wherein the player can explore the environment) and not just a third person view. The objectives need to be tied to the business goal of performance improvement and positive online training ROI.

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Three Reasons Why Corporate Training Departments Could Become.

Dashe & Thomson

Most likely by small, specialized teams focused on business results. Today, broadcast quality video can be shot on a digital SLR camera that costs less than $2,000. Professionals in every area of the business – Finance, Operations, HR – will produce and deliver their own training.

Why Mobile Learning is Here to Stay


Device-Enabled Learning is Engaging: Newer devices are being equipped with geo-sensors, state-of-the-art audio and graphics, dual cameras, larger screens, integration with wearable devices, 3D imaging—and more technological advances are lurking around the corner.

Accelerated Learning: Where Does It Fit In? | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Some of the students used video cameras to understand the three-dimensionality of the sculptures, others were blindfolded and directed to identify sculptures according to specific criteria, and yet another group were involved in a Q and A session.

Learning at Large Ep6: Measuring the effectiveness of human-centred learning


By you, I mean the business. So when a business says and challenges the learning team as they often do, what is the ROI? Because if the business is measuring performance then that’s where you’ll see your ROI—return on investment metrics.

ATD 2017 – Day 1: Minds-i, Elliott Masie and Learning Changes

Unicorn Training

As a business we’ve been coming to ATD for a number of years (you might have seen Peter’s blogs from last year’s Denver date), but this is our first time as exhibitors. This includes the way that businesses seek to calculate, express and measure ‘ROI’ from their training programmes.“The

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When It Comes to Technology, All That Glitters Is Not Gold

CLO Magazine

But CLOs need to be thoughtful about the tools they choose to ensure they deliver business results. Learning leaders have to resist the lure of what’s trendy to ensure their investments drive actual business outcomes that lead to a measurable ROI.

How to Get Publicity and Influencer Marketing for Course Creators with Esther Kiss


Esther emphasizes how the most important thing to understand is when the right time is for you to do interviews and gain exposure for your business or a particular product you’re selling. Typically, your ROI is going to be more significant than if you only went the traditional route.

Free L&D webinars for August 2018

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Then discover specific tactics for applying all five to your organization’s business and training needs. treatment of customers and results in increased business profit. Thursday, August 9, 2018, 12PM – 1PM PT: ROI: What Caused It?

How Course Creators Get Leads Through Content and Scale Revenue Through Smart Promotions with Marketing Professional Daniel Daines-Hutt


One strength course creators tend to have that most businesses don’t is the ability to create a lot of rich content. One big challenge with business in the digital ecosystem is the emotional disconnect where your audience can just click away from your content and do something else online.

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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Businesses should always look for an easy-to-use toolkit that facilitates rapid creation and distribution of eLearning at scale. How open-source platforms can be optimized to inspire a culture of learning in the workplace that aligns with business objectives.

How To Make and Market Your Online Course or Get Some Help With That With Grant Weherley


Chris Badgett: There’s the technology hat, and then there’s the entrepreneur hat, where you have to do marketing and build an actual business and connect bank accounts and not get in trouble for taxes and all these different things. So you can get a sense of what the ROI might be.

Free learning & development webinars for July 2017

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Whether you’re entering the market as a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your existing LMS, you’ll discover the information you need to assist you in your search to find the best LMS for your business. What's changed are the tools that top sellers use to win more business.

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

mLearning Trends

As I stated in the previous post assessing my 2010 predictions, the size and complexity of mobile learning projects/programs will continue to expand across all geographical and line-of-business boundaries. Case studies featuring accelerated ROI with tens of thousands of learners (or more!)

Hot Topics in eLearning for 2009

eLearning Learning Posts

Walking around with a mobile device that has access to video, email, twitter, web, camera, GPS, etc. With all that is going on in terms of long tail learning and the business of learning , not to mention social and informal learning, there’s no surprise that there’s a lot of discussion around changes in design and instructional design as well as lots of discussion about new roles in this new world.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: e-Learning Guild Mobile Learning Report

Learning Visions

iPod examples Business English in Japan Report includes examples and case studies. Business Drivers -- Why Do This? Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

Personal Learning Informal Learning Corporate eLearning eLearning Design Authoring Tools Rapid e-Learning Tools eLearning (e-Learning) e-Learning Software Blended e-Learning e-Learning Tools Learning Management Systems (LMS) e-Learning ROI and Metrics Search via eLearning Learning for first time visitors Thursday, September 10, 2009 eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology A reader sent a note asking my opinion on the vendor pricing in The Great eTrain Robbery?

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