3 Camtasia Scenarios for Corporate eLearning

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Now you can use Camtasia, the popular video editing software by Techsmith, to create your own unique scenarios. The colors and textures are indicative of a successful company that takes pride in their business.

Top 10 Camtasia Intros of 2016

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The year 2016 brought quite a few exciting things to us in the Camtasia and eLearning Brothers worlds. We saw the release of Camtasia 9 , which included several eLearning Brothers assets in its library. The most commonly used template pieces are the Camtasia intros.

Camtasia Small Business Drive: Netvantage, Week 4

TechSmith Camtasia

In the final week of the Camtasia test drive, Netvantage Co-Founder Adam Henige reflected back on their month of screencasting. In the future we'll walk through specific tools and strategies for increasing Google rankings specific to businesses in regional niches.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 2

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We're turning the corner to the second week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive ! This week each business created their first (or in some cases, second or third) screencast and sent us an exmaple. This week each business created their first (or in some cases, second or.

Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

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We're excited to introduce a fun new project we're working on this month--the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive! For our first week, we asked each business to give us some insight into who they are, what they do, and how screencasting might fit in with some of their goals for the year.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 3

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It's the third week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive ! This week each business gave us their persepctive on how things were going with Camtasia today versus during the first week. Have you thought of new ways you might use screencasting in your business?

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Loudpixel, Week 4

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In the final week of the Camtasia test drive, Loudpixel Co-Founder Allie Siarto reflected back on their month of screencasting. Using Camtasia for screencasting really got us thinking about how we can improve our processes and communications.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Gravity Works, Week 4

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In the final week of the Camtasia test drive, Lauren Colton, Information Architect and Editor at Gravity Works Design & Development, reflected back on their month of screencasting. Our team enjoyed the chance to use and give feedback on Camtasia for Mac software.

New releases: Snagit, Camtasia, TechSmith Fuse, and TechSmith Relay all updated

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Snagit, Camtasia, TechSmith Fuse, TechSmith Relay - we’ve updated them all! OneDrive for Business Integration. We’re dedicated to helping our customers easily create and share what they’re working on – now within their business environments too. Camtasia Studio.

Building an Online Presence with Camtasia Studio

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Going with video was a no-brainer for us since our topic was teaching busy professionals how to use PowerPoint (like a boss!). One other thing we did right was quickly settling on Camtasia for all our videos from the beginning. Customer Stories camtasia Training

Welcome Camtasia Relay 1.2!

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We've been busy at TechSmith working on Camtasia Relay! And, I'm happy to report that we have a new release of Camtasia Relay available. And, if you are an existing Camtasia Relay customer, the new version is a free update! Not familiar with Camtasia Relay?

News: Upgrades to the Camtasia Family

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And, we've been busy at TechSmith listening to your feedback. I'm happy to share the good news that all products in the Camtasia family are getting upgrades! This includes Camtasia Studio (Windows), Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Relay (server-based).

Live Camtasia Training with the Customer Success Team

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To get things started, we want to share with you a couple of live, online Camtasia training sessions that we are hosting. We are here to help your introduction (or refresher) to Camtasia be an outstanding experience! Getting Started with TechSmith Camtasia Studio (Windows).

Camtasia, Cammpus Help Companies Build Branded Universities

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Teaching online using Camtasia Studio took some trial and error, but it became such a critical part of the company’s success that in 2011 they launched Cammpus , a professional education service for any industry. That’s when they decided to give Camtasia a try.

What’s new in Camtasia 2018? Features to Create Your eLearning Content


Camtasia is one of our favorite tools for eLearning content development. Recently, TechSmith released Camtasia 2018. We looked into what’s been added and created a walkthrough of what Camtasia 2018 has to offer. What new features are in Camtasia 2018.

Lights, Camtasia, Action!

TechSmith Camtasia

We're busy working behind the scenes at TechSmith gearing up for the launch of Camtasia for Mac later this month! In the interim, I thought you might be curious about what kind of videos you'll be able to easily make with Camtasia for Mac. check out a screencast, Troy Stein, recently made using Camtasia for Mac. I'll be sharing more information and additional screencasts as we count down to the release of Camtasia for Mac on August 25!

New Release: Camtasia Relay 4.3 Adds Visual Graphs for Administrators

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The Camtasia Relay team spends most of its development time adding and improving capabilities for people creating videos. We’re aware that many customers are seeing fast adoption within their schools and businesses. Learn More About Using Camtasia Relay ».

10 Helpful Types of Video for Business

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Using video for business is no longer an upcoming trend–it’s the norm. Business Insider reports that consumers will spend 84 minutes each day watching online video in 2020. Many businesses use explainers as promotional videos to communicate the value of their product or service.

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Guest Post: Creating a Moving Magnifying Glass Effect in Camtasia Studio 8.1

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He tweeted this tutorial for making a unique magnifying glass effect in Camtasia Studio , and my jaw dropped when I saw it. In my business, clients are always asking for advanced effects. Want to play along at home but don’t have Camtasia?

Loudpixel: Working in a Virtual Business Environment

TechSmith Camtasia

In the beginning of the year, TechSmith conducted a Small Business Test Drive, inviting four businesses to test Camtasia in their business setting for four weeks. We wanted to know, after a year of using Camtasia, how her use of the program has changed.

Point8020 Provides Training For All With The Help Of Camtasia

TechSmith Camtasia

Martin Harwar recently contacted TechSmith wishing to acquire Camtasia licenses for his six-person company Point8020 in Warwickshire, UK. He wanted to establish Camtasia as the standard tool for his media production team. We focus on creating how-to videos for business users.

Camtasia Defends the Universe (Kind of…Mostly This is About a Music Video)

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He devoted hours of his time to pushing Camtasia for Mac to its limits by creating a music video about the game. When he’s not editing music videos with Camtasia, Rich run his own business as a freelance copywriter and content creator. Pushing Camtasia for Mac to its limits.

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Win a Copy - Camtasia Studio 6 - The Definitive Guide

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And, when he's not busy making screencasts and training people all over the world about how to use Camtasia Studio, he works on his book - _Camtasia Studio 6: The Definitive Guide_. He just updated it for Camtasia Studio v6 and it is hot off the presses! It's perfect for Camtasia Studio newbies and veterans as well. Just leave a comment on this blog post by May 10, 2009 11:59 pm EST with either some feedback about Camtasia Studio (ex.

The Camtasia Studio 8 Library: Part 1 of 6 – Store Subprojects in the Library for Better Performance

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The Camtasia Studio Library, first introduced with version 7, is a powerful tool for leveraging my screencasting workflows. In this six part blog series, I will share six different ways I use the Camtasia Studio Library to boost productivity, efficiency, consistency, and more.

Closed Captions in Online Videos

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I admit that I’m not a lawyer, but all of these findings point to the fact that you don’t technically have to caption ALL of the videos that you, your university, or your business host online.

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ATD ICE 2018: It’s a Wrap Pt 4 – Heidi Matthews

Learning Rebels

People attend for a variety of different reasons, Krissy was hoping to find new ideas being it was her first conference experience, Kate was looking for networking opportunities and ideas for her burgeoning business – here Heidi was hoping to be inspired by something new.

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YouTube vs. Vimeo, What’s the Difference?

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In fact, we like them both so much that we developed a direct output for each one, accessible from the “Produce and Share” button in Camtasia Studio. Tips & How To's camtasia Camtasia for Mac Camtasia Studio Video Vimeo youtube

Camtasia - Screencast - Best of eLearning Learning

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Shaping Social Business Ecosystems as Learnscapes - Skilful Minds , August 18, 2009. Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, SmartFocus , August 17, 2009. Lights, Camtasia, Action! Camtasia (9). Lights, Camtasia, Action! Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, SmartFocus , August 17, 2009. Camtasia Saves the Day! Lights, Camtasia, Action! Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, SmartFocus , August 17, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning.

Windows 10 is Coming Soon and TechSmith is Here to Help

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The most recent versions of Snagit , Camtasia , and our latest app, TechSmith Smart Player for Office , will be ready to use with Windows 10 right from the start. Have you heard? Microsoft is making some big, exciting changes! At the end of July, Microsoft will release Windows 10.

How to Win with Video for Small Businesses

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Screencasts can be fantastic marketing content for small businesses—they’re cheap, easy to do and can provide a great return on investment. A brilliant example of this is the WordPress Guide to Small Businesses. For this process, Camtasia is the perfect tool.

Video 91

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos

TechSmith Camtasia

Regardless of your industry, instructional videos are the best delivery method if you’re serious about teaching others, growing your business, or building an online course. How to Make Tutorial Videos | Camtasia | TechSmith. Editing In-Depth | Camtasia | TechSmith.

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Camtasia - LMS - LCMS - Best of eLearning Learning August 2009

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Empathy and Collaboration in Social Business Design - Skilful Minds , August 27, 2009. Camtasia (23). Meet Camtasia for Mac! Lights, Camtasia, Action! Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, SmartFocus , August 17, 2009. Hi, I’m a Mac, and I have Camtasia… , August 7, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning. August 2009. Upcoming Free eLearning Webinars. Five New Influences on the Future of Learning Technologies <!–(


Tune in LIVE to 48 in 24: Tips, interviews, behind the scenes

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Then we’ll get down to business and record a 5-10 minute segment that will live on our YouTube channel. Topic: Supporting accounting ebooks with Camtasia video. Setting up your Camtasia capture system for ultimate storytelling. Topic: DEU Camtasia Trainer.

Google Wave – Social Learning – Business – eLearning Hot List

Tony Karrer

Business Casual , June 14, 2009 Brain rule #12 - Clive on Learning , June 12, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals. eLearning Learning Hot List June 12, 2009 to June 19, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals.

How to Successfully Add Music to Your Videos

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Adding background music to any video you create in Camtasia will add a whole new dimension to your content. Camtasia comes with two handy ‘audio fx’ to help you. All of my tutorials are of course made with the amazing Camtasia for Mac !

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Become Better at Screencasting: Tips from Anton Bollen

TechSmith Camtasia

If that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, during Friday night session planning, I was asked if I would put on a live episode of the Forge. Even if Camtasia doesn’t necessarily have an option for the effect, there might be way for you to create it yourself.

Filming with the iPhone 5s – The Forge Episode 31

TechSmith Camtasia

We’ve been super busy with projects this month, which has put a bit of a crunch on production of The Forge. You do have to deal with more background noise outside, but Background Noise Removal in Camtasia did the trick where I wanted it to. From Mobile to Camtasia.