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5 things to stop expecting from a mentor

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Finding — and successfully connecting with — a mentor is a frustrating experience for people who are searching for someone to provide guidance, proffer wisdom, open doors and course-correct them when they veer off track. Mentor” is not its own relationship category.

Fewer Mentors, Bigger Problems

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A 2018 survey from the LeanIn Foundation and SurveyMonkey found that nearly half of male managers felt uncomfortable participating in a common work activity with a woman, such as mentoring, working alone or socializing together. Specifically, the number of male managers who felt uncomfortable mentoring women went from 5 percent to 16 percent in late 2017 after the #MeToo movement went viral. That means about 1 in 6 male managers would hesitate to mentor a woman.

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Status Quo? Not This CLO

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So he went to Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business to pursue a dual Master of Business Administration/doctorate in education — and it changed his life. In 2012, he was hired as an organizational design consultant and was quickly promoted to manager and director. By 2015 he was the new vice president and CLO. “We Daniel has been very successful stepping up into this role and after two short years, the organization cannot imagine a more suited CLO.”.

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Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

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I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. Sahana Chattopadhyay Senior Consultant at Zensar Technologies What does a Learning Consultant do? What are some of the primary and secondary functions that a business expects from a learning consultant? I am interested in finding out if there are any defined set of tasks that a learning consultant would do to enable organizational learning.

CLO Podcast: Visa’s Karie Willyerd on Learning Strategy

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She took on the brand new role of global CLO at Visa in 2018. It’s no secret that talent is at the center of the modern business agenda and it’s our hope that you’ll hear tips and ideas from this podcast that will help you succeed in business, whether you’re a long-time CLO with decades of experience, whether you aspire to the role in the future or maybe you’re just passionate about the future of learning in today’s organizations.

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Mentoring in the Cloud at Cardinal Health

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One of the biggest challenges associated with mentoring programs is keeping executives and employees invested. The Fortune 500 health care services company headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, has 37,000 employees, and many formal and informal mentoring programs, but they never thrived, said Susan Moss, senior consultant for talent management in the leadership development group. That’s one of the key benefits of formal versus informal mentoring programs, she said.

Kraft Heinz CLO Pamay Bassey is reimagining corporate learning with laughter and passion

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Ekpedeme “Pamay” Bassey, CLO of The Kraft Heinz Co., At Northwestern, she was selected to be an Andersen Consulting Corporate fellow, which was her introduction to L&D. The program, sponsored by Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) focused on applying technology as a tool for the L&D industry. As she progressed down her newfound career path, Bassey launched her own e-learning design and consulting company in 2003 called The Pamay Group.

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The CLO’s Critical Role: Nine Areas for Action

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The previous Business Intelligence column presented an instrument designed to assess the extent to which the CLO and the learning enterprise add value to the organization. The 30-question instrument detailed specific areas that define this critical role of the CLO. Aligning Learning With the Business. One of the most critical issues is to ensure that learning is aligned with the business. Managing Learning as a Business.

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Grow multicultural leaders with coaching, not just business English

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As workforces continue to grow more diverse, human resources and learning and development teams have embraced language training programs, such as Business English and ESL, for multicultural employees. As they advance in their careers and seek roles requiring leadership and higher-level communications skills, their development needs will likely not be met by ESL or Business English programs. Leadership Development business english multicultural leadership

CLO Investments Focus on Relevance and Technology

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Conversely, performance consulting seems to be declining in importance. This month IDC surveyed Chief Learning Officer magazine’s Business Intelligence Board on CLOs’ investment portfolios, how companies are investing their training dollars, in what learning technology and learning services areas, and where spending will change between 2013 and 2014. Performance consulting: Survey results also reflect early stages of a trend toward spending on organizational performance.

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The Business Impact Award

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The Business Impact Award is for learning executives who have implemented a significant measurement or evaluation program that has demonstrated exceptional business impact from their workforce development programs. In a highly competitive market, providing educational and motivational training is key to preparing sales consultants to discuss and compare the product to its competitors. The post The Business Impact Award appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

The Business Partnership Award

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that has demonstrated exceptional business impact from their workforce development programs. To improve these soft skills, Bechtel University created an interactive, business-relevant program that works for all types of learners. To advance consulting skills, improve customer service and increase business savvy, the company created Accelerating Business Savvy for Project Engagements. Learning in Practice Awards 2016.

A Life of Learning

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He really lives learning,” said Kayvan Kian, a junior partner at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., Nick is the true depiction of what a ‘lifelong learner’ should be,” said Ursula Fear, an associate with talent consulting firm Catalyst Consulting South Africa and van Dam’s former colleague at Deloitte, where he was global CLO and director of human capital. He spent quite some time mentoring me through some challenges in my career this year.

A learner and a teacher at heart

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But by the end of her four years at Vanderbilt, she had become more interested in the corporate world and wondered what a career in business might look like for her. A Consultative Approach. Her vision and communication skills, which contribute to her success in managing such a global team, were likely honed during her past experience as an L&D consultant, Luck said. And I knew how to do that because I’d been a consultant for years,” Sullivan said.

Women and Diversity in the Workplace: Do Your Inclusivity Initiatives Measure Up?

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In facilitating a learning initiative at a Big 4 consulting firm, I heard from a young Asian woman struggling to understand what was appropriate: “How do I promote myself without coming across as too showy or aggressive? Provide specialized coaching/mentoring. Women from multicultural backgrounds can benefit from having a coach or mentor with whom they can surface unconscious biases , discuss options and hone their communications skills.

Megan Torrance shares her career journey

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After getting a bachelor’s in communication and an MBA, I joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), learned Authorware (an early e-learning authoring tool) and how to write training guides … then was never staffed on a project where that was my role. I was managing projects for large shared service center implementations and working my way through the back office functions that nearly every business shares: payroll, personnel admin, payables, receivables, billing, reporting, etc.,

There and Back Again: A Journey of Learning

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Prior to it, she oversaw learning strategy and execution for one of the company’s largest global lines, the institutional business that provides clients with products and services like onsite employee training and inspections. Employing roughly 47,000 people worldwide and operating in 170 countries, Ecolab, which was founded in 1923, boasts a business portfolio that includes clean water, hygiene, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Nobody sat down and said here’s your journey to CLO.”.



ABOUT CHARLES JENNINGS (Managing Director, Duntroon Associates): Charles Jennings is a leading thinker, practitioner and consultant in the areas of performance improvement, change management, and learning. Charles has deep experience in both the business and learning practitioner sides of performance improvement and effective learning solutions. It also involves using a performance consulting approach to identify root causes of performance problems.

It’s Time to Get Started with Career Mobility


The most resourceful business leaders are embracing career mobility — investing in their people, growing talent, and helping workers manage their careers. At the most innovative companies, this work is already underway because their leaders know that real business value is created when employee learning is strategically connected to opportunity. The first principle and probably the most important is experience and engagement,” said Danny Abdo, Degreed VP of Solutions Consulting.

The 50:50 learning model

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Corporate L&D is a key component of any business’s overall strategy. Yet startup businesses may not have enough funds or resources available to make this learning happen for their employees. In our research conducted with participant startup entrepreneurs and consultants, we found that small businesses are invariably self-driven and social at work. Someone who not only excels at a technical level but with a flair to train/mentor others.

5 Ways to Learn Faster

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Today, business is inherently more complex than it has ever been. Yves Morieux, senior partner at strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group, has developed an index to show how business complexity has increased sixfold during the past 60 years alone. Those who learn fast build diverse knowledge pools and tap into the wisdom of mentors to raise their game. Get a mentor to raise your game.

Combat Content Overload

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The responses showed that today’s workers turn first to their peers, bosses or mentors before searching the internet. The last thing they do is consult their learning organization. Given the digital landfill bombarding today’s work environments, people know that consulting Google in order to learn something will give them millions of options — and that the top results might not be the best for them. It’s time for businesses to resist this urge.

Motor City’s resourceful learning leader

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It’s never about the technology,” said Iris Ware, CLO of the City of Detroit. Then in 2008, she launched her own learning consulting agency, where she worked with several Michigan organizations before being recruited as CLO by Detroit’s mayor, Mike Duggan. Ware spent the first six months as Detroit’s new CLO building her team and outlining a scalable learning strategy to help city employees develop new skills as the city emerged from bankruptcy.

Creating an environment for effective learning measurement

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In relative terms, the progression is simple: The learner does research (in consultation with mentors) and decides on the credential that fits with their career aspirations, fills any minimum requirement gaps, registers for the exam, studies a prescribed curriculum and passes the test.

Excellence in Technology Innovation

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The company moved from multiple business segments that manage multiple brands to one singular Newell that managed them. This major structural change unified the company, which developed a single business strategy across all brands: the Growth Game Plan. Intrepid Learning’s platform — called the Growing Newell Hub — used both Harvard Business Publishing content and Newell custom content to teach people how to better execute the GGP. Abilitie & Peak Seven Consulting.

Top of Mind: Cultivating Talent Outside Your Organization

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Working with Vi’s culinary and nursing teams, Vi developed career ladders for culinary and entry-level nursing positions, which allow existing employees to drive their own career path by achieving specific skills through company-sponsored training programs and mentoring. Collaboration between an organization’s chief talent acquisition officers and learning leaders alongside their business partners is more important than ever.

CLOs, L&D Professionals – Here’s The Message From CEO

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I attended the CLO Summit in Mumbai last week and listened to some wonderful speakers over the course of the two day event. He has implemented several L&D initiatives successfully including a mentoring program at Fortis, so whatever he says is based on his first-hand experience. Understand the business – not just superficially. Think like a business person. And that you can’t get from any HR management book or from any HR consultant.

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Learning leaders — take charge in times of a pandemic

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Despite all the upheaval to our personal and business lives amid the COVID-19 outbreak, figuring out a plan forward is both critical and daunting. Evaluate through a business lens how this pandemic will affect your customers, your employees, and how work gets done. Devise a plan to engage business leaders. If you still leverage instructor-led training, what is your business continuity plan?

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Excellence in Technology Innovation

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The company moved from multiple business segments that manage multiple brands to one singular Newell that managed them. This major structural change unified the company, which developed a single business strategy across all brands: the Growth Game Plan. Intrepid Learning’s platform — called the Growing Newell Hub — used both Harvard Business Publishing content and Newell custom content to teach people how to better execute the GGP. Abilitie & Peak Seven Consulting.

LearnTrends: Reinventing Organizational Learning

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Article they wrote for CLO mag: “Become a Chief Meta-Learning Officer&#. Learner Population : We thought of businesses as walled off. Now that businesses are ecosystems, we should be training customers, vendors, etc. Jay: We need to think about ourselves as business problem solvers. ROI isn’t the only measure–other ways to look at business performance. Clark: need more mentoring, performance reviews don’t replace that.

Involve Me and I Learn

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This means that sales teams must keep pace with every market shift in near real time and also have a greater level of comprehension to truly play the role of consultative seller. These digital natives live by mobile and social channels and prefer to absorb information this way, as opposed to the traditional mentor-mentee sit-down style of knowledge acquisition. The post Involve Me and I Learn appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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A Recipe for Success

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At a Chief Learning Officer Breakfast Club meeting in San Francisco recently, one learning leader made the comment that being a CLO is a bit like being an executive chef at a hot new restaurant. Business executives demand certain dishes be on the menu but they don’t necessarily understand what it takes to make it happen. Dell EMC did the same, notching awards for mentoring, new hire training and technology implementation. Mike Prokopeak, VP, Editor in Chief.

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Gen X: The Bridge Between Boomers and Millennials

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Many business publications and social media outlets would have us believe that every company has its own version of a soap opera starring managers who are 55-plus and their teams of professionals between 25 and 35. Many firms talk about targeted mentoring; they may even formally implement a program to facilitate knowledge sharing. Wendy Merrill is founder and chief rainmaker for StrategyHorse Consulting Group.

Instructional Design in the VUCA World

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It''s critical for a CLO to have an eye on the changing landscape and enable new skill sets within the t Historically, L&D had been vested with the responsibility of keeping skills and knowledge of the workforce updated based on: Inputs from managers Current business requirements Skill-gap analysis Most of the training programs would be designed around "best practices" and explicit know-how gathered over the years. Add some scope for mentoring and reverse mentoring.

The future is people, not technology

Jay Cross

CLO magazine, June 2009. My last column in CLO called for the abolition of corporate training departments. Rather, we recommend redeploying them in new capacities, serving as connectors, wiki gardeners, internal publicists, news anchors and performance consultants. Distributing learning throughout the social fabric of an organization requires storytellers, mentors, bloggers, community elders, schedulers and editors. Tags: Business learning More Human Than Human.