Choosing the Best Social Learning Technology for Your Enterprise


You’re a business owner or HR professional who wants to encourage your employees to learn from one another. You’re stuck on the big question: Which social enterprise learning technology is the best fit? Social learning includes a wide variety of platforms and technologies.

6 Ways to Encourage Informal Learning in the Workplace


How to help build informal learning habits in your office. For almost any business, the key to staying ahead in a competitive marketplace rests in the hands of its employees. However, informal learning can have many benefits for businesses and individuals alike.

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Why This? Why Now? “Working Out Loud”

Learning Rebels

Been there, done that – and from these experiences, I learned to talk more about projects I was working on. They may be your L&D colleagues or team, they may be business partners, other people from cross departments, your network or long suffering friends and family.

High Performance Learning with 70-20®

Fort Hill Company

70-20 Conversation with Sarah Yamagata, Head of Learning & Development. Question 1: Describe an innovation you or your team have recently implemented involving experiential and/or social learning. When I joined RGF as Head of L&D in early 2016, the Academies had been garnering very positive feedback from participants and Business Unit (BU) Heads alike. Our Business Unit Heads also wanted to see more concrete and measurable ROI from the regional Academies.

Digital Learning Library Exceeds Expectations

Fort Hill Company

70-20 Conversation with Glenn Hughes, Senior Director of Global Learning. Question 1: Describe an innovation you or your team have recently implemented involving experiential and/or social learning. The primary challenge that our company faces is that, like many organizations, we need to react to our environment quickly. In the learning world, this means that we need to distribute learning, tools, and solutions across the globe, almost instantaneously, in high quality.

Learning is Behaviour Change: why is it often so hard to help it happen?

Performance Learning Productivity

A fascinating article recently published on the Fast Company blog should be required reading for all learning and talent professionals as well as for leaders and managers. In fact learning is behaviour change above all else. They learn it experientially and socially.

Change 280

Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 2

Fort Hill Company

In Part 1 of our Learning Campaigns Blog series, we highlighted data from a number of clients using Fort Hill’s 70-20 learning activation platform to support their learning initiatives. Some were designed as extended learning campaigns and others as standalone challenge initiatives. Across the board, the level of engagement in the learning campaigns was significantly higher than in the standalone challenges.

Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 1

Fort Hill Company

For the first time we now have a line of sight to metrics that help us evaluate the impact of delivering learning in an extended campaign format, rather than as a single event. Using data gathered from a variety of Fort Hill’s clients who have implemented the 70-20® learning activation platform, we can now assess the relative value of learning journeys vs. standalone courses. One strategy that supports the shift is to transform training programs into learning campaigns.