Customer Engagement Metrics: What Marketers Can Teach Learning Pros

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Today we feature engagement metrics advice from Laura Patterson , President of VisionEdge Marketing. Why Do Engagement Metrics Matter? This concept quickly gained traction and is now considered a cornerstone of customer-centered marketing and digital transformation. In other words, according to Gallup research , engagement metrics matter. Business Implications. 3 Powerful Engagement Metrics. Truthfully, there is no magic one-size-fits-all metric.

What Are Your Training Metrics Actually Measuring?

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Much has been written on the subject and many experts have weighed in on what they consider to be the most crucial training metrics ( here are my top 10 ). So, assuming that you are tracking some metrics for your training programs, what are they actually measuring and how can you gain more insight into what’s working and what’s not? Other people have suggested implementation, application, business impact, and ROI. business impact). Is your training working?


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Cornerstone-Saba Acquisition: What Does it Mean for LMS Customers?

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Cornerstone plans to acquire Saba for a hefty $1.395 billion. But here’s the rub: Although an acquisition may be good for companies and investors on both sides of the deal, it’s rarely a treat for customers of the acquired business. I wish both Saba and Cornerstone well.

Saba 86

Cornerstone vs Absorb – Who’s the winner?


In this blog, we will compare Cornerstone vs Absorb LMS and highlight their pros and cons. Both Cornerstone and Absorb LMS are leading LMS companies that offer eLearning software with distinctive features and tools. Cornerstone. Cornerstone vs Absorb LMS. Cornerstone.

Cornerstone OnDemand 1Q 2019 Earnings

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Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) generated another good quarter as evidenced by their financial results released on May 7, 2019. Cornerstone grew revenue by over 5% and beat forecasted Earnings Per Share (EPS) by $.06 Growing content business is one of the focus areas for Cornerstone. Miller believes this is still an early beginning to capturing more of the corporate leaning business and it’s similar to how Consumer Media businesses are currently growing.

3 Essential Metrics to Improve Training Measurement


While Training Orchestra and Watershed support a number of business scenarios, the following metrics are the essential stepping stones to sound decision-making as it relates to measuring the effectiveness of your classroom training investment. In turn, it’s hard to get the full picture of the business impact of your training dollars if you don’t know specifically where they’re going. Cost monitoring and logistics management are the cornerstone of the TRMS.

Top 10 Learning Systems for 2021

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Finally, any vendor who tells you they are not in the content business, should jump on a rocket and blast themselves into the sun. Or they do a wonderful job with some, and not all (ahem Degreed – that other reports and metrics?). Metrics on the back-end is good.

LXP – The Answers you seek

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Not by their choice mind you, rather by the total amount of confusion among potential buyers, prospects, businesses, etc. The original method was you would buy your system, then the salesperson would ask, do you need leadership or business skills or whatever courses.

10 Systems I’d recommend on any given day

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To be quite honest, I could easily name 100 systems that I would recommend on any given day, depending of course on your use case, business goals/objectives, feature sets, and so forth. One system targets only customer education/training, partner training, what we refer to as B2B and B2C (customer being the company’s or business customers) or it can be an association whereas the members receive the training. Metrics and reporting are good. Cornerstone Learning.

Learning System TrailBlazers – Who’s Next?

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Cornerstone OnDemand (for learning) – One of the early ones for corporate learning, still around, and despite what many think, they were a leader in 2020 for Tier 4 NexGen features. And really the first one to truly get where the market is heading in this new business environment.

Podcast Episode 1: How Learning Systems Advisory Services Add Value – With John Llamas

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TOPIC SUMMARY: In this 30-minute session, we look at why and when businesses should rely on learning technology developers for strategic guidance. He is John Llamas, a Principal Consultant of Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone OnDemand. Business-minded learning technology consultants can add value in multiple ways before, during and after new solutions are deployed. WELCOME TO THE MAIDEN VOYAGE OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

Five Steps to Take for a Successful Talent Management Strategy

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SAS, a leader in business analytics, offers their workers the chance to participate in the company’s Emerging Leadership Program for professional development training, and career mentoring. This is why it is important for HR professionals to measure productivity, and various performance metrics to ensure workers are meeting goals. One of the options, Cornerstone , is a cloud-based talent management system that is a flexible and intuitive platform to consider.

Recommended Learning Systems

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On the administration side, continues to be well done, but some metric data needs to be improved. I’d like to see more on the administration side, and while the system is top tier, to me it is still missing some data visualization tied to extensive metric data. Metric wise, extremely well done. Cornerstone Learning Suite – NexGen Top Tier, Front end UI is solid – better than ever before, but still needs some tweaks. Metrics needs some upgrading.

How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?

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Daniel is an author, speaker, blogger and educator who works with leading technology brands to help businesses around the world embrace the benefits of digital transformation. As I’ve often said, digital transformation is about one thing – creating business value by improving customer experience. That’s how inextricably linked your business goals and customer experience need to be. Research shows that 66% of CEOs plan to change their business model in the next three years.

On Tying Training to Employee Retention


Learning is a Cornerstone of Enrichment, and Retention. Providing access to targeted online training (one of many avenues for workplace enrichment) can be an enriching experience for individuals because online training can provide choices to employees on what courses to complete, allow for flexibility in terms of when and where the training can be completed , and create a standardized learning experience across multiple geographical locales or internal business silos.

Should You Use an Employee LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning in 2019?

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On the other hand, customers and business partners can’t be forced to engage in learning activities. Extended enterprise learning initiatives are usually owned by different business groups than the employee LMS and thus are funded and deployed at different times. With the resulting increased executive exposure, business impact, not cost, is the key factor in vendor selection. We’re currently tracking more than 800 business-oriented learning systems.

CourseMill VS Absorb Which one is better?


UNDERSTANDING CORNERSTONE AND ABSORB. The reporting feature of Absorb LMS includes customizable templates on many different metrics, including learner progress, course summary, instructor-led course activity, and more. Introduction.

CourseMill VS Absorb Which one is better?


UNDERSTANDING CORNERSTONE AND ABSORB. The reporting feature of Absorb LMS includes customizable templates on many different metrics, including learner progress, course summary, instructor-led course activity, and more. Introduction.

CourseMill VS Absorb Which one is better?


UNDERSTANDING CORNERSTONE AND ABSORB. The reporting feature of Absorb LMS includes customizable templates on many different metrics, including learner progress, course summary, instructor-led course activity, and more. Introduction.

Types of Learning Systems

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IOL stands for impact of learning (an actual term for metrics that is better than ROI). Heavy use of metrics – A lot of metrics and analytical analysis here – going beyond learning platforms in general, and depending on the LMS, might exceed that too. . Has an LRS – this helps drive those metrics. One component that they are adding is a BI tool (business intelligence) as part of there make-up. Metrics are streamlined.

Three Takeaways Today

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For 2021, the awards cover the Top 10 only, Plus #1 systems in various verticals/industries, and for small business, small enterprise, enterprise, large enterprise, customer training/education (aka Extended Enterprise). 5 Cornerstone Learning Suite – NexGen Leader Grid.

PPT 61

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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Well, not the first time conducting an analysis such as this, rather the first time it has been conducted specifically for a blog post, and the first time, three vendors are in one blog with comparison and assessment as the key cornerstones. Ability for administrator to view MS Teams metrics.

Where the Corporate LMS Market is Heading (2022 and up)

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You say to yourself, I have mixed feelings about this, but the trend lines, the data is all pointing this way – the systems, the business environment is all aiming this way. They are buying it for metrics that they believe will identify skill patterns (S/W).

NexGen Learning Systems T-Grid 2019-20

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Good Data can capture over 300 metrics of data, although that is not available or presented in the system itself. Cornerstone Learning Suite – This is the learning suite here, not the entire Cornerstone system. . Metrics.

8 Tips To Use The Goal-Based Scenario Model In Corporate eLearning

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It is also one of the cornerstones of the Goal-Based Scenario Model. You can also use LMS metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your corporate eLearning course, then make necessary adjustments based on trends and patterns. Are your employees able to apply what they’ve learned to overcome work-related challenges? Or does your corporate eLearning course focus on theory instead of practice?

Andy Whitaker "Matching Learning Paths w/Performance Using Tin Can" #ATDTK

Learning Visions

But if you try to understand how learning is impacting the business, you might be spinning your wheels. Are you able to understand a learning program''s impact on the business? Perhaps you were too busy gambling!] So now we''re looking at metrics beyond completions in Excel. A business intelligence system for learning & dev." These are my live blogged notes from Andy Whitaker''s concurrent session here at ATD TechKnowledge, happening this week in Las Vegas.

How People Analytics Can Help Improve Learning Experiences

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The Cornerstone Glossary gives the following definition — People Analytics , also known as talent analytics or HR analytics, refers to the method of analytics that can help managers and executives make decisions about their employees or workforce. Data that Drives Business. ‘People Analytics’ also known as ‘HR Analytics’ and ‘talent analytics’ is a term that is growing in popularity and being used regularly by L&D practitioners, HR teams, and senior project managers.



Before joining APPLY Synergies he was with Microsoft , where he was Director of Learning Strategy and Evangelism, a global business at Microsoft Corporation featuring innovative learning products that help individuals and organizations learn more and go further using Microsoft technologies.

How to have a Happy Ending to Your ERP System Implementation Story

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Start by tying learning outcomes to what success looks like: at go-live, at 30, 60, 90 days post go-live, and at the point of stabilization to business as usual. Establish key performance indicators for the critical tasks that link to the business case, and write learning objectives from those. Based on the key performance indicators and metrics, track go-live issues, and bring visibility and accountability to the action plan to resolve issues.

System 166

Is your global learning strategy truly global?

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The purpose is to align business goals and communicate how the professional development team assists in achieving those goals. The strategy’s key components are business goals; learning team mission, goals and tasks; and metrics. First, consider the business goals. The learning strategy must align with the organization’s business strategy. Next is the learning team’s mission statement: This is the cornerstone of your learning strategy.

What’s Plaguing Your Trainees? 8 Reasons Your Users Are Ditching Training Halfway Through


A solution that you’re certain will revolutionize the lives and businesses of your customers. What are you trying to accomplish with your customer training, and by what metrics are you measuring its success? On the contrary, many of them are extremely busy.

LMS or LXP – Confused?

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Trending or Most Popular – This is based on all other end-users in the system for that company/business/etc. Metrics – They offer it, but rarely will it be as robust as an LMS (as a whole). But generally speaking, reporting and metrics tend to favor LMSs, and some learning platforms. Reporting and Analytical data i.e. metric visualization.

Expect 2 C in Learning Systems 2021

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There has always been some spin with numerous vendors that if you are in a small business, your training/learning needs are not the same as if you were in a 2,500 size company and so on. . Same System but some features are turned off – This is the SMB audience (Vendors may push it as a small business, the common user base is 900 or less, why isn’t it 999 or less, no clue, but let’s roll with it). Okay, they just use SMB (small business, mid-size) as the turn.

2013 LearningElite Top 10

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AT&T: The Marriage of Business and Learning. AT&T stays on top of the latest tools, technologies and methodologies to deliver learning to its global workforce while remaining in sync with business strategy. McDonald’s commitment to in-store training has kept its learning function aligned to the business in the company’s most pivotal area: customer service.

IBM 43

Is Open Source Ready for Extended Enterprise Learning?

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“ Corporate extended enterprise learning ” is essentially any instructional program a business offers to non-employee audiences. But more often, multiple learning systems are deployed over time, to support various audiences and business initiatives.

Extended Enterprise LMS Buyers Companion – 2019 Edition

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Inside the “Extended Enterprise LMS Buyers Companion” This free collection of LMS selection resources includes: PODCASTS – “Hot topic” interviews with business-minded learning practitioners and innovators on The Talented Learning Show. WEBINARS – In-depth sessions focused on key extended enterprise LMS issues and related business strategies. 6) How do subscription businesses help customers succeed? Business data is vital. Cornerstone OnDemand.

Brenda Sugrue Is the 2018 CLO of the Year

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When Sugrue presented the strategy to the company’s highest management body, EY’s Global Executive, she promised to run learning like a business. An enhanced design increased the effectiveness of the learning and generated business outcomes, while a focus on measurement showed the business impact and increased executive support and investments in learning. Sugrue said they supplement surveys with interviews to document business impact cases.

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