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Thinking Twice About Supply-Chain Layoffs - Harvard Business School. Includes video: Consumers Distrust Corporate Blogs - AdWeek. A Forrester Research study found that only 16 percent of consumers trust what they read on blogs, a trust level below such hallmarks of veracity as direct mail and message board posts. Of all information sources, including traditional and interactive media, corporate blogs finished dead last in consumers' eyes The Frog.

Informal learning: Why it matters to a business


The emergence of social media challenged businesses to optimize performance in many areas but what they should certainly be given credit for is making companies dependent on this viable medium beyond what they could have ever imagined. For business owners, this can be a great opportunity to get in touch with employees and make work meaningful. Purchasing the right LMS can do wonders for any business.


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Accessible Training Videos Improve Employee Learning & Engagement

3Play Media

Are Corporate Training Videos Effective? When it comes to corporate training, employees step into the mindset of a student. The USFSP study results may well extend to learning circumstances of any kind, including that of corporate training environments.

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20 hot resources for customer-facing social media

E-Learning Provocateur

The Corporate Blogging Book. Blogs. • The Business of Being Social. HubSpot Blog. • {grow}. customer service marketing social media blogs books case studies customer-facing social media reports TwitterSomeone asked me recently where they can learn more about customer-facing social media; or in other words, social media used to engage externally with customers rather than internally with colleagues.

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio (and did you take instructor-led training with you, or what)?

Dashe & Thomson

My first Google search turned up this ambitious marketing assertion: Instructor-led training is considered to be the most effective method of corporate education, as it best facilitates real-time interaction, in-depth information sharing and direct response to questions. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to use this acronym in a corporate blog, but: WTF? Maybe it really is the “most effective method of corporate education,” I thought.

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Blog Book Tour-- First Update

Kapp Notes

The blog book tour is going well, great contributions on the tour "stops" Be sure to check out the stops below. The first part of the podcast discusses Brent's impression of Apple's business model and the iPhone and then the interview begins. Also, we've had Rupa from Writer's Gateway join the tour with her posting Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning-My Thoughts on Chapter 1. Check out all the stops below and add your own comments and insights. Join in the conversation!

Why Janison has a bold new look


Rest assured, we are not changing our products, business process or commitment to our partnerships with our clients. Thought leadership pieces, comment and insight on industry trends, plus how-tos and guides on how you can improve and impact the learning experience at your organisation, will all feature on our corporate blog right here on our website. See our corporate governance documents and download our prospectus on our Investor Relations page.

Blog Book Tour Begins

Kapp Notes

Today is the beginning of a 14 stop blog book tour. During the Blog Book tour, I will be not be posting on Kapp Notes , instead, I will be posting on the the blogs which are listed below. During the tour, the participating blogs will post interviews, stories, reactions, insights, related stories and even reviews of Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning. Below are the tour dates and "stop" locations.

Making the Connection: Diversity & Profits


It is a must: the business case for diversity has become undeniable, as company after company discovers that improved D&I is directly correlated with better business performance. Another study at Harvard Kennedy School randomly assigned 550 business students into 45 groups to start a new venture. Having a robust diversity & inclusion (D&I) program at your company is no longer a nice to have.

How Companies Are Approaching Diversity and Inclusion


Corporations are now boring through traditional, more intrinsic categorizations (e.g, The Business Case For Diversity. The business case for diversity has become undeniable, as companies find that diversity and inclusion are directly correlated with improved business performance. For example, research by American Sociological Association finds that for every 1% rise in the rate of diversity in a business, there is a 3-9% rise in sales revenue.

Stocking fillers for e-learning enthusiasts

Clive on Learning

In 2007 I got to read and report back on a whole range of interesting books, articles and reports.

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Profile of a learning architect: Tiina Paju-Pomfret

Clive on Learning

A portfolio of learning assets was created, which included ‘above the line’ learning interventions (instructor-led classroom and online classroom) as well as ‘below the line’ (e-learning, email and phone support, with corporate social networking groups). Bupa Live originated as a business project at the very top of the organisation, with the aim of ‘creating one Bupa’ across the global business.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

There were about 7 examples mentioned including Intuit using a Wiki-like system for customers to ask questions/get advice around taxes, using a group blog with students prior to a formal learning event, the US Army's use of collaboration tools to share best practices in Iraq, and several others. The participants were Learning Professionals from a cross section of Corporations, Academia, Military, Government (IRS was well represented and a little scary) and Non-profits.

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Knowledge and Learning In The News - 1/8/2006

Big Dog, Little Dog

A Blog That Blogs Corporate Blogs - The New York Times. The Fortune 500 Blogging Wiki ( ) amasses blogs maintained by employees of the biggest American corporations. Social computing: getting ahead of the blog. The top 10 technology trends affecting education in 2005 - The Philadelphia Inquirer. Blackboard's takeover of Web CT 9. Moodle. Web 2.0 The release of Open Office 2.0 A renewed debate 5. Podcasting!

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Big Question - PowerPoint

The Learning Circuits

Please answer this question by posting to your own blog or commenting on this post. For further help in how to participate via blog posts, see the side bar.) 09-May-2007 08:25:26 Tony Karrer eLearning Technology PowerPoint - Seth's Booklet 08-May-2007 17:05:11 Dennis McDonald All Kind Food Using a Blog for a "Web 2.0" Presentation instead of PowerPoint 08-May-2007 10:45:19 Guy W Wallace The Pursuing Performance Blog The Big Question is.