7 Creative Ways to Boost Your Corporate Learning Strategy

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The root of the problem is that companies are using learning strategies that are no longer applicable to the current job scenario. Employees who feel that there are no learning opportunities for them sooner or later quit. Why Implement a Corporate Learning Strategy?

Let's Get Real About Corporate Learning Evaluation

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This article builds on perspectives outlined by Dr. Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research in a blog post titled, "Evaluating Learning for Your Business Stakeholders - Warning!!". It clarifies misconceptions about learning measurement and suggests an alternate path forward. Corporate eLearning eLearning ROI Measure Training Training Evaluation

ROI of continuous training: HR Directors’ unsolvable problem?


How do we calculate the ROI of continuous training? Jack Phillips then completed this model in the 90s in order to calculate ROI, with a 5th layer. But there is a summary at the end of the page, for people in a rush Which ROI? How does it impact my business results?’

7 Ways That A Training Catalogue Can Maximize Your Business Skills Training ROI

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To answer these key questions, you need to calculate your training ROI. But ROI can be quantified in a variety of ways, so how can you ensure that you are getting the best return? Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning And Development Corporate Learning Best Practices Corporate Training eLearning ROIWhat should you invest in training? How do you know your investment is paying off? What do you need to make it more effective?

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The Impact Of Foundation Skills Training On Your ROI

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Foundation skills programmes cover the core skill sets that underpin business literacy. Corporate eLearning Corporate eLearning Best Practices Corporate Learning And Development eLearning ROI Soft SkillsThey’re the skills all employees ideally need to have. But how effective is foundation skills training in developing those skills, and how can you ensure it makes maximum impact? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Exploring Corporate Learning Infographic


I recently read the infographic Exploring Corporate Learning Today by PageUp and I am so glad I did. Besides talking about barriers in demonstrating learning ROI it also covers some ways to engage employees to deliver business results. Find more education infographics on e-Learning InfographicsIf you are a L&D professional and are trying to bridge that gap between company goals and engaging your employees, take a minute and read this infographic.

How Businesses Can Evaluate Online Training ROI & Performance


According to the ATD 2016 State of the Industry report, businesses spend about $1,252 per employee on training and development, and the average employee receives 33.5 One can say that businesses are more committed to training employees nowadays. Measure ROI.

Measuring learning ROI is hard – but not impossible


There’s no denying it — tying learning to business results is a challenging and resource-intensive task. Most, in fact, have a tough time progressing past the basic measures of learning like performance improvement and organizational compliance. But, the most desirable and undeniable measure all organizations would like to show is: business results. How can we demonstrate that the learning achieved by an employee actually impacted the company’s bottom line?

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The Real Value Of eLearning For Businesses

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We need employees not only to learn, but also to know what to do with the information they have mastered. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learners Corporate Learning Corporate Learning Best Practices eLearning ROIThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

New survey reveals Top 2017 Corporate Learning Trends


For the first time in three years, L&D professionals chose “personalized/adaptive delivery” of training over “collaborative/social learning” as the top learning trend. Clearly, learning leaders are seeing the potential of this trend and saying, “We ought to be doing more of this.”.

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How the Workforce Learns 2019: The ROI on Learning Experience


When it comes to how we learn at work, we’ve got work to do. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning to study the anthropology behind how the workforce learns. They are real people and real businesses you know.

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Corporate Learning & Development: Whose Job Is It?


Creating, promoting and sustaining an organizational culture of learning is one hallmark of organizational success. But whose job is it, exactly, to create a culture of learning within the organization?

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Business of eLearning – Trends for 2014


Social, MOOC, gamification, games, byte-sized learning, performance management, mobile content, HTML5, Tin Can API – these were the buzz words in 2013, and many gurus have predicted that these trends will gain further momentum in 2014.

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How beneficial is E-Learning software for businesses?

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If you own a company and invest fortunes each year in classroom training of your employees, you would know how other numerous companies have already saved millions by relocating their corporate training modules to the online teaching platforms. A cost-effective method for corporate training.

Eight Can’t Miss Tips for Implementing Corporate Learning Webinars

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Using Corporate Learning Webinars To Solve Quick Learning Needs. Many a consultant has used webinars as a way of teaching and promoting a subject matter or their business. And the ROI is pretty good. In most corporate environments this should not be an issue.

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6 Tips To Create An Accurate Budget For Your Business Skills Training

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The demand for business skills training continues to grow. People require new training to deal with changes in legislation and business practice, the growth of new subject areas (like Mental Health in the workplace), and the need to maintain and sustain CPD. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning And Development Corporate Training eLearning Budget eLearning ROI

Building A Successful eLearning Business Case, Part 2

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In this 3-part article, we’re exploring the close relationship between eLearning and your training ROI. Here, we’ll discuss how the business benefits of eLearning are key to establishing your Return on Investment. Training ROI Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Benefits eLearning Cost eLearning ROI Free eLearning eBooksThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

3 essential tips to maximize the ROI of training off-roll & temporary employees?


The following tips will help you maximize the ROI on the training. By Venkataraman Ananthakrishnan , Head- Online and Global Business at QuoDeck. Corporate Learning Best Practices e-Learning Employee-Training QuoDeck elearning Game-based learning learning technology Mobile Learning

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Use this Humanizing Training Approach for Amazing Results and ROI

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Learning experts are putting a lot of emphasis on the employee experience these days, but many managers and trainers are confused as to how it benefits their organization. Managers need to be aware that learning and training are very human experiences.

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Key Features and Business Benefits of E Learning System for Modern Corporates


Corporate learning is shifting from a traditional classroom-based approach to online training delivery. With the utilization of the latest e-learning tools, modern corporates ensure to provide an experience that is more engaging, self-paced, and effective. Mobile learning.

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Building A Successful eLearning Business Case, Part 1

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When there are cuts to be made in the business world, the training budget is often the first on the chopping block. Whilst decision makers sharpen their knives, Learning & Development professionals are left to fight their corner. Training ROI Corporate Learning And Development eLearning ROI Free eLearning eBooks Online LearningTraining programmes are now expected to deliver the same results at a fraction of the price.

6 Tips To Use Employee Training Software To Improve Profit Margins

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The main goal of any successful business is to increase profits and widen its client base. Learning Management Systems Corporate Learning Management Systems eLearning ROI Free eLearning eBooks Learning Management System Benefits

Analyzing the ROI of Social Media in Training | Social Learning Blog

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We frequently cite a study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which demonstrated that approximately 70% of all on-the-job learning is done informally, through employee-driven initiative, and through employee-to-employee knowledge transfers.

New survey reveals Top 2017 Corporate Learning Trends


If you follow Don Taylor—long-time veteran of the learning space and Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute —you’ll know that, for the past three years, he’s surveyed L&D professionals from around the world to get a pulse on what they think will be the “hot trends” in corporate learning for the coming year. Clearly, learning leaders are seeing the potential of this trend and saying, “We ought to be doing more of this.”. Learning Trends

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Is Micro Learning Shaping the Future of Corporate Learning and Development?


Apart from being self-standing, they are capable of addressing one learning objective using a comprehensive approach. It can be defined as any type of learning that occurs in portions and hence easy to understand and remember. Learning & Training

Use this Humanizing Training Approach for Amazing Results and ROI

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Learning experts are putting a lot of emphasis on the employee experience these days, but many managers and trainers are confused as to how it benefits their organization. Managers need to be aware that learning and training are very human experiences.

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Why L&D Managers Need To Transform From "Facilitators" To Business Enablers

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L&D managers are somewhat thought of as a liability in corporate organizations, particularly because they are sometimes unable to provide quantifiable results. Training ROI Corporate eLearning Best Practices Corporate Learning And Development Corporate TrainingBut what if it's not the L&D managers but their approach is the actual problem? This article investigates exactly that. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

4 Ways Gamification Drives Business Results

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What’s the ROI of a more engaged employee? These types of results are hard to quantify, yet they drive meaningful value for a business. Without real-life examples, those four buzz phrases sound a whole lot like empty corporate speak.

Get better results from your corporate learning program


Business impact and ROI are the top two results organizational leaders want out of their learning and development programs. Organizations are treating modern learning and development programs like band-aids. A company culture that fails to inspire employees to learn daily. If you want results with L&D, then it’s time to give your program the placement it deserves: front and center in a company with learning-first culture.

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6 LMS shortcomings that prevent it from meeting business needs


That said, here are 6 reasons why it’s time to stop trusting corporate training to something that’s so outdated, rigid, and isolating: The LMS doesn’t personalize or adapt training to meet individual employee needs. The LMS doesn’t deliver learning in a way that drives business impact.

Follow the Data: Make Soft Skills Your L&D Super Power


Initiated at five Bangalore factories, a controlled, twelve-month trial revealed that training in problem solving, communication, and decision-making yielded a 250 percent ROI in eight months. Time and time again, industry data, market trends, and insights from top business leaders highlight soft skills as important, and yet they’re still often overlooked. Corporate Learning edX Business Insights

Why is measuring training effectiveness important to team leaders?


And, hence companies are now catering to e-learning, micro-learning, game-based learning, AR, VR, interactivity, and engagement. It hence becomes important for team leads to measure the ROI on these programs. How do you measure the ROI of a training program?

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Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

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The world of learning has been buffeted by the GFC and its after effects. Almost all forms of learning have been impacted. Impact on learning technologies. Satisfaction with business impact. Blended & Learning Tech Effective Learning Open source ROI

Why Professional Training is important for your Employees AND your Business

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Have you examined the impact that employee training has not only on your employees but on your business as a whole? Research continues to show that regular, ongoing employee training is good for both employees and for the businesses they work for. Imagine employer eLearning ROI!)

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8 New Steps That You Need to Showcase Your Learning Platform


This free report shows you how to calculate the ROI of your learning programs by building a framework that evolves with your learning activities. As L&D pros, we’ve all asked ourselves the question – “How do we make a positive impact on our business?”.

Gaining Competitive Success Using Best LMS Software


With more number of employees working from remote locations, the need to use extended learning management system is becoming more evident. They prefer learning at their own pace of time and convenience, while in a meeting in the office, on the weekend, or even while commuting.

The 4-Letter Word Learning Practitioners Hate Most.Cost!

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Learning practitioners get very defensive when business leaders refer to training as a 'cost' center. Even though 'cost' is a 4-letter word, it's one of three ways financially-educated leaders account for internal business activities. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Budget eLearning Cost eLearning ROI