GLD 2: Defining Leadership Across Cultures

Your Training Edge

When training for leadership across cultures, it’s necessary to be mindful of the fact that the concept and definitions of leadership may be different across cultures. In the sense of training and development, a culture is the attitudes, experience, and work styles of any like group of people.

Rise of the Gig Economy


While we may lament the good old days of working at the same job for years and retiring with a gold watch, for many workers, today’s gig economy calls for a different working style and a diverse workforce that has the skills and talents required at any given time.

Microlearning: Fab or Fad?

Tom Spiglanin

The term hasn’t yet made its way into dictionaries, so a crowd-sourced definition seems appropriate, and Wikipedia’s has apparently been copied to a number of other places: Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities.

Encourage Social Learning to Improve Corporate Culture

Social learning has a technical definition for trainers and educators, but in this article, it refers to any learning people do informally and cooperatively. People who don’t trust each other will not work well together. Want to make social learning work better for your company?

Highlights From Day Two of the Spring 2011 Chief Learning Officer Magazine Symposium

CLO Magazine

Bill Whitmore, CEO of AlliedBarton Security Services began the morning with a keynote on how to drive business performance through leadership branding. Whitmore asked the audience if their company can distinguish value and explained why a company’s leadership brand matters in the context of creating business results. Miller detailed how the company was able to identify the cracks in their system and create a cohesive definition of leadership.