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I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

Tom Spiglanin

What we need is to exercise personal knowledge management, or PKM. PKM is distinct from organizational knowledge management, which is widely used today. The latter might be defined as, “the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge.” Only PKM can meet my needs, which only I know at any given time. Three Key Components of PKM. What works for me won’t necessarily work for someone else.

I Believe in the Value of Working out Loud

Tom Spiglanin

We all remember teachers in early school years insisting that we show our work. Or were they making sure we actually did the work and not copy answers from the back of the book? Showing work certainly continued long after those early years, and protests about having to do so mostly subsided, but it’s purpose evolved. In science and math, showing work was a disciplined way to solve complex problems. I Believe in the Value of Working Out Loud.

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