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How to Select Your E-Learning Provider


The development of any company is directly related to the skills and knowledge of all of its employees – from the blue-collar workers to the highest management levels. Crucial for successful corporate training is the e-learning provider and the quality of the modules that will be developed.

The State of E-Learning in the Medical Device Industry


With this being said; the innate necessity for e-learning has become crucial to the expansion, and learning strategies bring both understanding and ease in terms of knowledge and the sharing of it, within its vast framework of operation. The next generation of e-learning is here.

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Spotlight On Anthony Montalvo

eLearning Weekly

This is the first post in the Spotlight On… series , where we feature learning and technology professionals who are seeking employment. Anthony has done freelance translation work for many years, specializing in many different business topics. e-Learning, Web 2.0,

Free - Web 2.0 for Learning Professionals

Clark Quinn

Work Literacy and the eLearning Guild are partnering to provide you with a great (and free) opportunity to get up to speed on Web 2.0 tools and their implications for learning professionals. This 6-week, highly active, social learning event will introduce you to new methods and tools. This is your opportunity to ramp up your understanding of Learning 2.0 tools and discuss their implications for learning. Learn at your own pace.

Web 113

Work Literacy Skills - New Workshop

Tony Karrer

While there has been incredible innovation in tools and methods that support personal work and learning over the past 10 years, most of us have had a hard time with our Work Skills Keeping Up. It will focus on what is important to learning professionals. The workshop puts you into small groups of fellow professionals as you work as a remote work team to experience first-hand the use of these tools in work and learning settings.

Skills 100