Content engineering

Clark Quinn

We’ve heard about learning engineering and while the focus is on experience design, the pragmatics include designing content to create the context, resources, and motivation for the activity. Look at business websites these days. This is content engineering , and it’s a direction we need to go. It’s much easier to write a new set of rules and then your content can serve new purposes, new business models, and more.

Lead Software Engineer

The Game Agency

Analyze requirements to create technical designs that solve for business needs. Work closely with client representatives, colleagues from diverse disciplines and external contractors to evaluate and synthesize business goals into technical requirements and product features.

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Team Q&A: 7 questions with our Head of Engineering, Matt


Matt is constantly pushing the boundaries of what the engineering team at Coassemble can do. As Head of Engineering, Matt makes sure the platform’s ship stays upright and on course. As the Head of Engineering, what does a typical day look like for you? About Matt.

7 Technical Sales Engineer Training Topics that Drive Better Business Results


As a wider range of technologically sophisticated products comes on the market, the demand for sales engineers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to The U.S. In this blog, we take a deeper dive into the importance of training your sales engineers (SEs).

Girls Gone Engineering

Marcia Conner

Singer Kristen Lems introduced me to Peggy Seeger’s song, “ I’m Gonna Be an Engineer ” almost 25 years ago. It wormed its way into my ear when I learned only 7% of the engineering workforce is female. An engineer could never have a baby.

The Cost of Sales Engineer Training for Employees


How does your company approach sales engineer training? Employees serve as the lifeblood of your business, ensuring it can continue to run and generate revenue. Your veteran sales engineers often hold valuable institutional knowledge that is hard to replace.

Meet the Hero of the Technical Sale: The Sales Engineer


Sales engineer” (SE) is the title you’re mostly likely to see on their business cards, however those in the business go by several titles. More often than not the word “engineer” is used, as in presales engineer, sales engineer , or solutions engineer.

Sales 52

Product Insider: Fire Up Our Skills Engine to Ignite Internal Mobility


And we developed our Skills Engine to make that process come to life. What is a Skills Engine? Let’s start at the beginning: What is a Skills Engine? And by linking learning and mobility, you can ensure your teams are equipped to solve the business problems of today and tomorrow.

10 Sales Engineering Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter


A piece of popular business advice you’ve probably heard before is, “ who you spend time with is who you become.” . The field of sales engineering is a complex and competitive landscape. He’s not only a 6-year server sales engineer with Dell, but he’s also a Desert Storm veteran.

Business Writing that Works: 3 Key Principles

Your Training Edge

Writing may be an art, and business may be, well a business, but when you combine these two entities, inconceivable success will be what you’re left with! Avoid using Business Jargons. If so, how long has it been since you wrote something for the business industry?

Analyze this: 5 ways data can help build super sales engineers and teams


You may have recently read our CEO’s prediction that 2020 will be the year of the sales engineer (SE). Download this eBook with John Care, Peter Cohan, and more revealing the future of sales engineering. Analyze areas of improvement your solution can bring to a prospect’s business.

The Déjà Vu of Learning Business Process Outsourcing

InfoPro Learning

IT outsourcing providers concentrated on the number of server support engineers or java coders needed for the job, and completely ignored the service experience. When I joined InfoPro Learning I was elated that we focused on learning for business outcomes.

Growth Engineering Win Big At BESMA

Growth Engineering

We’re not just about helping the big guys of the business world shine! Everything we do at Growth Engineering is about creating learning solutions that meet the needs of the modern workforce and economy. I’d recommend Growth Engineering!”.

New Software Developer Joins DiscoverLink Engineering Team


Reid Anderson has joined DiscoverLink as Software Developer in the Engineering department. until he decided to create a small business selling leather dog collars and leashes with his fiancée.

Playing with eFrontPro’s 4.3 Gamification Engine


Or rather it is, but it’s also a serious business feature that can increase engagement, learner retention and course completion rates, translating to happy users and a nice, big, return of investment. Engine on. Gamification Engine appeared first on eFront Blog.

Engineering both the front- and back-end

Clark Quinn

I had the pleasure of edging Bob Glushko a couple of weeks ago, and finally had a chance to dig into a couple of papers if his (as well as scan his book Document Engineering). He focuses on the term ‘document’ rather than data to help emphasize the variety of forms in which they manifest, the human component, and most of all the nature of combining data to facilitate business interactions.

Growth Engineering’s Top Articles of 2017

Growth Engineering

Below I reveal Growth Engineering’s top 12 articles from 2017. At Growth Engineering, we believe work, training and everything in between should be fun. Business Mission Statement: What do you Stand For? It’s nearly over but boy, it’s been an epic year!

What Every Future Business Owner Should Know

Your Training Edge

There are lots of guides on how to start a business on websites like Oberlo , but you should keep in mind that it is necessary to prepare yourself. In other words, you need some information on how to make the most out of the business before you launch it.

Train Where it Counts: Turn Work Into Your Main Learning Engine

Most companies use traditional courses or videos as their main engine for developing employee skills. Shifting the focus from general competency to specific work behaviors and shifting the environment from the classroom to the field will tie learning closer to business results.

Growth Engineering named #1 for Gamification… AGAIN!

Growth Engineering

Here at Growth Engineering, we’ve been so busy relocating to a new HQ that we almost missed the announcement, but you can imagine our joy when we found out that the Academy LMS was ranked the #1 LMS for gamification ! The post Growth Engineering named #1 for Gamification… AGAIN!

Engineering the Future: Linking Learning and Performance Management to Drive Business Outcomes

Leo Learning

Is the Demo Dead? Four Sales Engineering Experts Weigh In [eBook]


In this case, the “one thing” was a webinar we conducted with sales engineering expert and author John Care. John presented valuable insights on the changing role of the sales engineer. If you missed it, you can watch The 2024 Sales Engineer webinar with John Care here.

The Business Impact of Learning and Development Explained

Growth Engineering

Business impact is, very likely, why your job exists. The post The Business Impact of Learning and Development Explained appeared first on Growth Engineering. L&D business impactBut what does it even mean? How can you fully understand it?

Successful Business Digitals – How Do They Do It?

Your Training Edge

After the crash of the dot com era in 2001, entrepreneurs were worried about the next big thing that would be basically the breakthrough technology to support business operations and decision making. Let’s scroll through some factors that determine successful business digitals: 1.

Communicating The Business Impact of your Microlearning

Growth Engineering

If microlearning doesn't impact your business, you've got to ask yourself if there's any point. The post Communicating The Business Impact of your Microlearning appeared first on Growth Engineering. Microlearning ROI business impact communication microlearning

Business Process, customer experience, IoT!

Origin Learning

Can IoT prove to be an integrating factor for diverse businesses in a dynamically-evolving digital environment? IoT is all about re-imaging things: business process, customer experiences. Ditto is the case with FMCG players and those in the industrial engineering domain.

Growth Engineering Named In Top 20 Gamification Companies 2017

Growth Engineering

On top of this, we work closely with our customers to create a fully personalised training solution that meets their specific learner needs and business goals. GAME’s Craig Mills on how GAME used Growth Engineering’s gamified Academy LMS to transform their company training.

Consider Your Sales Engineers when Choosing a Sales Learning Platform


Sales engineers bridge the gap. Sales engineering, also known as technical sales or solutions consulting, serves as the foundation of technical knowledge for a sales organization. To excel in the role, a sales engineer (SE) needs a deeper level of knowledge into many aspects of the business than a salesperson. A few ways a sales learning platform can immediately impact SE teams: Sales Engineer Onboarding. Developers build the product.

Sales 48

Do You Want to Further Your Engineering Career?

Your Training Edge

As an engineer, you may be busy figuring out how to design the most efficient engine, design and construct the biggest bridge, solve a potential food shortage, and much more. We’ve put together some top tips to help you take your engineering career to the next level. #1.

Growth Engineering Win Place in 2018 Top Training Companies List!

Growth Engineering

Training Industry, the #1 voice on the business of learning, have included Growth Engineering in their Top 20 Learning Portal/LMS companies of 2018! The post Growth Engineering Win Place in 2018 Top Training Companies List! appeared first on Growth Engineering.

Communicating The Business Impact of your Microlearning

Growth Engineering

If training doesn't impact your business, then you've got to ask yourself if there's any point. The post Communicating The Business Impact of your Microlearning appeared first on Growth Engineering. Company Culture Microlearning business impact microlearning

How to Launch Your Online Course the Easy Way with Course Maker Pro, WP Engine, and LifterLMS


Learn how to launch your online course the easy way with Course Maker Pro , WP Engine , and LifterLMS in this episode of LMScast featuring David Vogelpohl from WP Engine and Rachel Gogos from brandiD and the Course Maker Pro theme. What does that mean to WP Engine?

Accelerate the Leadership Engine

CLO Magazine

Employees were comfortable using online platforms for learning and conducting daily business. Although they work across different functions, it was critical the high potentials learn a consistent set of leadership skills and competencies rooted in the core principles that guide the business. Nissan leadership has collectively said that people’s professional power comes from personal strength, creativity and dedication.

Top 7 Small Business SEO Strategies To Have Better Visibility

eLearning Industry

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mandatory process that any online business should adopt if they want to be visible. eLearning Marketing Strategies Business Objectives Content Marketing Strategy eLearning Marketing SEO

10 Search Engine Marketing Basics You Have to Master

DigitalChalk eLearning

Search engine marketing is a little like chess. Many instructional designers and eLearning professionals struggle with the marketing aspects of their online courses and businesses. The fourth search engine marketing basic you’ll need to master is writing good text ads.