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At some point in the conversation it struck me that building a professional and personal network is both a skill and an investment that takes time and consistent effort. One’s network represents a regular investment in order to establish a spider web of contacts to rely on for help or advice.

Social Networking – A Contrarian View

Upside Learning

We all know social networks promote learning; while the mechanisms aren’t documented or well-understood, that it works isn’t in doubt anymore. But we must ask, are the ‘social media/networking systems’ out there promoting this learning? I have seen that early attempts to bring social networking inside companies as a work tool have failed. Has your organization implemented a social networking platform? Social Learning Social Networking


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The differences between social professional networks and communities of practice


The meaning of ‘community’ has changed drastically with the spread of the internet and the rise of all the social networks. Social networks on the other hand are online groups of people who are acquainted or connected as friends, business contacts, or colleagues and use social software tools to stay in touch. Members of communities of practice are connected by their shared interest or area of expertise. Social networks focus on relationship.

MOOCs: Building Personal Learning Networks

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For the past year or so, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been busy upending all kinds of assumptions about education: content is king, quality education is expensive, and instructor-led training is the gold standard, to name just a few. One major change that MOOCs have greatly contributed to is the gaining recognition of learning as a primarily social activity, where the networks created are just as important (if not more important) as the content learned.

Build a Network to Grow Course Sales


Leverage Your Network. If you are just started out with your elearning business then the easiest way to get started is to tap into your network. The beauty of a personal and professional network is that you can build it prior to even creating your course content. Sure, that’s a great place to start ( I am a fan of LinkedIn personally as it was the main social network we used prior to launching LearnDash).

Measurement & ROI for Social & Network Learning

Experiencing eLearning

These are my notes from the Learn Trends: Networked and Social Learning online mini-conference. Measurement & ROI for Social & Network Learning. Social & network learning really falls into the OTJ learning, not formal. This can be the social network. Ace–500% ROI in 6 months in increased sales from connecting dealers to share expertise. This isn’t my usual comprehensive live blogging, just snippets of things that caught my interest.


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Posts such as ‘ You ready to fail at social networking ’ and the excellent post from Jeevan Joshi ’4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work ‘, have really made me think and reflect on the hype surrounding social business and more specifically the rise of social networks / communities within the work environment. Do you want to easily identify & reward expertise across your business?

8 Soft Skills You Should Include in Your Workplace Training Program


Businesses realize they must pay more attention to their workers’ emotional and social abilities, which are skills machines cannot master. As organizations are looking to add additional value to their business in the modern workplace, soft skills are becoming increasingly important.

Is Your Business Data Really Worth Keeping?

Talented Learning

Daniel is an author, speaker, blogger and educator who works with leading technology brands to help businesses around the world embrace the benefits of digital transformation. Business Data: Blessing and Curse. For business, data is the lifeblood of digital transformation. There are multiple reasons why your business should create a data purge strategy. Long story short: storage vendors are running a business, just like you do.

A great business story starts with you


As you find ways to articulate your vision for the business, don’t forget the central character – you. As the founder, your business story is compelling, and you should be prepared to step into the spotlight as the face and voice of your brand. .

A Network of Experts: From Content Curation to Insight Curation

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analysis, at least 80 percent of companies acknowledge a critical need to redesign their traditional structure to create a network of experts for better, faster business decisions. For most organizations, creating an effective network of experts who share wisdom and execute business actions as a team requires a shift in organizational structure and culture as well as the adoption of a new type of technology.

Extended Learning Networks can be supported by E-Learning – An Effective Case


With varying expertise, the efficacy of the trainer-led session also varies. If you want to discuss more about how you can align your eLearning initiatives to your business success, please contact us via All modern organizations strive to create innovative avenues to provide training, which educates, enables and inspires its people.

Discussing the ASTD Handbook, eLearning, and Published Expertise with Elaine Biech

Web Courseworks

Some of you may wonder how a printed handbook could possibly compete with the networked knowledge and agile, on-demand content production of the digital world, but in this case I don’t think it’s proper to set it up as a zero-sum competition. In this case, industry knowledge is networked in print form as a snapshot of best practices and forward-thinking analysis, and the handbook becomes a tool to enhance and refine deeper research efforts.

ASTD 135

Social Networking

Tony Karrer

I've run across a couple of interesting posts recently that seem to have spawned from a Business Week article - Scaling the Social Web. Hasn't eBay had social networking features for a long time? all have a social networking aspect to them? The point is that its probably natural for lots of sites to have social networking type features and functions for visitors. Quite simply, social networking sites require a high level of commitment.

8 Ways You Can Develop And Prosper In Your Chosen Profession

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Emphasize on networking. It’s always good to build your network and add new professional connections. This is significant because you will notice that often some of the best opportunities come from effective networking. If you think you have lost touch with some people from your professional network, now is the time to reconnect with them. Don’t forget to take their business cards and be in touch with them after the event.

How to start an online tutoring business and make $10,000 per month?


Long back, private tutoring was a person-person business. Not surprisingly an average online educator can earn anywhere between $10-$100 an hour or even more depending on their academic qualifications, experience, and technical expertise. The online education industry continues to expand, offering an ever-increasing range of online learning tools to individuals, businesses, and institutions. . Advantages of starting an online tutoring business. Set up a business plan.

The New Learning Metrics: Demonstrating Business Value and Impact


Telling your workforce development story — in fresh ways with new metrics — can capture the attention of your business leaders and make your learning program an important business priority. Where We’re Going: Metrics Important to Business.

How to Build an Employee Training Program That’s Right for Your Business


With a myriad of benefits for your employees and your workplace, businesses today — from large corporations to start-ups — can’t afford to not have training programs available to their workers. Introduction The Benefits of Employee Training Programs What Training Do You Need?

An Ultimate Guide To Starting A Successful Music Business By Teaching Online


Where it used to be that you have to leave your home and go to your place of work to make money, today more online businesses are being started. In today’s digital world, teaching online must be considered for starting your music tutoring business.

Music 76

The Challenge of an Online Business


Starting an online business is the dream for many people. But it’s a false reality, at least for successful online businesses. However, I think that this approach highlights some very real misconceptions of online business. Let’s say you create a comprehensive online course to sell in your area of expertise. While running your online course business you will also need to be aware of your market and the overall demands.

What’s next with the French publishing house Dunod? Interview of Éric Pommat, Digital and Business Development Director


At the beginning of 2018, when we started our collaboration with the French publishing house Éditions Dunod, we had the chance to meet Éric Pommat , Digital and Business Development Director of the famous French publishing house to celebrate the beginning of our content partnership ( to read this interview, it’s here ). On our side we use our editorial know-how, our experts network and our sales numbers to pick the most interesting and Coorpacademy-friendly matters.

How to Align Gamification with Business Objectives

Growth Engineering

Find out how to use the power of gamification to transform your business. In the modern business world, one thing is certain – change! They’re using gaming mechanics such as badges, levels and leaderboards to engage employees, boost productivity and drive business success. How Gamification Helps Solve Seven Business Dilemmas. 87% of business leaders say retaining top talent is a key business priority. EE is the UK’s biggest 4G network.

6 Challenges for Women Business Leaders

General Assembly

The business world is no longer just a man’s world. According to 2017 data from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), over 11 million U.S. As a woman entrepreneur, business leader, and the CEO and founder of the travel company Acanela Expeditions , I am incredibly passionate about female empowerment in the business arena. Below, I want to share six common challenges women business leaders face.

Learning from others through Enterprise Social Networks (ESN)


Social learning through networks. The key to social learning networks is learning through collaboration with colleagues. How Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) works. Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) is meant to enable teams and team environments to stay competitive and collaborative while remaining relevant in today’s socially-connected life. The post Learning from others through Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) appeared first on MATRIX Blog.

The Nature of Business Tribes

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In business, tribes are often social groups linked by a leader, shared purpose or goal, common culture or organizational boundary. Belonging to a tribe in business can infuse hope among team members and awaken collaborative instincts. Businesses can either become victims of this force or leverage tribal instinct for maximum business performance. As such, how leaders tell the story of a business has tremendous impact on how individuals create meaning and come together.

How to build the business case for Virtual Reality


It’s no surprise that 97% of B2B technology buyers build a business case for purchase decisions. A business case is the best way to organize many stakeholders from various functional areas around objectives, expectations, and return on investment (ROI).

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


This includes areas of her expertise from the effectiveness of MOOCs in corporate learning to informal learning, collaboration, community management and organizational culture. Her writings and articles have been published in papers like The Business Standard, Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, U.K., In the past, L&D‘s focus had been to design training programs based on defined learning needs, skill gaps and business goals.

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10 Key Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing for Businesses

Hurix Digital

Acting as a catalyst for growth, the cloud approach has completely revolutionized the way enterprises operate their businesses. Acting as a catalyst for growth, the cloud approach has completely revolutionized the way enterprises operate their businesses.

Financial Services: How to Keep Business Flowing When You Can’t Meet In Person


In a business that relies on relationships, it’s much harder to maintain those connections now that in-person meetings are on hold. But now, financial services professionals have to do business a whole new way. In this business, knowledge is power.

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

E-Learning Provocateur

Everyone seems to have a different opinion, from a human-centred platform, to the intersection between portals, team sites and social sites , to a system that ties the business’s processes and data to the employee’s social behaviour. While these apps aren’t components of the enterprise’s intranet proper, they’re accessible from there and thus form part of the network. There’s a lot of talk about social intranets these days.

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Your WordPress LMS Freelance Business Transformation with Matt Inglot


Learn about how you can build your WordPress LMS freelance business transformation with Matt Inglot in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Chris and Matt talk about ways recurring value is key in online course businesses to generate recurring revenue.

What Social Selling Can Do for Your eLearning Business

eLearning Brothers

Learning to establish your personal brand through authentic relationships with your followers can be the X-factor that transforms your business from meh to yeah. How active, relevant and liked are you in your field of expertise? According to IBM, 55% of all buyers do their research by using social networks. It’s a healthy mix of social media networking and branding. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and SlideShare give you access to real-time data.

Community Learning—Your Business Skills Can Help Emerging Leaders


Leader Networks, a research and development firm, conducted a study called The Social Mind which found that professionals spend nearly 40 percent of their time online interacting in peer-to-peer communities. The time you spend in online communities sharing your knowledge will also help you network in your industry, stay informed, and keeps your own knowledge up-to-date. Sharing your expertise is an invaluable resource.

Social Business Design and Multichannel Team Collaboration

Skilful Minds

Shared experience, not just shared information, is fundamental to the social networks underlying collaboration and innovation. Many, if not most, employees don’t only need to get to know one another through reputation systems, like who people tag as possessing expertise. Shared experience with co-workers and customers is a key factor in innovative business practices. Brands Change Management Collaboration Experience Design Social Networks Enterprise 2.0

14 Professional Development Opportunities Outside Work


The business world is a naturally evolving environment with new processes, systems, standards and methodologies continually driving the way we do business forward. If you truly want to reach the next level professionally and personally, you need to invest in yourself to ensure the rapidly changing business world doesn’t leave you behind along the way. Volunteering is a great way to serve your community, while developing new skills, honing expertise and building your brand.

6 ways a cloud LMS could benefit your business


This leaves reliability to the mercy of local servers, and maintenance in the hands of administrators whose area of expertise may not necessarily be elearning. With a cloud LMS there is absolutely no need to download or install any software on your network, and it is possible to get your first learners up and on the LMS in a matter of hours after purchase. The post 6 ways a cloud LMS could benefit your business appeared first on eLearning Experts.

The Business Impact Award

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For learning executives who have implemented a significant measurement or evaluation program that has demonstrated exceptional business impact from their workforce development programs. Patricia Winchester, Director, Learning and Development, USA Today Network. USA Today Network has expanded its sales portfolio quickly in recent years, but the employee onboarding process hadn’t kept up. This meant making sure they all had comprehensive product expertise.