Hosted vs. Behind-the-firewall LMS – How To Decide?

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Purchasing and implementing an LMS for your organization is a business-critical activity. Adding to this dilemma is another level of decision making – whether to go for an OnDemand / SaaS / Hosted LMS service, or for a behind-the-firewall LMS deployment. If your organization has a strict (and I mean really strict) policy of not using hosted services for LMS (or other business applications), then you don’t have an option but to opt for a behind-the-firewall implementation.

Business Social Media Benefits

Clark Quinn

For the latter, I was asked to address the question: “what businesses can learn from allowing employees to access social networking sites, and how allowing social networking can benefit businesses?&# First, there are corporate equivalents: for every Facebook and Twitter there’s a behind-the-firewall and/or industrial strength and secure solution.


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Social Bookmarking behind the Firewall

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Connectbeam is just another company convinced that the activities of this new web generation will be a productive part of how we do business. The bureaucratic businesses processes that keep many employed are no longer necessary when the productive worker has the tools to find what he/she needs for him/her self. Techcrunch introduced me to Connectbeam.

5 Top IT-enabled business trends that are affecting Corporate Learning


Developments in information technology affect every nook and corner of the business world – creating leading trends that dictate business discourse and atmosphere. These IT-enabled business trends also affect learner preferences for ways to access and consume workplace learning. The data is now analyzed in real time to create insights into business and performance.

Trends 217

Is a cloud LMS necessary for small businesses?

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These are the following reasons: Small businesses also require a cloud LMS. It’s a big misconception that small and medium businesses don’t require a cloud-based LMS because they don’t have the budget for it. The post Is a cloud LMS necessary for small businesses?

How Can Businesses Ensure Cloud Platform Security?

Hurix Digital

Over the last decade, organizations around the globe have increasingly embraced cloud applications in order to innovate, transform their business, manage costs and handle their increased workload. How to ensure cloud platform security for your business?

How Cisco Ties Continuous Learning to Business Objectives


The Degreed project is the result of the vision that Cisco needs a learning platform to develop and keep employees relevant to driving the business forward. Tying learning challenges to those business challenges resonated with the executive team, and the project was funded. The post How Cisco Ties Continuous Learning to Business Objectives appeared first on Degreed Blog.

How to Ensure your LearnDash LMS Scales with Your Business: 9 Sure-fire Growth Hacks!

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

In most cases, managed hosting services can be customized to fit your specific business requirements. A security breach on your website can cause some serious damage to your eLearning business. The best thing that Sucuri offers is the Web Application Firewall.

8 Cybersecurity best practices to keep your small business safe online


Running a business nowadays is as challenging as ever. In fact, cybersecurity attacks and breaches are more common in small businesses than in large corporations and bring more serious damage. 8 Cybersecurity best practices to keep your small business safe online.

How to Be CyberSmart in a COVID-19 World


Cybercriminals have, indeed, been busy since the start of COVID, diligently working to cause mayhem while the business world adjusts to the pandemic. Firewalls, networks, collaboration tools, and servers should all be configured to accept – and track – remote access.

IT Doesn’t Matter. Business processes do

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Ten years ago this May a journalist named Nick Carr stirred up a ruckus with an article in Harvard Business Review claiming that IT Doesn’t Matter. Using the telephone and shipping by rail were great sources of competitive advantage – until every business could afford them. Consultants Howard Smith and Peter Fingar shot back a month later with a paperback retort entitled IT Doesn’t Matter – Business Processes Do. BPM promises to obliterate the “Business-IT Divide.

How to Find The Best Cloud Solutions Provider for Your Business

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Most businesses today are gradually moving to the cloud to reduce costs, streamline workflows and eliminate the need for in-house IT hardware and personnel. One of the biggest perks for enterprises shifting to the cloud is that they can focus on their core business functions while their cloud solutions provider takes care of all cloud maintenance activities such as tackling IT concerns, support, backup and security. Loss of revenue due to disruption in business activities.

LMS Innovation: Where’s the Value?

Talented Learning

If you follow my writing — even casually — you know how excited I am about the direction of LMS innovation and its ability to help organizations create business value. We founded this blog to research the industry and provide fiercely independent reporting and analysis of learning for measurable business impact. One of those opportunities was with SpongeUK , where I explained how LMS innovation is helping businesses create new revenue streams.

Worried About Course Security? Start With Your Website.


However, many of those concerned about a content stealing are actually behind the ball when it comes to the security of their own websites, and this poses a much more significant risk both to their learners, and to their business. Provides malware scanning and firewall protection.

How Does Self-Paced Training Improve Training Efficiency?


But it’s also easy to measure completion rate with self-paced training, particularly with business intelligence tools such as Appsembler Figures. Blog Business online education online learning online training software self-paced learning self-paced training

How Does Self-Paced Training Improve Training Efficiency?


But it’s also easy to measure completion rate with self-paced training, particularly with business intelligence tools such as Appsembler Figures. Blog Business online learning online education online training software self-paced training self-paced learning

How Can Utilities Prepare Against Cyber Attacks?


Like any technology, firewall and encryption is essential, but what about where the new technologies blend with legacy systems? Knowing about these laws may influence a utility company's business decisions. In an article posted in. T&D World , David Shadle points out that.

How to Protect Your Organization from Cybersecurity Attacks During COVID-19


These types of attacks can often come from competitors just to get the system offline and prevent normal business functioning. Firewalls and filtering are useful in preventing DDoS attacks.

Big IBM/Second Life Announcement this Week!

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He let everyone know on his blog posting The i-web Singularity Redux that at Virtual Worlds III this week the announcement was made that Second Life has worked out a deal with IBM to move Second Life behind the IBM corporate firewall. If this can be a standard business practice for Second Life (living behind corporate firewalls) it is a removal of a huge obstacle for entry into 3D worlds for many industries like Pharmaceutical and Financial.

The Weakest Link in Cyber Security


Of course, we have firewalls and security software but as it has been already pointed out, the most vulnerable point in this situation is your workforce and they have to be taught how to tackle the attacks on your company’s cyber presence. … are your employees. There. We said it.

Eight Tips for LMS Implementation

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In the past I have written a few posts mainly focused on making the process of selecting the right LMS for your business need – be it internal training management or selling training as a business. We looked at a series of things focusing on the right way to go about open source LMS , in case you are switching to a new LMS system , the critical consideration on how to decide between hosted and behind-the-firewall option , and even a few tips on what not to do while selecting an LMS.

Tips 207

HIPAA Training and Data Breaches: Are You Protected?


Keep antivirus software updated, use firewalls and unique passwords, and monitor your systems constantly. Business Computers Job Skills Learning and Development business compliance training data breaches HIPAA complianceIn November 2018, 3,230,063 health care records were exposed, stolen or disclosed without permission, according to the HIPAA Journal.

How to Manage More Projects With Less Staff By Leveraging Online Training


Employee satisfaction: employees will be grateful for the training, as it makes them more employable and gears them towards progression and promotion within your business, making employee retention more likely. 59% of workplace employees claim that most of their skills are self-taught.

Speaking today (noon ET) at Train-For-Success

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Maria Korolov, editor of Hypergrid Business, president of Trombly International. Join this conversation about the emerging platforms and applications of virtual worlds in learning and business. It does not work through most corporate firewalls. Join us for the new season of Train for Success with a panel of virtual worlds thought leaders: • Karl Kapp, Professor at Bloomsburg University, consultant & author of “The Gamification of.

Learning Management: What does a Training Company need an LMS for?

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Hosting and Support Since the core business of a training company is offering training, what they need from the LMS vendor is a complete package on hosting and support. For this reason, the LMS should remain the key technology enabler making it easier to remain focused on their core business. Related posts: Top 5 reasons for implementing LMS: LC Survey Hosted vs. Behind-the-firewall LMS – How To Decide?

Network Testing for Configuration Changes

Hurix Digital

Network testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the network to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of network implementation.” .

Arlo has opened a new data center in the US for North American training providers

Arlo Training & Events Software

By default, Arlo will store customer data in the location that is closest to your business. For most businesses, the storage location doesn’t matter, but for some businesses they are required by regulators to store data in-country.

Social Networking – A Contrarian View

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Sure, lots of companies want to replicate ‘Facebook’ behind the firewall; safe from prying eyes, but open enough for employees to freely express themselves. Perhaps they lacked the required understanding of business processes, the systems used to enable these and the ‘culture’ that each company develops over time. Today, I’m going to adopt a contrarian view.

Make employees learn about the safety of home PC’s through an LMS

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Businesses need to understand the importance of cybersecurity because if the LMS does not contain information on it, the whole system can be compromised. In our age, implementing an LMS is an absolute necessity to deliver knowledge to employees.

10 Benefits of eLearning For Entrepreneurs In Finance


But with eLearning as an option, you can quickly adapt and gain insight and knowledge that will help you, your business, and your team to adapt to these changing times and improve your entrepreneurship skills. This could be a great benefit for small business owners.

Shrinking LMS Implementation Fees Drive Market Expansion

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Firewalls, server sizing, bandwidth, database preference, historical data migrations, customizations and integrations were complex and problematic. If buyers are not happy they can fairly easily and inexpensively take their LMS business elsewhere. If an organization can start off for as little as free and prove a business case, asking for more money is a cinch. As little as five years ago, it was common for an average LMS implementation to exceed $100,000.

Leadership Webinar Wisdom: Six Critical Elements for Engagement and Learning

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and tailor the course to the participants’ role, level of experience or business function. There’s no getting around it… webinars involve technology and technology (the Internet, your computer, your webinar administrator’s computer, the webinar platform system you are using, your firewall, even your power) can have its good days and its bad days. Involving the Learner.

Cyber Security Requirements

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Cyber Security Requirement #5 – Invest in anti-virus software and firewall. Another way to amp up your cyber security prevention practices is by investing in anti-viruses and firewalls. Antiviruses protect systems by detecting viruses or malicious links and files, while firewalls act as barriers that prevent attackers and criminals from reaching your database in the very first place.

Learning Experience Platform: Definition and How It Differs With LMS

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LXPs can support a broad range of information that originates inside and outside a company’s firewall. To track business KPIs and make wise decisions that support the growth of a learning company, L&D has to have strong business intelligence and analytics skills. Future developments in the data analytic capabilities of LXPs will enable firms to more accurately identify potential skill gaps, connections to business alignment, and talent risks.

Learning Management: What does a Training Company need an LMS for?

Upside Learning

Hosting and Support Since the core business of a training company is offering training, what they need from the LMS vendor is a complete package on hosting and support. For this reason, the LMS should remain the key technology enabler making it easier to remain focused on their core business. Related posts: Top 5 reasons for implementing LMS: LC Survey Hosted vs. Behind-the-firewall LMS – How To Decide?

What Do You Mean?

The Performance Improvement Blog

Dan Pallotta, president of Advertising for Humanity and HBR blogger, in a post titled “I Don't Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore”, writes about business jargon and how it affects communication in organizations. While we as a customer-centric longtail company are still on the runway, we need to each firewall enough time to allow out-of-the-box thinking and strategize the low-hanging fruit in the marketplace.

Recognition Separate from Rewards

CLO Magazine

Each year, WorldatWork [a global association for HR management professionals and business leaders] does a story on trends in employee recognition. Of those that have one, 95 percent of them have that recognition strategy aligned with their business strategy. I always like to describe them as Facebook behind your firewall. Roy Saunderson.

CLO 34

Mitigating the Risks of BYOD in corporate learning


It is clear that businesses that do not embrace BYOD as a policy run the risk of low productivity, employee dissatisfaction as well as low competitive standing. Passwords, Firewalls and Encryption: The platform of corporate learning is the enterprise Learning Management System for most organizations. In addition to authorized Passwords, Firewalls can be installed to allow only authorized devices to access the enterprise LMS.

How to Get HIPAA Certification


It also applies to business associates – (anyone who provides support in treatment, payment, or operations and has access to patient information) and subcontractors. Use firewalls and keep antivirus software updated on all devices containing ePHI.

Using an LXP to Fix Learning Gaps in Customer and Channel Partner Education

Origin Fractal LXP

IT restrictions and firewall & security issues ensure that external individuals are not granted access to the official organizational LMS. Firewall restrictions and corporate IT policies dictated that these vendors could not access the corporate LMS.