Tips for Making a Successful Corporate Video That Will Impress Your Clients

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A corporate video helps the public and your potential clients to understand your company, the products, and employees. Basically, a corporate video focuses on your business operations as a whole, rather than a specific product or objective. Creating a corporate video is challenging. This is because the video has been interesting and precise to attract the attention span of a normal human being, which is very short. The corporate video should be short and clear.

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10 Business Videos Ideas for Your Company


Companies that overlook the importance of the role that video plays in the 21 century are taking a risk! If you want to be seen you need to embrace video and make sure that you make great use of this engaging medium. Let’s consider 10 business video ideas for your company: 1.

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SaaS vs custom eLearning solution: How to Start an Online Tutoring Business?


If you have masters in the skills and want to teach and explore in an extensively profitable way, then be thankful for the online platforms which make it so easy to start your own online tutoring business. If you want to start a tutoring business, this step by step guide will help you in planning and would give a better idea to your needs. How to start your own tutoring business? Define the type of courses like video courses, written format courses, etc.

5 Social Media Video Tips to Enhance Your Business


making your video stand out in crowded feeds! So, when debating about using videos on social media, let’s have a look at just a few statistics to illustrate. Depending on your aim you may choose a trust-building video format like a testimonial, inform in an explainer video, introduce your topic in a demonstration or engage in personalized videos. In either case, you want to make sure to keep a few tips in your toolkit for social media videos.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. Fosway Group (2017), ’Fosway 9 – Grid Authoring Systems’ Share Stories with Screen Recording1 1 11Index: Table of contents @gomolearning User-Generated Videos: Tapping into Social Sharing2 Quick, Accurate Auto-Captioning.

Agile Businesses Need Agile Training


The agility with which a business adapts to the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences and technology is, to a large extent, dependent on how well it facilitates training and skill development. With businesses becoming agile and the pace of change occurring almost at the speed of light, especially when it comes to tech and fintech companies, the traditional training model proves both inadequate and ineffective. Training at the Speed of Business.

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Video Training Is Critical for Employee Success


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? To be more specific, the report indicates that one minute of online video equals approximately 1.8 Consequently, video training is a valuable tool that your organization may not be able to afford to ignore for much longer. Imagine the time you could save if you switched just a few of your written employee manuals to video training. Why Video Is a Necessary Tool for Your Training Arsenal.

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Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 2

TechSmith Camtasia

We're turning the corner to the second week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive ! This week each business created their first (or in some cases, second or third) screencast and sent us an exmaple. They also shared with us a little about their process, how they prepare and edit their videos, what challenges they faced, etc. We also upload finished videos and share links from We wanted to create a video showing off this cool project!

Best Content Awards 2020

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The awards are for off-the-shelf content, this is content that a 3rd party provider builds and sells to the client (business, orgs, companies, government, education, associations, etc.) The content could be any length, in any format – i.e. video, course approach, etc.

The Value of Video Learning

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In this article, I would be focused around one of its most important elements that contributes significantly towards its success, and that is the video learning. The video learning is one of the graphical elements of online learning experience, which not only enhances the understanding level of material, as indicated by latest MIT research [2] , but can also be improved to an amazingly appealing level, both for the learners and instructors. But which format to use for videos?

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How Corporate Videos Can Help Prepare & Train New Recruits?

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Here we would like to share with you how corporate videos can play a constructive and powerful role in dealing with similar kinds of apprehensions. What you need to understand is that corporate videos in their simplest of definitions are basically non-advertisement centered visual content that is created by a company and it is their intellectual property. In Saudi Arabia, nearly 64% of the population watch online videos. Videos are the no.

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Communicating with Clients through Videos


Video allows you to still communicate “face to face” with a large global client base. Moreover, video provides a low-cost, yet highly effective, way for communicating with clients. Compelling videos keep clients engaged, enhance client communication, and further regular communication. So, how does one approach the creation of videos for client communication purposes? Moreover, the videos need to be made with fore-thought and purpose.

How Can You Begin Building Video Animation on a Budget?


Video is a strong trend and an equally powerful marketing tool. However, it is obvious that in order for a video to begin to perform all these functions and be an effective tool for your business, it must be of high quality. The first and logical option to create such a video is to hire specialists. Come up with a Comprehensive Script The script for your video is its foundation. Plus, the video should contain a key idea. your video.

One-Liner Videos to Send to Your Leads


Business one-liners are used to describe or explain what your company does in a simple and straight-forward way. One-Liner Videos to Send to Your Leads Engage Leads The concept of a one-liner can be taken even further by producing one-liner videos to communicate in a concise, simple and straight-forward way with potential customers. A one-liner video will remind the lead of your presence in a manner that is visually powerful. One-liner videos must be short!

mLearning devices and platforms: What you need to know

Bottom-Line Performance

Video is an acceptable replacement for Flash. Because iPhones and iPads do not support Flash – and most traditional e-courses leverage a lot of it – there is a lot of conversion of Flash animations to video formats. Most employees will check email before they start their workday, and this simple, but powerful tool ensures that they can be more responsive to business demands.&#.

Publisher Wins Customers Back with Animated Video Books

Knowledge Synonyms

Publisher Wins Customers Back with Animated Video Books. Work Engagement Type: Animated Comic Books, Characters, illustration, Video. Business Need. Knowledge Synonyms proposed a solution wherein we took the dump of all storybooks available in print format and converted those books into animated MP4 video formats and packaged them as xAPI objects. The post Publisher Wins Customers Back with Animated Video Books appeared first on Knowledge Synonyms.

4 Tips on providing personalized training for remote employees


Covid-19 has transformed the way businesses operate today, forcing many to adopt more agile and remote working practices to help keep workers safe and maintain social distancing. A version of this post was originally published on October 19, 2020, in HR news.

Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

Jay Cross

I tap YouTube for entertainment and publishing videos. This little freeware tool plays just about any video format you can throw at it. The Learning Business Working SmarterIt’s time once again to contribute to Jane Hart’s annual survey of tools for learning. I was the first person to take part in this project some nine years ago and now it’s an annual ritual. It’s enlightening to review what’s best in the toolbox.

Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Video Accessibility

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Pinterest video content allows businesses to capture their audience’s attention better and engage in a fresh way. Over the past few years, Pinterest video has increased, likely due to its proven value for brands. But, are businesses reaching as many people as they could?

What to consider when designing virtual training sessions


Instructors can use direct questions, breakrooms, quizzes, “show of hands,” puzzles, polls, board sharing, text chats, video or photo sharing, or even stretch breaks since sitting in a chair most of the day is detrimental to physical and mental well-being.

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10 Myths About Professional Training

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” Flexible options like e-learning and in-house training make it easier for small businesses to skill-up without taking too much time away from the office. According to Goldman Sachs, 88% of small businesses offer training to all (if not a large portion) of their employees. These small businesses report a higher rate of revenue growth, with 74% reporting the increased revenue within 18 months.

The 5 W’s: Tips for Getting Started with Your First LMS

Absorb LMS

If you take an inventory you will likely find that you have a lot of content in Word or PowerPoint format and maybe even in video format. Additionally, there are lots of companies that sell off-the-shelf courses for common business training subjects which can also be loaded into the LMS. Some courses may be best suited to a face-to-face or live virtual delivery format.

5 Myths About Video Based Learning

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A lot of people still have a tough time to accept video-based learning as an effective and engaging learning tool. We have seen many myths in the learning and development industry and using video-based learning is no exception. The most common myths are; video-based learning is too costly, too complicated, and abusive to classrooms and workplaces. Most of us love watching videos. Around 1 billion hours of videos [1] are seen daily on YouTube.

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M-Learning’s dirty little secrets

E-Learning Provocateur

Most people won’t train outside of business hours. Some may say most people won’t train inside business hours, but let’s remain generous. Apple’s incompatibility with Flash is widely known, but then there are the audio and video formats to consider. You may still need to accommodate peculiarities such as video formats, but with a bit of clever coding you can make the same course device agnostic. I have a confession to make.

Visual Marketing

Adobe Captivate

Video Marketing has been traditionally thought to be conjoined with products, services or informing consumers about upcoming releases in connection to the first 2. The same principle holds true internally in organizations who look to promote innovative ideas or knowledge snippets for their internal audience, the ability to create, edit and distribute video content and track it with a single tool is a blessing in disguise.

simpleshow receives Innovation Award Top 100


“ In the independent selection process, simpleshow impressed the jury particularly with its innovation success and its innovation processes “ – Top 100 Our explainer video creator mysimpleshow was rated as particularly innovative: With the help of artificial intelligence, everyone can quickly and easily create their own animated videos in the simpleshow style. And the laurels keep coming!

The Future of Freelancing


Remote work opens a lot of new possibilities for both employers and freelancers: You can run your freelance business from anywhere in the world, as well as receive updates on major events. This approach allows you to take your business with you.

4 Must-Have Post-Pandemic Sales Enablement Strategies


These businesses didn’t have the time, or maybe the knowledge, to transform to modern learning.”. I had to learn people’s speaking styles and develop formats that could give them the best way to share their knowledge. We use a lot of on-demand videos,” said Mayshar.

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The Power of Online Training Videos: 3 Essential Benefits


According to surveys done of today’s employees, 75% of workers are more likely to watch a video than to read an email or web article , and three out of five young business executives say that they will rely more heavily on business-class video during the next 5-10 years. By having your training material in video format, your employees will be able to review their learning whenever they need, creating a significant advantage over live training alone.

Meeting the needs of today’s employees with online training


Today’s business environment is as diverse, challenging, fast-paced, and exciting as ever. But no matter their size, the industry they are active in, nor the scope of their existence, every business faces the same challenges: attract the best talent. Use video whenever possible.

Top 7 Cyber Monday Deals for Learning and Training Professionals in 2020


Most of the courses are delivered in short video format, with skills that can be put into action immediately. At CloudShare, we offer the ability to run virtual training on all three of the major cloud providers, through a tabular format in a single classroom view.

Online Training Solutions and the Art of Enterprise Training Delivery


Online training solutions, in the form of animations, videos, audios, and other media can be accessed via web browsers using the corporate Intranet or personal internet. Initially, the web-based training solutions were in the.XML and.FLA format.

The 34 Best Training Video Software – Full Comparison Guide


Creating a fantastic online course is more or less equivalent to creating one or more great videos for your students. Luckily, nowadays, video production is not just a privilege of the professionals. The plethora of available video editing software makes it hard to choose one.

How To Get Over Your Fear And Press The Damn Button with Brian Fanzo

TechSmith Camtasia

Video is one of the best ways to reach an audience, but it’s also one of the most intimidating content forms to create. It’s not easy to get started with video. But there are many reasons why that shouldn’t stop you from creating video content.

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Top 5 Training Delivery Techniques for Modern-Day Learners


Video Training. There has been a tremendous spike in the consumption of video content in recent years. YouTube has 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, whereas 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram each day.

10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions


Here are the Best Employee Training Tools for Your Business. Images, videos and audio files are equally important to keep the training module engaging and diverse. In fact, people are keener toward watching video-based training material.

6 Must-Use Video-Based Learning Strategies In 2019

EI Design

While the usage of videos in eLearning is not a new concept, the wider adoption of mobile learning and microlearning has accelerated its use for learning. In this article, I outline 6 video-based learning strategies that you must adopt in 2019. Video-Based Learning Strategies You Should Definitely Use This Year. We consume video-based content several times during our day for a variety of reasons. These include videos for entertainment, infotainment, learning and so on.