Does Your Online Course Need a Forum?


Course forums can give learners a reason to come back and stay engaged, but they’re also a lot of work. This is why, for many course creators, the preferred solution is a forum. Forums come in all shapes and sizes. Downsides to launching a forum.

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Add Private Forums to Your Courses!


Which brings us to our latest update, an integration… Course Specific Forums with bbPress. For those of you who are not familiar with bbPress , it is a free forum plugin offered by Automattic (the same folks behind WordPress). It’s the same forum plugin we use for our LearnDash support. Automatic Forum Access: As soon as someone purchases (or registers) for a course, they are granted forum access so that they can create new threads and topics.

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xAPI Camp Videos on Connections Forum


Speaking the Language of Business. As promised, almost every other day we’re posting something new from our one-day xAPI Camp that took place at University of Central Florida on March 24. There are many more videos to go, and you can check out what different organizations are doing with the Experience API right now ! Andy Johnson. LRS and xAPI Conformance. Ben Betts. Enabling Personal Data Ownership. Marty Rosenheck. Driving Innovation in Teacher Education. Art Werkenthin on CMI5.

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The Good and Bad of Support Forums


This decision often comes down to one of two choices: forums or a help desk – but which is best? Simply sign-up for an account and you are in business. As we got more customers they started requesting that we implement forums. We were reluctant at first to implement a forum. But we went ahead and added forums as another option for support due to the demand, and looking back I am so glad that we did. Our Forums have become a HUGE Asset.

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New twist on business simulations at LT Summer Forum

Sponge UK

NEWS: The benefits of combining technology, games and face-to-face training to enhance business simulations will be explored at the Learning Technologies 2016 Summer Forum. The session will offer ideas for giving ‘traditional’ business simulations a new twist by using a blended approach that reinforces learning and helps employees develop their skills in a realistic environment. The company is exhibiting at the Summer Forum at Stand 11.

Highlights from the Spring Client Forum

Unicorn Training

We're not quite sure where the time goes, but this week we were back with the first of our biannual Client Forum events for 2018. Peter then took delegates through our award-winning business simulation with LAS and UCL; illustrating how there is tremendous value in allowing learners to make mistakes and learn first hand in truly immersive environments, before applying new knowledge in a real-life scenario.As Oh yes, it's that time of year again!We're

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How to Start An Online Coaching Business in 2021?


Building an online coaching business is something that has become inevitable these days. One other reason that has made building an online coaching business inevitable is how the pandemic changed the normal into something unexpected. 5 Benefits of Starting an Online Coaching Business.

Creativity in Business


A survey by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda revealed that creativity is one of the top three skills all workers require right now. Storytelling in Business. The post Creativity in Business appeared first on SAP Litmos.

Unicorn Summer Client Forum - Top Takeaways

Unicorn Training

Yesterday we held our Unicorn Summer Client Forum and welcomed over 70 guests to the O2 Intercontinental Hotel, North Greenwich. It was a busy day, jam packed with a variety of topics for guests to choose from, including three ‘pick and mix’ sessions covering a range of topics from employee engagement to compliance and regulatory changes, such as GDPR and MiFID II.

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Live from Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Unicorn Training

It’s that time of year again – we’re back at Learning Technologies Summer Forum today at Kensington Olympia!With many of our contemporaries have been swift to point out, LTSF is an increasingly busy and well-attended event. With more and more offerings in the learning space (from LMS’, to apps and games and even AR/VR) it’s important to be able to discern which solutions – and importantly which combination of solutions – is right for your business, and it’s easy to get bamboozled.

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Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Looking back at 2013. What is coming in 2014

Learning Cafe

We discuss: Panel Discussion 1- CLO Forum. Business drivers for Learning in 2013. Panel Discussion 2 – Consultants Forum. Influences changing the business model of Learning. Ran own consulting business for 10 years and consulted to organisations including DDI, Westpac, ANZ, BOC Gases and others. Business partners. The post Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Looking back at 2013. Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM AEDT.

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An Extensive Portfolio Revealed At The Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Dan Keckan

Over 100 eLearning courses on Health and Safety, Compliance, Leadership and Management, IT and Project Management, Business Skills and Customer Services are on show on Engage in Learning's stand at this year’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum.



How is L&D presently faring in leveraging its power to understand business priorities and help take the company to the next level? I believe we have strong intentions but, as an industry, we still lack some of the focus necessary to build trust with our business partners.

3 Reasons Curatr Doesn’t Have A Discussion Forum

HT2 Labs

One thing that always comes up, and we say no to, is the requirement for a discussion forum. This seems like a bit on an odd omission; we are a social learning platform but we don’t have a discussion forum? The next question that tends to come is, could we build in a discussion forum? Here’s my 3 reasons why Curatr doesn’t have a discussion forum (and never will): 1. Empty forums are an all too common occurrence in Learning Management Systems.

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Sponge gets seriously creative at LT Summer Forum

Sponge UK

Join us at Stand 13 for Europe’s most important learning event of the summer, where we’ll be championing creativity in learning to drive the success of your business

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Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Looking back at 2015. What is coming in 2016?

Learning Cafe

We discuss: Business drivers for Learning in 2015. Influences changing the business model of Learning. Learning Business partners. Learning Cafe Events Learning Cafe Webinar Learning Cafe Workplace Trends ForumThursday, December 10, 2015 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Sydney. Our final online panel discussion for 2015 and it is not be missed.

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Distributor Training- A Vital Component that decides Business Growth


Distributors are an important channel of sales in your business. Training drives upsells and is a crucial component for business growth. Distributors can connect over various online forums, social groups, communities to discuss and understand products better.

Why the Workplace Digital Divide Matters

Learning Rebels

They demonstrate leadership in all areas of the business by addressing three missing cultural links: Technology education through data Communication, and collaboration Having a North Star connection to people and business results.

10 Best LMS For Small Business


million small businesses in the U.S., of all businesses in the country. So what can small businesses do to overcome these challenges? With that as the basis, in this post, I’ll discuss everything you want to know about a learning management system or LMS for small businesses.

MOOCs for Employee Learning – The Mechanics – Online Forum

Learning Cafe

We cover: How to Build a Business Case – Jeevan Joshi – Producer, Learning Cafe. Sunder’s articles on workplace learning have appeared in Indian & International media including The Economic Times, Hindu Business Line, Times Ascent, National HRD Newsletter and The post MOOCs for Employee Learning – The Mechanics – Online Forum appeared first on Learning Cafe. Thursday, November 7, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM AEST (Sydney).

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How Can You Start Your Own eLearning Business In 2021


Considering these data, there is no wonder more and more businesses are planning on how to start an eLearning business. . But, it’s not enough to have a billion-dollar innovative idea to establish an eLearning business. But, how to set up an eLearning business?

The Employee Engagement Crisis. Can L&D Provide Solutions? – Online Forum

Learning Cafe

Interestingly the same report identified Learning as a business-critical priority for increasing skills, improving the leadership pipeline, and enhancing employee engagement and retention. April 23 , 12 – 1 PM Sydney , Register. Overview. Bersin Deloitte 2015 Human Capital Trends Report has identified employee engagement and culture as the #1 issue worldwide.

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5 Ways a business LMS supports learner engagement


Now, the measures businesses took during the pandemic have cemented it as the new normal of corporate L&D. Here are some tips for making sure that your business LMS supports learner engagement. The post 5 Ways a business LMS supports learner engagement appeared first on MATRIX Blog.

Success Formula for Discussion Forums in Financial Services

Tony Karrer

I received a question this week related to Discussion Forums for Knowledge Sharing at Capital City Bank : I successfully launched a discussion forum for a small group of lending assistants within my bank. That forum is still up and running. Since that time, I have attempted to introduce the discussion forum tool to two other work groups within the bank but I have not been very successful.

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5 Top Takeaways From Learning Technologies Summer Forum 16

Unicorn Training

Despite the weather feeling a little more like October than June, today was the annual Learning Technologies Summer Forum event at Kensington Olympia. Quality of content ought to be led by a sphere beyond what we might traditionally consider the business of ‘elearning’.2 2 Disruption is talked about more than it is done Ask any learning company to talk about their business in strategic or forward-thinking terms and they’ll mention disruption.

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Top Tips from Unicorn Client Forum

Unicorn Training

Integrated, simplicity, ease of use, all in one place – these were the key themes that kept coming to the fore as Unicorn held its third Client Forum in London yesterday. In 2010 T&C was moved into L&D section to get away from the ‘tick box’ nature of compliance towards a more personal, professional and business development approach. The forum is also searchable and if a client still needs help, their query gets flagged automatically with help desk.

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Focus on skills: Why apprenticeships are the future for business

CLO Magazine

However, for growing businesses, the benefits of apprenticeships are becoming apparent. Here we look at how businesses are benefiting from apprentices, and how they can grow in the future. Growing skills and businesses.

Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Looking back at 2013. What is coming in 2014

Learning Cafe

We discuss: Business drivers for Learning in 2013. Influences changing the business model of Learning. Learning Business partners. Learning Cafe Events Learning Cafe Webinar Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Sydney. Our final online panel discussion for 2013 and it is not be missed.

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Present Business Schools Are Teaching Yesterday’s Expertise! Why?

Your Training Edge

At moments like this, one might even imagine that business schools are becoming the sources for technology innovation, with professors eagerly waiting to master new technologies that are emerging. The business schools of today are more keen on learning and researching 20 th -century management principles. Organizations are getting connected; business strategy framework is being framed for better business outcomes.

Drivers of Yammer use in the corporate sector

E-Learning Provocateur

The front runner is business champions. These enthusiastic users encourage the use of Yammer with their colleagues across the business. Intrinsic motivation is obvious to anyone who knows the saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” In other words, you can unleash your business champions and push all the promotion you like, but if the individuals who comprise your target audience lack a collaborative attitude, they won’t use Yammer.

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Pros and Cons of Facebook Groups for Your Business


Does it make sense for you to use it in your business? Sometimes it isn’t the business but customers themselves make the group. After spending a bit of time in this Facebook group and others I have really started to think about the impact these groups have on a business. You can use these to help decide if using a Facebook Group is the right decision for your business. businessFacebook Groups have risen in popularity recently.

Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Supporting Performance with Learning

Learning Cafe

Belinda Liu – Global Head of Talent and Learning Operations, Standard Chartered Bank - Strategic learning and development professional who has worked in financial services, business consulting, transportation, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and social services. Date : 11th October, Thursday 12 pm – 1 pm, EST /Sydney. Hear experienced practioners talk about how learning is is morphing into performance support.

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Desperate Need to Reinvent the L&D professional in Australia – Online Forum

Learning Cafe

The L&D profession is facing stress in Australia bought about reduced budgets, outsourcing, increased speed of business and the impact of technology. We cogitate on the skills needed to ensure L&D professionals keep themselves in demand including digital and business skills. Derek had enjoyed the last 3 years, when a combination of budget cuts and implementing e-Learning had challenged him to design and deliver learning that deliver quicker and better value to the business.

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eLearning Business – The Ultimate Guide to Setup An Online Education Business


Starting an eLearning business? And this has made every aspiring individual come up with the idea of starting an e-learning business. In this read, we’ve covered almost everything you need to start an online course business. What Does e-Learning Business Mean?

Learning Technologies Summer Forum: Microlearning, Our Thoughts

Unicorn Training

We had a great time at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum (LTSF), Kensington Olympia yesterday. The day was jam packed with a busy conference schedule, over 30 seminars and an exhibition. At our recent client forum we talked about 'mobile moments' and how mobile learning needs to fit into people’s lives in a way they are already familiar with.

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Learning is Everybody’s Business

Origin Learning

Learning is Everybody Business. An employee has just completed his/her appraisal, and must immediately get to work on some strong feedback by the appraiser that his/her Business Communication Skills are not up to mark and this lacuna is visibly affecting the work – both within his/her own team and relationships with his/her customers. In three months time, the employee will be again appraised specifically on his/her Business Communication skills.

Unicorn User Forums Help Buck Industry LMS Trend

Unicorn Training

[caption id="attachment_2238" align="alignleft" width="300"] Unicorn's Lucy Cartlidge presents at the last Unicorn Client Forum in October 2012[/caption] Early data from the latest elearnity ‘Learning Technologies Customer Satisfaction Survey’ suggests at least a THIRD of organisations aren’t making a positive impact with their LMSs. Many of our clients have developed their SkillsServe platforms in unique and innovative ways to bring greater business benefits through improved efficiency.

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Crossword Help Forum - Discuss and Solve Crosswords Online

E-learning Uncovered

Provides business strategy, brand architecture, creative development, cross-platform media strategy and planning, social media strategy, and performance reporting and

How automation can streamline the role of L&D professionals

CLO Magazine

Right now our workforce faces a “ double-disruption ,” according to the World Economic Forum. If unaddressed, your company won’t have the internal talent modern business demands. Investing in an HCMS with automation requires building a business case for change.

Increased Engagement, Knowledge Retention, and Business Revenues: Gaining a Competitive Edge through Extended Learning Management Systems


Another benefit of extended learning is that enterprises can effectively manage their external workforce and help them achieve business goals. It is crucial for businesses to familiarize their potential customers on how to use a new product, to ensure optimal product usage and increased demands. A wide array of social learning tools, including wikis, blogs, and forums utilized so that other learners can share ideas, learn more, and gain expertise.