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How INNOVATION Is Driving Today’s Workplaces


THE QUOTE: “ Survival requires continual innovation, and at the core is learning faster than everyone else. ” – Clark Quinn (Learning Technology Strategist). THE JOURNEY: Innovation is driving today’s businesses and workplaces around the world.



Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative e-learning solutions, has won the ‘Training & Development Leadership Awards’ under the ‘Innovation in Learning Services’ category from Global T&D Congress. The prestigious awards recognize leaders and frontrunners in the learning field, and to be awarded by the Global T&D Congress is truly an honor”, says Ravi Pratap Singh, Co-founder of Learnnovators. Chennai (India).

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The Innovation Award

CLO Magazine

The Innovation Award is for learning executives who have marshaled resources and applied innovative practices, processes and/or technologies in a new and groundbreaking way to address a significant business or organizational opportunity.

The Changing Facet Of Aviation Training – The Digital Innovation


In addition, simulations for airspace and warfare projects for personnel were amongst the first innovations. Few innovations that have changed the facet of aviation workplace training include the following: ? Aviation Training- Digitize & Reimagine Your Business.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. Innovative content. assessments that reinforce the learning objectives, and are interactive, varied, stimulating, and (where. As a busy L&D professional, you want to spend more. to add extra interactivity to your pages.

Innovative practice

Learning with e's

I love to visit innovative schools to talk to children and teachers about how they use technology, and Taupaki School fits that description. They were also busy writing up their experiences and what they had learnt, to share with their teachers, friends and parents.

The Innovation Award

CLO Magazine

For learning executives who have marshaled resources and applied innovative practices, processes. and/or technologies in a new and groundbreaking way to address a significant business or organizational opportunity. Learning in Practice Awards 2016.

Excellence in Technology Innovation

CLO Magazine

The company moved from multiple business segments that manage multiple brands to one singular Newell that managed them. This major structural change unified the company, which developed a single business strategy across all brands: the Growth Game Plan.

5 ways elearning can support business change

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Increasingly, the degree to which businesses can adapt positively and quickly to change is driving their success. The latest Global CEO survey by PwC sheds some light. Learning innovation Businesses that are digitally transforming their learning are seeing results.

Excellence in Technology Innovation

CLO Magazine

Recognizes vendors that have rolled out an innovative learning technology for a client such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, apps, video, social collaboration toolsor games and simulations. out of 5 for delivery and user interaction, and 4.81

Becoming a Social Business – Beyond Culture Change


Over the past few years, the need to become a social business and to promote enterprise-wide collaboration have taken hold in many organizations. We have become accustomed to blaming the culture of an organization for the failure of any initiative, and more so when the change calls for redefining and re-imagining how people work and interact. The assumption is that doing business is akin to waging war and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How can an LMS help deploy learning courses in global organizations?


In the age of technology and constant innovations, online training has become a game changer in corporate training programs by allowing realtime changes and constant updation of training course content as per the business needs of organizations.

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The benefits of business simulation

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Business simulations allow learners to interact with a realistic version of their work environment. Business simulations seek to put the learner in a realistic scenario that they will encounter in their work life. Mirror real business challenges in your simulation story.

SaaS vs custom eLearning solution: How to Start an Online Tutoring Business?


If you have masters in the skills and want to teach and explore in an extensively profitable way, then be thankful for the online platforms which make it so easy to start your own online tutoring business. How to start your own tutoring business? What are you really good at?

5 Reasons Why an Extended Enterprise LMS is Right for Your Business

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Creating an active community of your partners, customers, members or learners is the ultimate goal of extended enterprise learning because each new interaction with learners costs nothing, but has an incremental impact. Innovation in Learning elearning Extended Enterprise LMS Mobile

Cross-Cultural Mentorship for the Global Economy


As businesses become increasingly global, it is critical for their leaders to have the cultural know-how to effectively manage team members from around the world. Pair people who would not normally interact with each other at work.

IBM: Driving Innovation

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To stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, IBM leverages learning to continually hone global workforce skills. The company’s answer is to nurture a strong link between learning and business strategies. “Our learning interventions are fundamentally related to creating business impact,” said Frank Persico, IBM’s vice president of learning.

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HT2 Labs Announce Shortlist for the Learning Locker® Awards for Innovation

HT2 Labs

For the first time at HT2 Labs, success stories among the global Learning Locker® community are to be celebrated with the Learning Locker® Open Source Awards 2019. After years of collaboration from organizations and vendors across the world, these awards will recognize innovation and creativity alongside a successful implementation of both Open Source and Enterprise editions of the Learning Locker® Learning Record Store (LRS). CDSM Interactive LTD. CDSM Interactive LTD.

Unleash the Impact of Body Language on Business Outcome: PART 1

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Innovation was at its peak. But, it was the effective campaign of Barack Obama that led to a paradigm shift globally as far as the use of social media as a strategic tool is concerned. Corporate learning General Business Body Language Business Etiquette

How to Fuel Innovation

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Innovative learning organizations can merge business and people information to provide diverse, consumable learning within the context of daily work and use technology to support real-time collaboration. In the same vein, a June 2012 report from the McKinsey Global Institute in Washington predicts that employers worldwide could face a shortage of 85 million workers with high- and midlevel skills by 2020. Merge business and people information to guide actions.

Development Drives Innovation and Revenue

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As one of the largest providers of commercial refrigeration in North America, Hillphoenix leaders find it important to be on the front lines of new product innovation.

Unleash the Impact of Body Language on Business Outcome: PART 1

Origin Learning

Innovation was at its peak. But, it was the effective campaign of Barack Obama that led to a paradigm shift globally as far as the use of social media as a strategic tool is concerned. Corporate learning General Business Body Language Business Etiquette

Community Learning—Your Business Skills Can Help Emerging Leaders


Our future leaders are instinctively more innovative. Leader Networks, a research and development firm, conducted a study called The Social Mind which found that professionals spend nearly 40 percent of their time online interacting in peer-to-peer communities.


ICS Learning

Going Global? It may have initially been true that the latter of those two principles attracted the majority of attention as the burgeoning industry focused on technological innovations. However, the ability to develop custom, high quality e-learning content is fast becoming the priority and therefore educational innovations must keep up with those of technological importance. 2] Lost in Translation – interacting with other cultures. [3]

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Automation is out; Innovation is in! How will L&D address this?

ID Reflections

One reason could be ( probably is) that creativity and innovation seem heretical, unmanageable and un-measurable, a manager's nightmare. What the business world needs to understand and accept is that the measuring of productivity by hours is a thing of the past.

ReviewLink Online Course Review Tool Goes Global


ReviewLink Online Course Review Tool Goes Global. To learn how ReviewLink provides innovative solutions for online course review , please visit: ReviewLink. Flash Animations and Interactions. Social Learning and Social Business. Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA.

Wish You Could Search Within a Video? Use an Interactive Transcript!

3Play Media

Whether it’s for business, entertainment, or educational purposes, an interactive transcript allows viewers to search within a video, bringing forth an innovative approach to how we engage with content. Interactive Transcript. Benefits of an Interactive Transcript.

AI and Learning Systems: Is This Combo as Great and Powerful as it Seems?

Talented Learning

No organization can afford to overlook innovation indefinitely. But first, lets look at what other sources say… AI Trends In Business. ” Instead, they say it’s more effective to embrace AI for its ability to augment human decision making and interactions.

Pearson Partners with mLevel to Increase Student Engagement in Business Education


Partnership Integrates Learning Games With Business Course Content to Produce Higher Retention. Pearson today announced an exclusive partnership in the Business Higher Education sector with mLevel, which develops programs that enhance learning through interactive, game-based experiences, to increase student engagement in business education courses. Our new partnership with mLevel accelerates innovation in the Business curriculum in a number of ways.

Unifying Communication Between Departments

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Global Workplace Analytics reports that approximately 20 to 25 percent of the global workforce works remotely at some frequency and employees are not at their desk 50 to 60 percent of the time. Performance Management communication Global Workplace Analytics Igloo Software

Digital Video: 10 Ways to Experience Modern Learning Live and On-Demand

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Not surprisingly, all of this video adoption is rapidly changing business applications – including training. Also in demand today are communication tools that facilitate collaborative learning — particularly peer-to-peer student interactions and student/instructor communication.

Transform Unused Learning Data Into Valuable Business Predictors

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It’s no surprise that the world’s most innovative companies are already leveraging this data and the insights it provides to drive engagement and profit. Sales: T-Mobile combines customer transaction and interaction data to predict customer fluctuations.

Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Bob Little is a writer , commentator and publicist who works globally, specializing in the corporate online learning industry. Join us on this exciting journey as we engage with thought leaders and learning innovators to see what the future of our industry looks like. As the Senior Partner of Bob Little Press & PR , you have been providing business-to-business public relations (PR) services to many organizations in the ‘learning’ and ‘learning technologies’ industry for years.

7 Shocking Ways the Internet of Things Has Changed e-Learning Process

Your Training Edge

In that case, it’s safe to say that none of the innovations will lack IoT attached to them. “ The needs for student mobility, emerging tech innovations, and many other factors have caused a radical changed in the education industry. Simply put, eLearning is taking education globally.

Engineering the Future: Linking Learning and Performance Management to Drive Business Outcomes

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Decades of declining birth rates have resulted in a global talent shortage of more than 85 million people 1. Notably, McKinsey found that 82 percent of executives at companies with annual revenues exceeding $100 million see reskilling as critical to business success in the next five years 4.