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6 Effective Ways To Increase Employee Productivity


For all the improvements in communications, business IT, collaboration tools and technology in general, running a productive team remains as hard as it ever was. If anything, it might even be more hard, since we not only have tons of new distractions to tempt us, let they who have not checked their Facebook at work cast the first stone, but we have also invented tons of novel technology-enabled busy work. Generally, avoid anything that might encourage needless busy work.

Come Together

Jay Cross

The use of instant messaging migrated from high school to corporate life. For example, bloggers may not communicate well with IM users. She revealed that 40 percent of CLOs do not tie metrics to business performance; 40 percent or less allocate their budget to support business initiatives; and 70 percent could not provide an example of a great CLO in action, driving performance. Come Together, Right Now. Jay Cross.

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