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A 7-step guide for eLearning Modernization

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Do they prefer daily doses of online training fitted into their busy lives? Cut Down the Text These days, every instant messaging app has an option to make phone calls and send voice notes. Offer As-Needed Access People have different learning patterns.

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How Micro-Learning Boosts “At the Moment Performance” - Tip #114

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Donald Sull describes active inertia as “an organization’s tendency to follow established patterns of behavior—even in response to dramatic environmental shifts.” It was faster for me to use Monosnap, a tool that allows me to instantly capture screens, annotate them and get a URL.

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Building a Performance Ecosystem

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Dan Pontefract, head of learning and collaboration at Telus, has gone beyond courses to include coaching and job aids, micro-blogging, community forums, instant messaging and virtual worlds. Human brains are good at pattern matching and extracting meaning, and bad at rote performance and keeping complex intermediate steps in mind. As a strategic solution, pay serious attention to the investment business case.

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The accelerating rate of change in business forces everyone in every organization to make a choice: learn while you work or become obsolete. Facility for online discussion, instant messaging, video conferencing. They use the same networks and social media as the business itself.

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