Digital platforms have global impact on competition policy

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Digital platforms have global impact on competition policy. USA Competition policy in the US is currently governed by a group of antitrust laws including the Sherman Act, Federal Trade Commission Act, and Clayton Act. This, in conjunction with the digital and market analysis conducted by the Department of Justice, is expected to result in new regulatory strategies relating to online advertising and other tactics being used by big businesses to sway customer choice.

Why is ADA Training Critical to Your Business?


But obstacles that seem minor can be insurmountable for someone with a disability, resulting in frustration, aggravation and a loss of valuable customers and employees for businesses. Yet, ADA compliance can seem nebulous for businesses. What does it mean for you and your business?

How E-Learning Can Help Your Business Grow


Efficient training is a key factor in determining the smooth operation of any company and a precondition of a successful business growth. In order to be efficient, they need to be properly translated and localized in accordance to the specifications of the particular learner’s location.

Enhance Data Privacy Compliance with Multi-Version Privacy Policies in Docebo


As of April 28, 2018, administrators using Docebo’s learning management system (LMS) can create customized privacy policies for users to accept when they register or log into the platform, establishing and assigning multi-version policies to specific users. Managing Sub-Policies.

Dysfunctional Practices Lead to Post-MBA Sponsorship Retention Woes

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First, organizations don’t create a centralized, coordinated policy to integrate EMBA sponsorship into the grooming process for promising managers. Instead, they allow uncoordinated, localized decisions regarding this support to be done in a hodge-podge and inconsistent manner.

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e-learning for local governments with eFrontPro


While tons of businesses and organizations of all kinds and stripes have embraced e-learning as the way forward for training their staff, there are still niche fields that have yet to join the revolution (except for a few pioneers). Local government is one of them.

Taking Your Training Business Global


Taking Your Training Business Global. This will most definitely add a degree of complexity to your Training Business. With a global rollout, you will likely choose to view your training business regionally. Localization.

Online business training: When it’s a must and how to make it awesome


Why do you need online business training? Are they too busy? There is a significant amount of content to be delivered to a large number of learners : Is the content related to latest policy or a mandatory practice ? Don’t forget, though, to make sure you work with an instructional designer to create the right training material to create an awesome business training online. Are they very busy in their management and senior positions?

Create A Social Learning Culture With Origin Konnect

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Many businesses today operate in multiple locations and often with different business segments. Creation of a BYOD Open Device Policy: In case you don’t have a policy of supplying computers/ tablets to employees, a BYOD policy is created.

eLearning and Documentation: To Translate or not to Translate. That is the Question!

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by Jen Weaver  As global reach expands and local diversity increases, interactions with coworkers, employees, or clients bring us in contact with those who speak different languages. Determine your budget for translation in light of the desired results and your business needs.

7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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While Coursera and others offer MOOCs covering business and management topics that are relevant across the enterprise, it’s important to realise that other topics (such as statistics, law and IT) may also be relevant to particular teams.

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Why Is Title VI Compliance Training So Important?


There are a large number of educational agencies that receive funds: 50 state education and vocational rehabilitation agencies, 17,000 local education systems, 4,700 colleges and universities, and other institutions, including libraries and proprietary schools. In 1963, President John F.

10 Awesome Training Engagement Techniques from the Last Year

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The spreadsheet would calculate totals and overages in real time, allowing the learner to not only practice using the tool, but gave them practice following organizational policies regarding project budgets. What Made It Cool: Policy Look-up Knowledge Checks.

Podcast 13: High-Stakes Compliance Training Trends – With Bill Mastin of NetDimensions

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And even digital services companies like Facebook are starting to face regulatory challenges, as a result of Congress examining their business practices. But there’s also a significant operational business risk in healthcare. It’s actually very good policy.

How to Create Employee Engagement with E-Learning  


Engaged employees will be more productive and the overall results for the business will be positive. Such employees are much more engaged and motivated to assist the growth of the business and promote their workplace in order to attract more engaged employees.

6 Steps to Being Happy at Work in 2019


Make your workspace your own while staying within company policies for these personal touches. Plan to treat yourself during the weekend – see a movie, take a mini staycation at a local bed and breakfast, try a new restaurant.

Improve Compliance Training Results With the Right LMS Strategy

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Whether you’re enforcing industry regulations, local or federal laws, or workplace policies, effective training stems from a strong learning culture reinforced by the right learning management system.

Ten Things Top Companies Do Right for their Employees


Meaningfulness —Employees derive meaning from their work and how it affects not only them, but also the local and global communities. Ethics —Visible policies that demonstrate a company’s strong values. Limit unnecessary personnel policies. Overdone policies and procedures.

Extended Enterprise Compliance: Mapping the Ecosystem

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Insurance and Procurement Records – Proof of minimum and mandatory insurance coverage , as well as other hiring-related documents such as W-9 tax forms, business licenses and special certifications for veterans, minorities and other relevant affiliations.

Is Microlearning Effective for Corporate Training?


Regardless of the type of the business, all employees need to be trained in a coherent way in order to perform properly. No matter if we talk about induction, follow-up training or introduction of new policies and practices, corporate training is an essential part of the company life.

The Best of Disaster Management: 4 Lessons from Kilauea


Residents, businesses and first responders are scrambling to save what they can before getting out of the way. For the rest of us, the eruption is an important reminder to review and update our business continuity plans. Business disruptions come in many forms. Earthquakes.

3 Ways Managers Can Relieve Holiday Stress


Founder and CEO of LeadMD, a marketing and sales consultancy firm, Justin Gray springs for an annual holiday weekend at a local resort instead of an office party. Then, the company hosts a casual lunch at a local restaurant for any employees who wish to attend, as well as their families.

Amazon Decides to Split HQ2 to Handle Tech Talent Shortages


The increase in the number of locations will disperse this demand across two communities so that the local populaces can more readily fulfill Amazon’s talent requirements. Consequently, trying to hire 50,000 workers in one community would strain local labor and housing markets. But with the way our immigration policy is headed, both in the laws and the posture, we’ve frighten away a lot.”.

The Link Between BYOD and Increased Productivity


IBM MobileFirst gives an excellent definition of BYOD: “ Bring your own device (BYOD) is an IT policy where employees are allowed or encouraged to use their personal mobile devices—and, increasingly, notebook PCs—to access enterprise data and systems.

Is Your Training Path Full of Traffic Lights (Instead of Roads)?


Did you notice the reactions of the locals? In the volatile business climate we’re all enduring, maybe this is the time and place to ask ourselves: A re we building traffic lights or are we building roads? Some food for thought: Is your training path full of traffic lights?

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How to Manage Finances While Embracing the Gig Economy


When she’s not writing, she volunteers for a number of local mental health charities and also has a menagerie of pets to look after. Couple this with an actual retirement policy then you are sure to have covered most of the requirements for personal financial success. Business Performance Leadership and Development Talent Management finances for freelancers finances in the gig economy freelance finance future of work gig economyThis guest post was written by Jackie Edwards.

Stop Wasting Time With Bad Onboarding

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Earlier this month, we looked at an eLearning course we did for a local Park District, and focused on how you could draw some inspiration to make your policy training more engaging. As is the case in many industries, our local Park District hired tons of seasonal help.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace


Communicate clear anti-harassment policy. Seek legal counsel on your anti-harassment policy to ensure that it complies with all local, state, and federal laws. It’s best practice to ensure that the policy is in the employee handbook and every employee has a copy. It is also effective to review the policy as a team to ensure that it has been understood as well as to print out the policy and post in a commonly seen area in the office, such as a break room or restroom.

Making BYOD Work: Benefits And Best Practices

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Here’s why a BYOD policy could be an excellent investment for training, learning and development: Lower costs. A BYOD policy allows organizations to drastically cut down on costs of e-learning or m-learning since they can use their personal devices for professional work as well.

My Own Online Content – MOOC Modified


We Indians are into this uncanny habit of localizing everything to suit our palate. Of course it’s obvious for businesses and services to modify their offerings as per market demands especially in a consumer driven economy. So haven’t you heard of Indian Chinese cuisine?

The Skills Lifecycle Part 1: Alignment and the New HR


My local gas station is patrolled by a robot security guard. According to Deloitte’s Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age , business adapts to technological change at half the rate we do in our personal lives.

The Best of Both Worlds: LMS for Learners and Trainers


These individuals spend their time making major decisions for their companies, hiring and firing employees, establishing policies and procedures, etc. Business owners can keep their learners/employees on-track and engaged with an LMS by training them on its proper use.

Using Integrity and Compliance to Create a Culture of Ethics

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Creating a culture of ethics is essential in the modern business world. In addition, they also keep businesses in compliance with legal obligations to provide such training. However, it is important to ensure that any anonymous reporting method aligns with local laws.

Starting young: learning entrepreneurship


Figure 1: Entrepreneurship skills are a greater barrier to business creation for youth Percentage of population who responded “yes” to the question: “Do you have the knowledge and skills to start a business?”,

May I Borrow Your Job?

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A local government in Virginia had the same leadership development and talent challenges as any large organization. He removed policies making it difficult to change jobs and he actively encouraged employees to seek change.

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