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Also find out if they are certified with Safe Harbor. uh, Safe Harbor only applies if you are in Europe). Let me guess – business is good? Maybe ASTD can learn a few things here – cause they never seem to solve the same issues, year after year. Well back to another expo conference installment – this time it is DevLearn Day 1.

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eLearning 24-7

Making their system easier to use for all learners, including ADA 508 compliance (which many do not have), possibly PENS which is a great benefit to admins (on a side note), Safe Harbor certified for Europe (again, many are not), boosting mobile capabilities. If you have a Mac no need to worry, I haven’t seen any issues with Safari and accessing SaaS LMSs. Which is why I always say this to any vendor, every customer is important, every business deal is too.

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I discussed a bit of these issues in First Thoughts After ASTD Sessions. Safe Harbor Statements - Clearly mark pages that are controlled and approved vs. those that are not. Honey Pots - Create pages that people are likely to update such as Common Support Issues, FAQ, etc. I've not really seen good examples of business cases (future ROI) for using these tools. I can safely say that I have gotten nothing out of the site.

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