How Can Businesses Ensure Cloud Platform Security?

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Over the last decade, organizations around the globe have increasingly embraced cloud applications in order to innovate, transform their business, manage costs and handle their increased workload. Applications that automate various business functions such as HR management, sales processes, file sharing, and collaboration are growing fast, enabling companies to meet their needs in a shorter time frame. How to ensure cloud platform security for your business?

Securing Your Online Certification Program


When it comes to your certification program, you probably have a lot to think about before you start thinking about data security. However, that’s not how most security attacks work. While some high-profile organizations are targeted, many hackers are simply looking for systems with weak security. Security attacks have many goals, from ransomware attacks to stealing user information. Pay attention to PCI compliance issues.

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #04

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Ideal for business presentations, sales pitches and phone calls. Complete and secure collaborative platform – Twake Be more productive with Twake : the collaborative work platform to organize and manage all your projects on a single platform. App of the Week.

Issue 52

Hosted Services Exaggerate WordPress “Issues”


WordPress and WordPress LMS plugins represent a competitive segment to their business. 2: WordPress is NOT Less Secure. Hosted platforms like to claim that using WordPress is less secure. The truth is that using WordPress makes it possible that you do something to make your site less secure (such as installing a vulnerable plugin). If you use some random $2.00/mo hosting provider, then yes your site isn’t probably as secure as it could be.

OpenSesame announces partnership with Real Projects to expand business skills and information security course library


Global 2000 can now leverage critical training to improve business skills and information security in their organizations. The post OpenSesame announces partnership with Real Projects to expand business skills and information security course library appeared first on OpenSesame.

5 Cyber Security Threats to Businesses in 2019


2018 was ‘ the year of privacy ’, raising questions across the globe about the security of sensitive information. With the rate of cyber security incidents increasing by a staggering 33% each year , it’s an ever-pressing issue for Australian businesses. So, what are the key cyber security threats to consider in 2019, and how can your team be empowered to respond effectively? cyber security strategy compliance

Don’t be like Zoom… (3 Application Security Considerations During the COVID-19 Outbreak)

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Because surely a global video-conferencing application would be secure, right? Mischief makers with nothing better to do caused severe disruptions by intruding on business, academics, healthcare, and personal conferences. But the underlying issues, and their implications, are far more serious. Zoom’s existing (and unaddressed) privacy and security vulnerabilities were found and exploited by mischief-makers. We’re talking about issues like: SQL Injection; .

The 5 Most Essential LMS Security Features


Whether you’re doing online corporate training or selling commercial training courses, the security of your eLearning portal is something you should take very seriously. In this post, we examine the five most essential online security features and explain how they apply to your LMS. LMS security features to demand from your eLearning vendor. Security capabilities. In a few weeks, companies will be liable for security breaches under European law.

Is Your Business Data Really Worth Keeping?

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Daniel is an author, speaker, blogger and educator who works with leading technology brands to help businesses around the world embrace the benefits of digital transformation. Business Data: Blessing and Curse. For business, data is the lifeblood of digital transformation. But too much data can actually bog your company down – leaving it vulnerable to security breaches and hindering your ability to make quick, informed decisions.

Don't panic - security breaches


Understanding where your department sits on the security spectrum. Do you know what questions to ask to protect yourself or when investing in security software? Is there a plan in place if a breach occurs, despite rigorous security measures? After listing all business assets within your company, start organizing assets by confidentially importance and outlining special measures needed to protect them. .

Handling a hack: Data security elearning

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In a connected world where data is one of the most precious resources for any business, cyber-attacks are becoming more common. Preparation There are many types of cyber security breaches. The highest profile examples tend to be outside agents attacking or stealing secure data, but perhaps more common are simple lapses in protocol or mistakes in securing data. With a good induction programme in place you can encourage new starters to take data security seriously.

Is BYOD Right for Your Business?

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With compatibility issues to tackle on top of looming security risks, BYOD may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Particularly in an eLearning environment with mobile learning , these factors threaten business communication and have the potential to disrupt training operations in a big way. So before your business takes the BYOD plunge, consider these pros and cons. With any number of different devices being used in the workplace, compatibility becomes an issue.

Handling the Security Challenges of E-Learning and Online Training


Handling the Security Challenges of E-Learning and Online Training. Security is an issue for your company whenever there is data involved, especially if the information in question is available online. Often, however, not enough attention is paid to data security when developing e-learning courses. This is changing as organisations in Dubai realise security challenges exist with e-learning so then take steps to address them. Provide Security Advice to Learners.

How to secure the health and longevity of your company


In its absence, innovation is stifled and your business stagnates. Workforce Success secures the health and longevity of your company. To obtain new knowledge, ideas and skills that will give your business a competitive advantage, employees need to be challenged and receive new information in a repeated and consistent manner over time. Creating a plan The appropriate plan of action for your organisation will differ based on individual business needs. The secret?

Coaching Means Business


“In the moment” coaching delivers real, tangible business results. If people don’t associate taking a coaching approach to day-to-day business challenges with making a positive, impactful difference that will hit the bottom line, they probably aren’t going to do too much of it. You will need to take a coaching approach to illuminating how coaching positively impacts business results. Curious to see other positive business results from “in the moment” coaching?

Visionary Integration Professionals Secures Morgan Stanley Investment


VIP is an industry-leading technology firm providing tech-enabled business solutions, IT managed services, and management consulting serving both government and commercial customers nationwide. VIP partners with its clients to deploy systems that align people, processes and technology to deliver business results and accelerate strategic change. The post Visionary Integration Professionals Secures Morgan Stanley Investment appeared first on Meridian Knowledge Solutions.

Business Succession Planning


Would your business still be able to attract potential customers? What will happen to your employees if the business fails? There are so many questions to be answered to run a successful business even after you retire. Hence building a Business Succession Plan is crucial to giving security and assurance to your organization as well as your other stakeholders. Imagine you are the CEO of a company and have worked hard to build a successful organization.

The role of L&D in developing a culture of security at work


Almost every business today is reliant upon some form of connected information technology (IT) — whether it’s an integral aspect of the company itself, or as a minor tool to facilitate online communication. This can be a great tool in the potential success of our businesses, but by closely embracing digital devices we are also embracing a vulnerability to cybercrime. It seems strange, then, that security is often something of an afterthought for many companies.

This Week on #TalkTech: Making Your Own Games, Versal, and Blackberry’s ‘Secure Work Space’

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Could BlackBerry’s new security platform give a final push to the corporate world to switch iOS and Android? . BlackBerry’s new “Secure Work Space” platform will allow corporate-issued iOS and Android devices to operate in two modes: personal and business. BlackBerry launches iPhone and Android security platform. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.

Security for WordPress Websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence Security Plugin


Learn about security for WordPress websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence security plugin in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Kathy shares her story of entering the WordPress security space and several tips and tricks for online course creators to help protect their platforms. Security is incredibly important. For many online course creators their website is their business. Website security is like an insurance plan.

Top 10 Cloud Management Tools for Your Business

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The cloud computing industry has been growing steadily over the years, and with its evolution, businesses are adapting and becoming more agile. There are various cloud management tools out there to choose from for your business, but here are the top ones.

NEWS: Highest Information Security Tick For Unicorn

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This new standard has been brought in to reflect the changing demands of IS security in the face of challenges and threats that did not exist in 2005.This is the last year that firms can get the old standard - all ISO27001 audited businesses have to upgrade to the new standard but Unicorn opted to get ahead of the curve by upgrading a year early.

Securing Buy-In For Your Own Ideas


Knowing how to secure buy-in for your ideas at work is an incredibly useful skill. says, “The trick for me is to identify the centers of influence around the issue I was to address and meet with them first. Securing buy-in on a small scale before turning to the decision maker adds momentum to your idea. When anyone sees multiple people in agreement on an issue,” John M. says, “it tends to lend credibility to that issue and makes them more likely to agree.”.

Bank of England Urges Security Hike

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With the Financial Services sector still reeling from the $81 million cyber heist involving Bank Bangladesh earlier this year, the second attack highlighted the growing need for increased cyber security across the industry.With news that the Bank of England recently issued a request to all UK banks to redouble their security efforts when it came to all computers connected to the SWIFT messaging network, it’s obvious that cyber-crime is a very real threat to institutions across the board.

The Nature of Business Tribes

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In business, tribes are often social groups linked by a leader, shared purpose or goal, common culture or organizational boundary. Belonging to a tribe in business can infuse hope among team members and awaken collaborative instincts. Businesses can either become victims of this force or leverage tribal instinct for maximum business performance. As such, how leaders tell the story of a business has tremendous impact on how individuals create meaning and come together.

3 Problems COVID-19 Created for Corporations (and How eLearning Helps)


Because it came on suddenly and with a vengeance, the global health crisis severely impacted corporations’ bottom lines, levels of information security, employees, and more. The good news is that eLearning can be instrumental in helping organizational leaders overcome these issues. Business Performance COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic has caused problems for organizations worldwide.

How to Find The Best Cloud Solutions Provider for Your Business

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Most businesses today are gradually moving to the cloud to reduce costs, streamline workflows and eliminate the need for in-house IT hardware and personnel. One of the biggest perks for enterprises shifting to the cloud is that they can focus on their core business functions while their cloud solutions provider takes care of all cloud maintenance activities such as tackling IT concerns, support, backup and security. Loss of revenue due to disruption in business activities.

6 Time Management Issues And Fixes For Trainers


Time is the one asset of any business that we simply cannot get more of. eLearning time management is a critical issue that needs proactive action. A good example of a time mismanagement issue caused by trainers is when learners retreat from a course due to information overload. Trainers need to contact learners who face this kind of issue personally and reassure them. The post 6 Time Management Issues And Fixes For Trainers appeared first on eFront Blog.

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Securing A Learning & Development Program: How To Convince Leadership


Most companies rate leadership ability as an issue with ‘urgent’ importance — 85%, in fact, according to this 2016 Deloitte survey. For line-of-business (LOB) leaders responsible for the time, resources, and budget of their teams, that first glance can make or break the decision to invest in employee development. If done right, you’ll open up the leadership pipeline across all levels, from front-line manager to line-of-business leader.

Mobile App Trends for 2018

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Blockchain offers a high level of security and is designed to keep information decentralized to prevent easy hacking. Apps that integrate Blockchain and allow businesses to combine the technology with their existing products/technology will gain traction. Apps that let users trade bitcoins with ease and in a secure environment will also gain popularity. Apple has its own secure digital payment system, Samsung is promoting its Samsung Pay service with extensive advertising.

Trends 214

Top 5 Cloud Management Challenges And Tips to Overcome Them

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To be able to enjoy the benefits of cloud management, businesses need to be aware of all these potential roadblocks and take effective measures to overcome cloud management challenges. . Security and Privacy . Related Read: How Can Businesses Ensure Cloud Platform Security?

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

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In the contemporariness of the globalized business landscape today, organizations face many challenging dealing with their employees. With diverse personalities in a single organization, conflicts, operation, and management issues will unavoidably erupt thus affecting performance and productivity. Even if it entails, avoiding security complains or escaping expensive lawsuits, training investments will make a vast and yet a desirable difference. . Cyber-security.

Employee systems training: A matter of security


Employee systems training: A matter of security. A lack of training may show through in a failure to employ security features.". A recent piece by Smart Data Collective contributor Rick Delgado listed some of the thorny security issues surrounding enterprise IT. A lack of training may show through in a failure to employ security features that are actually in place, rendering IT outlay wasted. Are businesses' employees helping or hurting security efforts?

Just Fired an Employee? How to Protect Your Business From Their Revenge

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An IT specialist who is familiar with how the entire infrastructure of your business has the potential to do catastrophic damage to your business. A well behaved but incompetent employee who is fired politely may not pose as much of a risk as a combative employee with a history of behavioral issues in the workplace. Train your HR employees to fire people gracefully, giving them a plan to quickly fulfill the obligations of your business.

AI-as-a-Service: The Next Big Thing in Business Tech?

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Daniel is an author, speaker, blogger and educator who works with leading technology brands to help businesses around the world embrace the benefits of digital transformation. However, there’s a big difference between recognizing that AI is the future of business and actually implementing it successfully. Data issues. For instance, 78% of organizations recently surveyed by McKinsey say that AI investments have generated significant or moderate business value.