Saffron to host webinar on Knowledge Management

Saffron Interactive

Saffron Interactive, leading innovators in the learning technologies sector, will be giving a webinar hosted by Don Taylor of the Learning & Skills Group on knowledge management on 4 September at 12pm. Revealing the shocking results of its recent survey, Saffron’s webinar will explain the shortcomings of the conventional knowledge management systems, and demonstrate how implementing semantic systems allows organisations to turn information into applicable insight.

Case Study Customer Satisfaction Survey and Response


By implementing this approach to his startups and mainstreaming it after, he made businesses all over the world focus on client-oriented business models and pushed on creating a customer dedicated service centers with the staff that outnumbers a personnel of an average company in 2017. A customer satisfaction survey is a common way for thousands of companies all over the world to reach their business goals. NPS is a Customer Satisfaction Survey Standard.


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10 Online Training Survey Questions You Must Ask


As a business owner or instructor, you invest your time , energy, and money in organizing training and learning sessions. These stats hammer home the point that businesses are spending a lot of employee training. So, obviously, such training should be measurable to business owners and trainees to see if they are effective and meet business goals. Also, you want to tie training to your business objectives. This can’t be truer than when you speak of surveys.

How Quiz Maker Can Help Businesses to Generate Leads


Today, businesses experiment with quizzes to generate leads through audience interaction and engagement. When it comes to lead generation for your business, interactive content outshines the static one. Get ready to create personality and scored quizzes or, surveys from more than 15 question types. We have 10 experts onboard to pen down their views on how businesses can grow and generate more leads by creating quizzes. Managing Director at SMESoft Inc.

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Mobile Learning: e-learningnext

ID Reflections

Increase in awareness among globally spread companies that eLearning, mLearning and online training is a way to save on training costs, provide just-in-time performance support, and improve productivity Certain key reasons why “mobile learning” via PDAs, mobile phones, MP3 players, iPod, Kindle, E-paper eReaders , and anything besides that is amenable to being carried around, will increasingly become business necessities are some of the characteristics of the work environment today: 1.

Mobile 144

AI in Practice: How Microsoft’s Project Cortex Can Change the Way You Work


A knowledge center serves as the hub for all this information—it provides you with a customized view of relevant knowledge in your organization, including trending topics, open questions, and more.

Informal learning: Why it matters to a business


The emergence of social media challenged businesses to optimize performance in many areas but what they should certainly be given credit for is making companies dependent on this viable medium beyond what they could have ever imagined. According to CARA’s 2010 Survey on social media impact, nearly 70% of what is learned in life and at work happens through informal and social learning. Strengthen knowledge. Purchasing the right LMS can do wonders for any business.

How to Choose the Right Online Quiz Tool for Your Business


It is quite disheartening for a business to find out that a quiz average conversion rate is 5 percent. You get 100 new subscribers only when 2,000 people complete your business quiz. Isn’t this number astounding for a small business? Dig in to learn how to maximise the benefits from online quizzes to your business. by creating a knowledge test). Strengthen knowledge after employee or customer training sessions. An NPS survey is a perfect example for that.

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Why You Must Document Your Workplace Scenarios

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

Get Write: Document Your Workplace Scenarios There is a simple little method you can use to help remind you about the type of workplace knowledge you should be jotting down, and I call it the P^3 (P to the 3rd Power) Method. It's a great place to start if you're not trying to overwhelm yourself with the whole concept of knowledge management. Don't go rushing into your business trying to fix everything all at once. To record the history and evolution of your business.

How Businesses Can Evaluate Online Training ROI & Performance


Is the survey which I had shared with the attendees to get feedback was really enough or do I need something more?”. According to the ATD 2016 State of the Industry report, businesses spend about $1,252 per employee on training and development, and the average employee receives 33.5 This kind of measurement emphasize on short-term information retention as compared to a long-term ability to apply knowledge. Assessments will Help you Measure Employees’ Knowledge and Skills.

Extended Enterprise Learning: What it can do for a Business Ecosystem?


Knowledge is powerful. With businesses investing time, money and resources to boost their corporate training initiatives, “extended enterprise learning” as a concept is assuming center stage and gaining prominence. The aim of extended enterprise learning is to help businesses improve customer satisfaction rate, streamline the sales disbursement process, boost sales revenue, beat competitors etc. Importance of Extended Enterprise Learning for Businesses.

15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

Cost: $12 a month per user (Business Plan). It's perfect for both micro and small businesses. CAGE For the creatives, Cage is a visually-pleasing project-management platform that boasts "making sharing work with clients easy." MICROSOFT ONE DRIVE Features: Provides businesses with the tools to co-author and collaborate on projects in real-time, store and sync files, and restore/recover important deleted files. Cost: OneDrive for Business OnlinePlan 1 is $5.00

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LMS Software is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why


They include provision for nearly unlimited training capacity, equal learning opportunities for all, better knowledge sharing, and automated assessment. These entrepreneurs rely on some kind of learning management systems (LMS) to administer training courses for their employees. If you are still weighing whether to adopt a training software in the cloud, this post provides an idea of how businesses can structure and streamline the entire training process through automation.

7 Incredible Things an Enterprise LMS Can Do for Your Business


Businesses can easily minimize the cost of training and educational programs by using an enterprise learning management system (LMS). Consequently, businesses of every size have started embracing this type of learning system, especially because they are positively received by employees. An LMS provides the framework for creating, managing, and tracking online training. Learning management systems are great time savers.

How Tin Can Compliant LMS Can Help Your Business


If your company is using a Learning Management System (LMS) or is planning to use one, then knowing how Tin Can API works will help you create and manage your trainings better. Tin Can API is basically a set of procedures that allow different learning management systems to communicate with each other. The learning data stored in the LRS is a much more sophisticated than the average course report provided by learning management systems , which are not Tin Can compliant.

Hr Training Software: What Makes It Your Wisest Business Investment


As one of the greatest assets of an organization, the human resources team plays a paramount role in managing employees and administering employment laws. As the vital link between business owners and employees, the human resources team plays many strategic roles. For that, a business needs to a nalyze the learning needs of its human resources department as they relate to day-to-day operations. Assess & Meet Business Goals. Quizzes , surveys , & polls.

Five Myths of Social Learning


Home > Social Learning > Five Myths of Social Learning Five Myths of Social Learning December 3rd, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment There is no question that the rise of social networks is creating a profound shift in the way training departments are delivering knowledge to their employees, partners, and customers. According to a McKinsey executive survey , a whopping 71% of enterprises are using Web 2.0 Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

3 eLearning Authoring Tools That Deserve Your Consideration


Let’s check out the top three market-leading eLearning authoring tools that are sought after by educational institutions and business enterprises, and examine their main features. It is one of the simplest eLearning authoring tools that you can use for creating engrossing academic courses, employee training and learning management systems. You can also integrate online surveys and quizzes as a part of the learning process. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learning and Training: Managed Through Transformation and Change

Infopro Learning

There is mounting realization that it must provide ROI and that the investment should lead to improvements in business performance. However, the value will increase and business performance will improve manifolds as a result of learning/training intervention. Ideally, in every organization, people need to perform certain tasks/roles at various levels to achieve targets and business outcomes. The business situation changes often without people realizing it up front.

Change 222

How Online Training can Lead your Sales Team to Success


The ‘gap’ between an excellent sales professional and a poor one hinges on their skills, knowledge and motivation. In other words, allow your sales executives to upgrade their skills and they will drive the growth of your business. Using an online sales training tool, businesses can offer focused, customized learning paths instead of just relying on linear course navigation. – Carry out surveys or poll. This helps in long-term knowledge retention.

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10 Online Quiz Makers

Ed App

Throughout their time in your company, training is important to keep your employees’ knowledge up to date with the updated regulations, best practices, and qualifications. . You know where each employee’s knowledge gaps are so you can improve existing lessons and modules.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your LMS

Upside Learning

What is a Learning Management System used for? Wikis are simple, efficient tools for managing knowledge and collaborating. They’re particularly convenient in today’s busy and international workplace. With wikis, knowledge doesn’t get buried in emails, locked into file systems, hard drives or servers, intranets or extranets, or closed in more specialized data management systems and knowledge management systems.

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Improved Learning Experience Comes Handy With an Employee Training Software


For any business toying with the idea of incorporating a new training program, the advantages of e-Learning greatly outweigh those of in-person or classroom training. Staying updated, and remaining productive are critical challenges for many businesses today, and most of them are now looking to e-Learning to save time, energy and money. Both the worlds of business and technology are changing dynamically with time. You can efficiently manage several learners at the same time.

What is Net Promoter Score


Well, if you are a business owner and not sure what your customers think of your product or service, it’s time you start surveying them. With Net Promoter Score (NPS) you will be able to measure their loyalty and drive business growth. NPS is calculated by surveying the participants and asking the question, “on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend to a colleague, friend or family?” A business should take immediate measures to their feedback.

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How Can a Learning Management System Help in Employee Onboarding


Poor onboarding equals low employee retention, which eventually shakes the foundation of your business. Shocking as it might sound, it takes $3K to $18K to find a replacement for one employee, which is detrimental for any business. Let’s see how a learning management system helps you effectively and rapidly bring employees onboard: Multiple Device Compatibility. Surveys and Quizzes. Cutting long story short, onboarding can make or break your business.

Managing Diversity through Community Management

ID Reflections

On the positive front, I have been doing a lot of reading—mostly around organizational behavior, organizational development, culture and diversity, motivation and communication, and how these relate to social business and knowledge management. As a community manager and social business evangelist in a highly distributed and diverse organization, I’ve begun to realize not only the value of but the critical need to understand these aspects.

Is it time for a BYOL (Bring Your Own Learning) strategy in your organization? #BYOL

Jane Hart

My previous blog post that revealed that around 70% of respondents in my recent survey found training (including e-learning) “unimportant” or only “somewhat important” has generated quite a bit of interest. As it is, they will never again be able to keep up with the fast speed of business and provide everything everyone needs to know in a timely fashion, so it makes good commonsense to do so.

Examples of eLearning 2.0

Clark Quinn

During my presentation last Thursday that was an introduction to eLearning 2.0 as part of an online event for the eLearningGuild, I mentioned a few common ways that I've seen eLearning 2.0

Use Your LMS to Automate Onboarding


According to the Society for Human Resource Management , employee onboarding is a process of integrating a new member within a company and its culture. Although businesses rely on human resources for onboarding employees, the inconsistent training methods can cause immense frustration to the HR department. That’s why businesses need to use a reliable Learning Management System to automate the onboarding process.

Pick of the Month: August 2012

Jane Hart

The month started with a survey, reported in Social Business News, that showed that Professionals spend 40% of their time in online peer communities. “The study surveyed 300 professionals and found that by far the most frequent use of social media amongst professionals was interacting with their peers in professional communities . Certainly it is a world in which managers talk solemnly about their “engagement” efforts.

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Compelling Reasons to Adopt LMS for Employee Onboarding


That way, businesses would be in a better position to get the best out of each employee. There are several valid reasons for your business to embrace a learning management system (LMS) software right away, and this article discusses a couple of them. . An LMS software that stays updated with industry trends is the best way to impart knowledge and skills based on organizational values in each recruit efficiently.

Unifying Communication Between Departments

CLO Magazine

Even in the past few years, managers could answer this question by quickly flipping through their datebooks. But that 20 percent also represents an opportunity for employees and companies to improve time management through technology. By surveying people about their tech favorites, you might discover some solutions you’ve never heard of and would like to add to your suite of options. That number rose to 37 percent among survey respondents in IT.

Is Staff Training the Answer to Poor Performance?

Here are few other issues that could be causing performance problems: Micromanagement. Absentee management. Unclear priorities. Poor resources. Sometimes managers feel pressure to make sure everything their team does meets an exacting standard. This often happens in demanding, high-stress jobs, especially if managers themselves are held to unreasonable standards without support from their superiors. Absentee management creates disconnected employees.

Top 10 LMS for eLearning

Ed App

Companies use Learning Management Systems (LMS) to document, track, report, automate, and deliver various courses, training, and learning and development programs to their employees. Authoring tool can be challenging to use, especially around creating surveys.

The 10 Must-Have LMS Software Features


Modern organizations have come to accept that knowledge plays a vital role towards driving success, and cannot deny the importance of integrated learning and development programs for business growth anymore. However, picking up an LMS (Learning Management System) for employee onboarding and training is not an easy task. Assignments Management As much as we hate exams (remember high school and college days?), As the business grows, so should the LMS.

7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness


For a business, it could mean that you should come up with solutions that can make those hours count. You can keep improving and tweak these ideas to ensure they suit your business culture and type. 2017, delegation is one skill that your senior management should be proficient in, for promoting employees’ feedback seeking behavior. As per the stats given by PwC , nearly 60% employees (survey respondents) believe that feedback is valuable for productivity.

Ideas 72

Is L&D Ready for “The New Learning Era”?

Learning Wire

It is amazing to see how well organizations have managed to transition their learning offer, in terms of their content and (online) methodology. Given L&D’s expertise and agility, they can surely make this transition to deliver new solutions based on business needs.

WebEx 82

Corporate Training Through MOOCs: Everything You Need to Know


They bring a shift in how businesses train their distributed workforce domestically as well as internationally. By choosing a standardized learning system such as MOOC, organizations can deliver improved course content, in addition to considerably increase the rate of course completion and knowledge retention. A survey by the Chronicle of Higher Education showed that a number of professors in the U.S

Moving from distance learning to learning distanced: Building human capabilities in times of disruption and social distancing

CLO Magazine

A Deloitte Insights article published in June 2020, “ Human inside: How capabilities can unleash business performance ,” asserts that enduring human capabilities aren’t secondary to technical skills for organizations — they enable real business impact.

How Training Incentives Encourage Learners Participation


Training, in particular, addresses business requirements extensively and therefore, companies leave no chance of pushing their maximum employees to participate in training programs. Additionally, by establishing positive reinforcement and managing their performances, you can foster their confidence levels. An overall development strategy not only encourages employee participation in the training program but also give the business an edge.