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4 Advantages of Deploying a Knowledge Management System

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Knowledge is power, and like just about everything in this world it must be managed. Step in the knowledge management system, which continues to be deployed by various organizations across the globe. But what exactly is it a knowledge management system? Well, it’s basically what the title suggests: A method of knowledge integration and sharing. Intrigued to learn more about how you’d be set to benefit from a knowledge management system?

Trust, Tacit Knowledge and Social Business

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As I read the post on Resolvingthe Trust Paradox by John Hagel, I was reminded of two things—the talk on the power of vulnerability by Brene Brown and what Morten Hansen says about tacit knowledge sharing in hisbook Collaboration:How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results. I hadwritten about the latter in my post Molotovcocktail = Weak ties x complicated knowledge. Enter social business! And theoverarching quality that can make this happen is trust.

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The Most Important Knowledge Management Tools You Should Know

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The importance of knowledge management in today’s corporate environment cannot be stressed enough. This is essential when looking into employee training software for your business. The Knowledge Management Tools to Know. Performance Management

Collaboration - Knowledge Management - Expert - Hot List

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4 Simple Tips for Recording High-Quality Audio , June 2, 2009 Does Google Wave Mean the End of the LMS? eLearning Learning Hot List - May 29, 2009 to June 5, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Adobe eLearning Suite: is it worth it?

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

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Everyone seems to have a different opinion, from a human-centred platform, to the intersection between portals, team sites and social sites , to a system that ties the business’s processes and data to the employee’s social behaviour.

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4 Steps to Retain Top Talent

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It’s a good time for companies to ensure they’re doing all they can to increase employee retention and boosting their chances of being seen as a quality employer. Retaining Quality Employees. With a record-high 6.7

How to speed up Knowledge Transfer  

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Is the pace of business really speeding up? The shareholders’ reports of companies in the S&P 500, FTSE 100 and DAX indexes illustrate the increasing pace of business by labels like “speed”, “fast”, “agile” and “disruption. Your Knowledge Transfer benefits – a good case to invest?

3 Ways to foster a knowledge based organization


3 Ways to Foster a Knowledge Based Organization. In one way or another, organizations today have realized that to confront the cut-throat competition in international market environment, it is essential to become a knowledge based organization. What is a Knowledge based Organization?


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This is the difficulty with information management in the era of big data; it’s like trying to take a sip from a fire hose. Clearly then we see how working out a process to employ big data and make quality business decisions is difficult.

7 Ways to Encourage Experts to Share Knowledge

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When it comes to learning and development, knowledge sharing can be a training manager’s best friend. A system that allows knowledge sharing takes some of the load off by letting learners with questions find the experts with the answers.

8 Game-Changing Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business


Are you still not convinced about the power of social media and the benefits it offers for your business? So, consider these game-changing social media tips that will help you grow your business: 1. For any business, the generation of high-quality traffic isn’t the only goal.

Why your Business needs an LMS for Performance Support


The 70:20:10 model for Learning and Development states that individuals acquire 70% of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20% from interactions with others and a mere 10% from formal educational events. Wondering how should businesses address this challenge?

Why You Need a True Knowledge Sharing Culture (And What it Takes to Establish One)


Technology can be one of your greatest assets in nurturing a knowledge sharing culture. The concept might seem simple enough, but there’s much more to establishing a knowledge sharing culture than meet the eye. Only 20% believed knowledge sharing was either effective or very effective.

Why Should You Let a Freelance Writer Create Your Content?

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Just as you’re an expert in your business, you need a content expert to bring your thought leadership to life. Crafting quality content is a full-time job. And it’s important that it comes out quality. Your calendar is booked solid running your business; you’ve got enough to-do as is. But How Can a Freelance Writer Understand Your Business? As a business leader, you must be thinking, “How could freelance writers possibly write about my business?


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Case in point is the following true story—a real business event that occurred far back enough that if executed today would be much more powerful because of current technology. A few years back as a VP for a large computer solutions company in New York, one of our account executives specializing in elearning opportunities had managed to seduce a notoriously reticent airline into considering change from their mostly instructor led training to online education.

7 Incredible Things an Enterprise LMS Can Do for Your Business


Businesses can easily minimize the cost of training and educational programs by using an enterprise learning management system (LMS). Consequently, businesses of every size have started embracing this type of learning system, especially because they are positively received by employees.

Maximize Workforce Performance with an LMS


In your opinion, what is a social learning management system (LMS) good for? Business organization? Demand Media’s Ruth Mayhew says, “ The objective of business owners is profitability. Business owners who have been down this road a few times need a new approach.

Are you using your Intellectual Assets: Re-defining eLearning


These are your “knowledge brokers”. They are the main “know how” individuals, whose loss (as in brain drain in the form of a resignation) would prove fatal to an area of your business. The one sting that hurts a training manager the most, is a failed eLearning program.

How To Create Engaging eLearning: 10 Highly Effective Strategies For eLearning Professionals


Are they busy adults who don’t have much time to dedicate to their learning? Consider using action mapping to arrange your topics and distribute them in a logical flow in order to boost knowledge retention. Read the article Knowledge Management in a Learning 3.0

How to Make A Thousand Training Videos for YouTube FAST (Customer Story)

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Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communications software and services, created a video library of resources for customers and employees. The team also purchased high-quality microphones called the Blue Yeti. At a glance.

7 Tips for developing an E-Learning Strategy

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Conduct 1:1 or focus interviews with the e-learning strategy touch-points in your organisation: Business strategy requirements today and future e.g. responsiveness, competition, changing consumer demands, legislation changes. Consultation with all areas of the business is paramount.

6 Clear Signs That Show Your Organization Needs an LMS Software


You can bank on a Learning Management System (LMS) for an effective and sustainable outcome. Here are six obvious indications that your business badly needs an LMS software. You can also manage multiple instructor accounts from one central location. Absence of Knowledge Base.

Communities of Practice in your LMS: A hidden KM tool


What makes knowledge so hard to capture? The tricky tacit and explicit knowledge sharing. In this article, we will define knowledge and how using your LMS, you can share tacit and explicit knowledge using some knowledge management strategies.

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Scary MOOC Savings

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However, in spite of such incredible cost saving potential, MOOCs are still not widely seen and many businesses tend not to include it in their training programs. Are such significant savings not persuasive for the businesses to try MOOCs in their corporate training departments?

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The Top Six Things Organizations Must Do to Enable Emergent Learning


This is leading to a shift in the role of the L&D department – from managers and disseminators of formally designed programs to facilitators and enablers of collaboration and communities. It is in communities that knowledge is exchanged and challenges solved.

Fear of Change in Learning & Development

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To my disappointment, many businesses are still reliant on traditional training paradigms, which is also one of the results of their fears of incorporation of newer technologies in their training scenario or apply contemporary training with poor efforts.

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Industry News: elearning Company Purchase

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a top provider of knowledge management solutions that assure regulatory compliance and improve business performance. EduNeering designs and deploys knowledge management solutions for organizations in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, energy and manufacturing sectors. EduNeering has outstanding management and a long-standing commitment to delivering the highest quality knowledge solutions,” said William Macpherson, CEO of Kaplan Professional.

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New technologies for internal trainers


What happens with all their knowledge? The challenge of managing corporate knowledge. Third parties can help you from the conceptualization of the process to the digitalization of the knowledge.

1 Year LMS Check Up


You deployed a new learning management system last year, how did it go? Remediation: Along with the items mentioned in number 2, we find the creation of new online learning material often overwhelms training team and thus quality courses are slow to come. 1 year LMS check up!

Huge MOOCs savings

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However, in spite of such incredible cost saving potential, MOOCs are still not widely seen and many businesses tend not to include it in their training programs. Are such significant savings not persuasive for the businesses to try MOOCs in their corporate training departments?

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Pathway to Excellence through eLearning Programs


By definition, excellence implies an above-standard quality of performance or work. Excellence is also recognized as a talent or a quality that exceeds all expectations. Research has indicated that knowledge is the single core factor that leads organizations to excellence.

L&D’s Role In A Purpose Driven Workplace


I have been writing about the shifts required by L&D to meet the connected and collaborative knowledge economy for some time now. Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today. To start with, L&D needs to be integrated with business.

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5 Simple Ways to Enhance Employee Productivity


Employees are highly-valuable resources for any business, and so it is important to ensure that their requirements are taken care of. They spend sleepless nights to meet business goals which might make them feel burn-out and demotivated.

Moving To eLearning

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Business Strategy. Geographical Expansion Of Business. New Business Opportunities (which may lead to new skill development). Management Support. Some of these change factors translate to simply ‘business needs’ which fuel the need for e-learning in the business. Without the appropriate need or a real business case for e-Learning, it may seem like another fad. Business Needs. Business Strategy/Goals. New Business Opportunity.

I Believe in the Value of Working out Loud

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The quality of submitted products, regardless what form they take, is expected to be high. Are we afraid to share rough drafts and work in progress, or are we just too busy? The Danger of Knowledge Hoarding. “If knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful.”

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