Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

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We're excited to introduce a fun new project we're working on this month--the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive! For our first week, we asked each business to give us some insight into who they are, what they do, and how screencasting might fit in with some of their goals for the year.

Will Mobile Apps Change Training Forever?

Upside Learning

In my interactions with various business owners & training managers I’ve found a performance support initiative gets the management nod more easily as compared to a training initiative. Mobile apps are big business.

Mobile 276

The Big Share: A Q&A with CloudShare’s Lee Berkman on Virtual IT Labs and Best Practices


The Big Share features interviews with leaders and influencers from across CloudShare’s extensive community, happy to discuss their experiences and provide expert advice on a range of business topics.

Things to Consider Before Investing in eLearning Development Tools

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Online courses are increasingly supplementing traditional instructor-led courses both in educational institutions and business organizations because they help to reduce administrative costs and classroom rentals. and operating systems such as Windows and MAC. Overview.

LearnBrite and Microsoft: A Match Made in Virtual Reality Training Heaven


The most effective learning is through experience, and the biggest reason companies should provide hands-on training is to reap the greatest training ROI. When considering ROI for your company, hardware costs are often at the top of the expense list.

A guide to HTML5 elearning authoring tools


What will help best meet your audience and business needs…simple or sophisticated learning experiences? How will you demonstrate ROI ? The platform is designed to deliver great ROI for team’s producing content at scale. Create a strong business case.

McDonald’s Special Sauce: Learning

CLO Magazine

McDonald’s commitment to in-store training has kept its learning function aligned to the business in the company’s most pivotal area: customer service. executive chef Dan Coudreaut gave away the secret recipe to the company’s famed Big Mac special sauce last summer, customers around the world marveled at the revelation. Not part of the well-known Big Mac jingle — but perhaps equally as vital to the Oak Brook, Ill.,

Podcast 15: Tying Training to Customer Success – With Barry Kelly of Thought Industries

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High-quality training teaches customers not only how a product works, but also how to achieve relevant business objectives. But I would that say a much higher percentage of software companies offers customer training than any other kind of business, Why is that?

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


Over time, such factors can often cause a landslide of issues, resulting in a loss of productivity, poor ROI and an increase in stress. Captivate, also a desktop-based application, is available for both Windows and Mac and is one of the most powerful authoring tools available… and with that comes complexity and a steep learning curve.

What is Microlearning

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Multi-Platform: In today’s, busy world employees might be learning at their desks, on the train or bus or even while having breakfast or lunch. MAC, Smartphone and TV, meaning that U can learn and practice just about everywhere I go. What is Microlearning?

Hot Topics in eLearning for 2009

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With all that is going on in terms of long tail learning and the business of learning , not to mention social and informal learning, there’s no surprise that there’s a lot of discussion around changes in design and instructional design as well as lots of discussion about new roles in this new world. Hi, I’m a Mac, and I have Camtasia… , August 7, 2009. Determining the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 | Enterprise Web 2.0 | , April 15, 2009.