The future is people, not technology

Jay Cross

More a leader than a technician, the learnscape architect is the network champion who carries the vision, monitors metrics, promotes network participation and encourages continuous experimentation. Mzinga’s Dave Wilkins describes several production roles. More Human Than Human.

2008 2009

Tony Karrer

2008 Prediction #6 => Metrics-Driven Performance and Learning Interventions My article coming out in January will spark discussion around what is actually a quite common model. Mzinga is going a different direction focusing on collaboration and social media capabilities.

New skills for learning professionals

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

the ability to ‘speak business’. An understanding of business goals is the ‘so what’ in learning. Everyone in L&D should be able to read and draw conclusions from a balance sheet and P&L account and understand the business drivers that line managers are focused on.