Even the Leadership Playing Field

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A 2012 research report from global leadership firm PDI Ninth House called “Can Women Executives Break the Glass Ceiling?” PDI Ninth House examined scores in several different competency areas for 6,000 male and female leaders at client organizations.

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Tony Karrer

In Boston, I was at the eLearningGuild event and had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Harvard Business School (more on these sometime soon). I'm just returning from my trip to Boston (and NYC and Cape Cod - with my wife and kids).

A Dedication to the Craft

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At Harvard, Miller also took courses through Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School for Government, sparking an interest that led him to create his own consulting company after graduation.

Eight Ways Learning Impacts Succession Planning

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Succession management is one of the most important functions in business today. It ensures capable leaders are ready for critical roles, fosters business continuity, aids talent retention and can strengthen a company culture. Done right, succession management plans contribute to business wellness and build a solid foundation for ongoing success. Link the people strategy to the business strategy. Each organization’s business strategy is unique.

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Together Everyone Achieves More

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Post-recession organizations have emerged into a new normal way of doing business. That scenario requires that learning departments find ways to develop leaders who understand their own roles, as well as their peers’ responsibilities and the broader business aspects. Not only are they practical and cost-effective, they develop participants while helping to break down silos between teams, which often leads to business success.

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