The Top 5 Sights and Sounds at ATD International 2016


As leaders in eLearning, they provide templates across all types of business industries that will help your team become learning rock stars. While the conference itself provided an oasis for all things learning, the Inkling booth was truly a #knowledgeparadise. The annual ATD International Conference boasts one of the largest gatherings for folks in learning and development, human resources, talent acquisition, and the like. This year, held in the Mile-High City, did not disappoint.

Sound 109

48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


Learning & business strategy books (4). Indeed, you’ll get valuable resources like principles of team-based learning design, as well as different models for building business simulations. You’ll learn how to: – Link game design to your business needs and learning objectives.

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How to Appear Both Dazzling and Creative Even If Youre Not

Training Industry

I’ll be meeting a business person over drinks and can bring up some funny insights about how to remember the smell of wine from the great book “Cork Dork.” It’s also an oasis of intellectual calm in the sea of modern disruptive lifestyles. I once found myself spending a long, slow, lazy afternoon eating tortilla chips and salsa and talking with Cormac McCarthy.

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Chief Learning Officer Names Best Companies for Workforce Development

CLO Magazine

Developed under the guidance of a group of chief learning officers and senior L&D practitioners, the LearningElite is a peer-based benchmarking initiative that recognizes excellence using five key L&D performance indicators: learning strategy, learning execution, learning impact, business performance results and leadership commitment. • Coldwell Banker Real Estate for Business Performance Results. RBS Citizens Business Services Learning and Development 44.

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Chief Learning Officer Unveils Top Companies for Workforce Development

CLO Magazine

“Through a variety of different metrics and methods, they have provided rigorous evidence of the impact of training on the business.” “Being able to benchmark against the best of the best and learn from their elite workforce development practices enables LearningElite organizations of all sizes to continuously improve and positively affect business results.” RBS Citizens Business Services Learning & Development 44. Oasis Outsourcing Inc.

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ATD17 Post Review: Rants & Raves Edition

eLearning 24-7

In that case, my Kindle Oasis is mobile-first too. That said if you are curious about the benefits of micro-learning to your business/organization and so forth, and some hot tips from yours truly, sign up for my free webinar happening June 7th. Atlanta. Home of Coca-Cola.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Value of Instructional Designers

Learning Visions

It also requires a certain skill set to know how to take a big picture approach to match learning solutions to specific business goals. In the business world, the justification for the expense of a learning solution has to be proven by providing some sort of measurable outcome.

Virtual Reality and Micro Learning: Ready. Set. Engage. - Tip #145

Vignettes Learning

In this story, people escape the harsh reality of the real world by entering into a virtual reality (VR) platform called OASIS. Is it ready to move beyond prototypes into business and training environments?