Open Source LMS: The Free LMS that isn’t Free!


Some smart techies in your organization might have suggested going for an Open Source LMS. Open source what.? Free LMS… Praise the Lord for the ‘ Open Source LMS ’. An open source LMS is free because you don’t have to pay a fee to own its code. That justifies the name ‘open source’. We are going to rain on your parade a little by giving you a deeper insight into your potential use of the open source LMS.

Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

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It provides an opportunity for the learning function to explore ways to reduce costs of delivery and improve ROI, as the mindset, as the organisation and stakeholders are more amenable to taking risks and accept changes. Using Open Source approach is one such opportunity which should be given serious consideration. Let us first talk about the open source approach and how you probably use it without being aware of it. So what is the open source approach ?

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What You Missed at TRYxAPI – ATD ICE


” How John proposed we counter this mindset is by looking for “performance opportunities” — looking for common learning models and having a plan for how to discuss and execute on different types of opportunities for L&D to make a business impact — starting with needs for information dissemination and skills development. Community Experience API / "Tin Can" Open Source

How to Get the Greatest ROI from eLearning


Whether it’s an investment in oneself, a business, another person, or a product, a quality return is always desired. Most business owners have financial perimeters they must work within, which explains why they tend to weigh investments more carefully than almost any other type of investor. The good news is that there are clear-cut answers to most questions regarding the confusing subject of ROI of eLearning. Does eLearning have a good ROI?

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Podcast 32: Building a Customer Education Business Case – With Bill Cushard of Learndot

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It’s not just because it’s the hottest segment of the extended enterprise learning market, but because it’s a fascinating specialty that blends marketing, instructional design and business strategy. And today, Bill and I examine what it takes to develop a successful customer education business case. The process of developing a customer education business case may seem intimidating or tedious. Because their business model is self-service.

SaaS LMS vs. hosted LMS: Why the SaaS LMS rules e-learning


In the past, the hosted LMS was the only way to do business, but future-forward businesses have moved into a new age. If proving ROI in order to build a business case is your roadblock, there’s good news for you.

eThink’s 2018 Year In Review

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To our clients, we want to thank you for choosing eThink Education to support your eLearning initiatives and business goals. Working with eThink allows Vistaprint to support and educate their global network of CARE specialists, ultimately improving learning, business, and ROI outcomes. eThink continues to expand our Moodle client base and work closely with Moodle HQ to extend the product and support Moodle adoption and the open-source community.

2020 LMS pricing guide: Here’s what makes up the cost ??


Before you even start looking at pricing, you should look at how expensive your current problems are to your business. When someone shows up to work, whether they do an exemplary job or an extremely poor one, it costs businesses money.

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Why video is the superior tool for learning

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Over the last few years, one of the most prominent trends in online learning and development has been to shift lots of learning materials and content online in the form of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). 6] Seluakumaran K, Jusof FF, Ismail R, Husain R (2011) Integrating an open-source course management system (Moodle) into the teaching of a first-year medical physiology course: a case study.

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On the MOOC Horizon: Tin Can API

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Now we can determine the effectiveness of our training programs and measure ROI.”. But there is some movement in that direction—Google Course Builder was starting to experiment with Tin Can before it integrated with Open edX, and some open-source e-learning platforms like Moodle also support Tin Can. Bryant’s business career has been based on his results-oriented style of empowering the individual.


The Main Types of LMS to Have in Mind

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The differences are mainly in the focus on business versus academic learning needs, as well as in the degree to which they support different monitoring, integration and admin features that are specific to the corporate or educational environments respectively. On the opposite end of the scale, in the corporate world, ROI is king, and learning is very practically oriented with much more specific goals and evaluation criteria in mind. Free (open source) vs Commercial (closed source).

Key Factors in MOOC Success, Part 1

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Although true MOOCs are open for anyone to take, it’s still essential to keep the target audience in mind when designing the courses. Several platforms are available that can be used to host MOOCs, including edX (which is open-source), Blackboard’s Course Sites, and a variety of learning management systems. Businesses that want to use MOOCs in their training programs need to think about the best way to translate MOOCs into meaningful credentials.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Learning Myths with Dr. Will Thalheimer

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The topic today: Myths the business side has about learning. 9% Hit us Hard 47% Hurt a little 41% Not much effect 3% Helped us MYTHS the Business Side Has about Learning Client asked him to develop a course for business side. Everybodys got myths: business side, learners, learning professionals Captured 140 myths and categorized them (not a scientific set of findings.) We have to measure ROI.

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2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

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This year, talent-suite LMS vendors will still focus on employee-specific business needs, while the rest of the LMS industry feasts on an abundance of extended enterprise opportunities. So, what business wouldn’t want to achieve measurable benefits like these? Now, winning business from professional associations is difficult for generalist cloud LMS providers and impossible for talent-suite vendors. 10) Open Source Gains Legitimacy in Extended Enterprise Learning.

Planning to Buy an LMS? Here’s Some Expert Advice

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What does it take to ensure you get the maximum ROI on your LMS? Firms can also consider open-source LMSs such as MOODLE. This is especially important when firms go in for an open-source LMS. Many open-source LMSs have limited capability to support mobile learning programs. How can you choose the right Learning Management System (LMS)?

Online Training Solutions and the Art of Enterprise Training Delivery


Online training solutions, therefore, open up fresh avenues for organizations to customize their learning and development initiatives and gain more from their ROI. Here are some quick tips to measure training ROI. However, with the impending phasing out of Flash, companies have now begun to transform their eLearning courses to the popular HTML5 format, an open source web format. Improving Employee Productivity and Business Outcomes with Corporate Training Apps.

Starting E-learning? Get Your Implementation Strategy Right

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Getting the top management to agree to your proposal requires you to make a convincing business case. A good business case should justify the investment in an e-learning program with a detailed report on the costs and returns. The points you should be including in your case are: The business challenge you will be addressing. To get the support of top management, align the objectives of the training (by e-learning) to the business goals.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Did You Know 2.0" (shifthappens)

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Put aside all thoughts of SCORM, or templates or Likert scales or ROI or alignment or LMS or whatever for the 8 minutes and 15 seconds it takes to watch this video and understand that we work in the learning field.that is a powerful place to be and there is great potential in the skills and knowledge you all have. We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay

10 Best LMS Solutions to Consider for Employee Training

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The platform also comes with a comprehensive REST-API tool and integration support to allow seamless connectivity between diverse business systems within an organization. Litmos can also help customers and partners to stay informed about business policies and compliance. Canvas is an open-source software that is quickly gaining popularity among small and medium-sized businesses. Guide: How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Business.

Why MOODLE Is the Most Widely Used LMS

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Do you wish to get the best ROI on your training dollar? Open-source learning platform – Enabling cost-effective learning management. MOODLE is an open-source LMS. Highly flexible in terms of scalability – Meeting the needs of growing businesses. As your business grows, so does the number of your learners. MOODLE is an open-source LMSand enables companies manage their learning programs in a cost-effective manner.

3 Priority Questions for your LMS Feasibility Study

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Will we make that money back – i.e. what is the ROI? Business Goals. At this stage you will likely come across some gaps and open questions. Free/Freemium (open source). Will we make that money back – i.e. what is the ROI? If you were thinking this is getting rather complicated, the ROI calculation will take this to another level, hence, you won’t want to do this across all the possible LMS options.

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Why MOODLE Is the Best Course Management Software

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MOODLE is an open-source software application , and this means you need not pay any licensing fees to manage your courses. Meet the Needs of Growing Businesses. As your business grows, so does the number of your learners. A CMS goes a long way in managing online courses effectively, thereby maximizing the ROI on training. The market for corporate e-learning solutions is growing steadily.

Free L&D webinars for April 2019

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Learn a fresh approach that focuses on open technology, flexibility, and value generation that’s truly aligned with your business needs. Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 10AM – 11AM PT: Using Learning to Improve Customer Experience Improving the customer experience is the number one business priority. Thursday, April 4, 2019, 10AM – 11AM PT: Building a Business Case for Advancing Women in Technology Leadership Almost all organizations have women working in technical roles.

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How to mitigate the risk of switching your LMS provider

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One conclusion you’ll almost inevitably arrive at is that over time your requirements altered as business circumstances changed. This is because you’ll have your own unique business challenges, requirements and needs and you may need to change those as your organisation evolves. Choose the right provider and you dramatically reduce the risk of switching and maximise your ROI. Transparency also applies to future business needs.

Capitalize on the CRM-LMS Combined Functionality with Moodle Salesforce Integration


It’s a free, open source e-learning platform that packs in a robust set of teaching and learning tools. The Moodle Salesforce integration helps the key decision makers, like the HR, adjudge the return on investment (ROI) of their learning initiatives. Hence, all the entrepreneurs and business executives who run a hectic daily schedule, Moodle Salesforce integration may be the perfect tool for you!

Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

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A greater number of people, worldwide are using SaaS then ever before, mobile products, tablets – especially the iPad – is growing at a feverish pace, people are using online storage, beyond just placing photos and media, and open source is continuing expansion. The growing number of businesses leaving Microsoft Outlook to Internet e-mail is amazing. Free open hard drive space – especially with video hungry files. Can be open source, cost?


Totara for Finance Training: How Totara Learn Solves Online Learning Challenges in the Finance Industry

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That said, Totara Learn – a leading open enterprise training solution – offers the ideal functionality to effectively support professional education and employee training for companies in this complex industry. And, the need to be more agile is leading more and more banking CIO’s to manage their technology portfolio in a way that emphasizes activities that truly differentiate their institutions from others while also providing optimal ROI.

Contemplating Competencies: What Are the Best Companies Doing Now?


While we don’t yet have standards built around competency models, open source models like O*NET , or NICE for health practitioners, can save companies a great deal of time and effort. It gives them a better ROI picture and allows upper management to see the benefits of the projects. Tie workforce optimization efforts to solving strategic business goals.

9 Ways the L&D Function is Evolving

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More global talent developers are allocating their budget towards digital solutions that streamline employee data, make courses and resources more easily accessible , and provide multi-faceted learning experiences that are proven to be more effective on both the success of your learners and your organization’s training ROI. Learning and development is an essential component to every organization to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

A guide to HTML5 elearning authoring tools


Increased interactivity of elearning courses, opening up opportunities for learning designers to produce more engaging experiences. What will help best meet your audience and business needs…simple or sophisticated learning experiences? How will you demonstrate ROI ? Using analytics dashboards to get insight into how your audience interacts with your content, identify how you can improve experiences and demonstrate ROI. Create a strong business case.

How an LMS Can Help Create a Thriving Workplace Culture

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If there’s one thing that most organizations can agree on, it’ s that a positive workplace culture is a key element for business success. More specifically, with an open-source LMS , you can create a custom eLearning program that supports organizational growth and fosters long-term organizational unity. Why is a Good Workplace Culture I mportant? .

3 components of a successful microlearning course


Considering the factors that are most important to business leaders, it makes sense that the investments made in learning technologies is expected to grow, particularly in learning management systems , online and mLearning , and authoring and content development tools. By condensing education and training material down to precise information and presenting it in a way that is interactive and creative, businesses are able to increase engagement and participation levels.

Go Slow, Quickly: Make the Move to Mobile

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They were prepared to look for the business ROI and roll out innovative solutions that delivered. If you are hesitating now with mobile, in wait-and-see mode or too busy with today’s demands, then it is time to take deliberate action and get started. Once you live with the possibilities for a while, you will see the significant business opportunity to develop your strategy and become a hero. It’s time to get on the mobile bandwagon.

What is Needed to Develop an E-learning Course?

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There are 3 phases in this model ( Source : Leaving ADDIE for SAM by Michael Allen with Richard Sites). It could either be open-source or proprietary. Some of the popular open source LMSs available in the market are MOODLE, SAKAI, ATutor, Canvas and many more. Organizations should consider these options after assessing their training needs, business objectives, and the learning requirements of employees.

The Freemium Three: Three Free Tools That Will Work Wonders For.

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This site allows users to set up and maintain a discussion-forum using the open-source Vanilla Forum software, which can be hosted on your own server for extra security, if desired. When Im not busy helping to change the face of corporate learning, I like to train with the Dashe & Thomson company bike team, travel and read.