The ROI Disease is Killing L&D

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Then, the VP of HR will walk up to your desk and say: “Can you please tell me what the ROI of this project is? Poke yourself in the eye with a pen, start bleeding profusely, and get taken to emergency to avoid the question; B.) you can and should be producing an ROI figure.

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48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


Learning & business strategy books (4). Indeed, you’ll get valuable resources like principles of team-based learning design, as well as different models for building business simulations. Thompson has done a tremendous service by penning this book.

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Microlearning: How Educators Can Learn From Athletes


Back then our choice to execute this project was a gigantic video camera used mostly by folks in Hollywood, a notebook, pen and a VHS tape recorder/player rounded out the “high tech” tools.

Pick of the Month: July 2012

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Chronicle article explains the business model , reviewed the Coursera approach: “I am certainly not a business person and the people starting this all seem like smart cookies to me. asked Daniel Little in the Huffington Post on 23 July: “Colleges face the revolution that has already hit music and book publishers — the Internet swamps traditional methods of transmission and publication, and whole new consumer experiences and business models are created.

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eLearning Content Development for Effective Training

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eLearning training is not only beneficial and cost-effective for the business, but also it comes with an array of opportunities. Here’s more on how to optimize your eLearning ROI. Based on the needs of your business, it is possible to customize and tweak your solutions.

The Big Question: Stuck? Getting Unstuck.

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In the post, What Clients Want: eLearning Technology , he writes: Stunning: Even after all the hot air expelled ink spilled and electrons excited in the last 10 years regarding how we ought to be measuring business results, nobody is doing it !!!!!!!!!

7 Tips To Create Memorable Online Training Courses


Corporate learners have to deal with busy schedules , distractions, and a variety of other issues that hinder knowledge retention. By doing so, you improve your online training ROI , increase employee productivity , and further the success of your organization.

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Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew? We All Did. | Social Learning Blog

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I had one business day with each group of 30-40 users. I’m sure you have had the experience of having to remember a phone number for the minute or two it took you to find a pen and paper.

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Why the Modern Workforce Won’t Stop Craving Mentoring


This past summer, I saw my small cousin waddle over to a phone, unlock the device, and within moments, navigate to cartoons from the comfort of his play pen. Better Learning Culture Equals Better Business. Cold, Hard ROI – A mentoring program for the sake of having one will no longer be enough to satisfy the modern workforce or an organization’s bottom line. All it took was five seconds.