PhotoShop 20th Anniversary Webcast

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For 20 years, the world has used industry-leading Adobe Photoshop software to transform creative inspiration into nearly everything we see, from magazine covers to medical devices to city skylines. That's why, every day, Adobe is inspired to create the innovative technologies that build more speed, intelligence, and magic into each new Photoshop product-so you can continue to turn your creative vision into reality. Registration is closed but there will be a webcast of the event.

25 Online Resources to Make You a Photoshop Expert


Photoshop is the leading photo editing software on the market, with hundreds of functions and applications. In a fast-paced, competitive global business arena, just getting by isn’t good enough.

Learn a New Skill: Why You Need to Learn Adobe Photoshop


If you’re a designer, marketer, visual communications employee, or work any type of creative job Adobe Photoshop skills are a must. That is, those of you out there working in leadership, support, sales, development, and maybe even accounting (I admit this one is a stretch, but you never know) may someday be called on to utilize the visual prowess of Photoshop. Plus, Photoshop is fun! Three reasons you should learn Photoshop: 1.

Microlearning: Leveraging Your Business Results From Effective Training


Email refreshers were designed using attractive graphic tools such as Photoshop and were created with huge efficiency. As technological innovations change our day-to-day lives, we must address the impact technology has on how we learn and work.

Gamification In Application Software Training


Adobe LevelUp is a free plug-in that turns learning Photoshop into an interesting experience. These tasks are built around key Photoshop functions such as removing redeye, whitening teeth, and replacing the colors in a photo.

Use Select and Mask to Create Cutout People

Adobe Captivate

This week I decided to update Allen’s video to include the latest version of Adobe Captivate and Adobe Photoshop as a way of honouring his influence over my YouTube career and my decision to start my own freelance eLearning design and development business. Video Adobe Captivate adobe photoshop cc cutout characters Cutout people select and maskWhile I don’t believe in learning styles, I do believe people have preferences in how they might want to learn something.

With a little help from our friends: the services we use to build our business


We use Google’s suite of business productivity solutions for handling company email, file sharing, and meetings scheduling. Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop and more. Our team uses it to sketch the flow of our apps before building more detailed photoshop mockups and designs.

Is Your eLearning Training Successful? The Top 5 Metrics Your Business Must Track


Rolling out a virtual training program makes your company look more innovative and sensitive to the needs of your workforce, but those LMS benefits are short-lived if you don’t see tangible business results from it. From cost reduction to increased customer satisfaction levels, you should be prepared to show the value of your investment in online learning technology across multiple business fronts.

Is Your Brand Killing Course Sales?


Whether your brand is you or it is your company, having a strong brand can be a game-changer for your business. Since branding is so important to e-commerce I always encourage anyone online entrepreneur to spend as much time building their business image as they do building their course.

Sales 131

Start Alternative Learning the Right Way


Gain access to tutorials that range from business and leadership to safety compliance and computer software. Watch yourself develop into the Adobe Photoshop whiz your company so deeply desires, or the Human Resources intellect that can now achieve that lavish promotion.

The Top Learning Strategies of Wildly Successful People

If you want to own your own business, you need management, accounting, marketing, and operations know-how (at least). To begin with, business leaders regularly seek out knowledge. Boost Performance News business results development learning and development staff development

30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

Experiencing eLearning

Soft Skills & Business Training. Whether you’re working independently or looking for a full-time job, you need a portfolio. What if you can’t use any samples of your existing work due to confidentiality or security requirements? Revise Existing Work. vs. Atomic Learning

Coffee and Design

Tool training for specific topics or concepts , i.e., not Photoshop CS6 training, but specific Photoshop for Web Design. Chris Converse, Design the Web: Getting CSS from Photoshop. Bryan Huges, Black and White with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

Jay Cross

YouTube also showed me what we wrong with my fridge and taught me how to create 300 dpi imagery with Photoshop, Flickr. The Learning Business Working SmarterIt’s time once again to contribute to Jane Hart’s annual survey of tools for learning.

Tools 83

Five Tips From Stacey Harmon for Integrating Snagit into the Getting Things Done Framework

TechSmith Camtasia

A long-time advocate of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD), Stacey Harmon has taken full advantage of available technologies to increase her business savvy. Saying that Stacey keeps busy is a huge understatement!

Using #Infographics

eLearning Cyclops

The course is an overview of a new line of business at my org. You can also create one from scratch using tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop or even Word. For a course I am currently completing, I included an infographic. I knew that for many, especially those not directly involved in the new line, retaining detailed knowledge about it will be a challenge as time passes.

Newbies: More PowerPoint Hacks for Your Cp Project: Using PowerPoint Template Backgrounds in Your Captivate Master Slides

Adobe Captivate

They are sorted by categories such as Education and Business. If you have Photoshop , I recommend using it for the next step. Although Cp can edit your image to fit your slide, I prefer Photoshop’s precision and editing options.

30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

Experiencing eLearning

Soft Skills & Business Training. Use brushes or filters in Photoshop. Whether you’re working freelance or looking for a full-time job, you need a portfolio. What if you can’t use any samples of your existing work due to confidentiality or security requirements?

Learning Goals and Objectives in Course Design


Now, let’s see a real example of an instructional goal vs. the objectives in an Art course and Photoshop course: Art Course. Photoshop course. Learners will learn how to use Photoshop CS5.

Course 102

Editing Images with PowerPoint

Integrated Learnings

Some also assume that in order to make basic changes to an image, they need to buy expensive software with a long learning curve such as Photoshop. There is even basic layer management that can be used through the “Selection Pane” that comes in handy on a busy slide. By Joseph Suarez.

Images 209

Masking effects in PowerPoint: Creating stencils


Let’s say you have a busy picture, with lots of things going on (I get all my pictures from Unsplash ). Though PowerPoint is no Photoshop, you can still do some impressive image hacking.

Insights from a design doyen: Q&A with Mark Heaps


We were lucky enough to meet Mark at the inaugural Click event in 2018 and knew that our blog readers would be blown away by his photography, Photoshop, and presentation expertise. I remember being in meetings with him and him describing his internal clients saying, “I think it’s really important that we show everybody’s busy.”. The first thought might be trying to find the most authentic looking photo you can of people in a meeting being busy. I want busy patterns.

Hot List - Second Half of January

Tony Karrer

Alternatives to Kirkpatrick Wiki as repository for a virtual community Wikipedia - tightening editing Remote Collaboration the Horizon report 2009 from Educause Items HP Learning Center - free online software, business, marketing and IT classes for small and medium business Keywords Social Media Work Skills Twitter Photoshop Captivate Adobe Google Articulate eBook Tools Demo ASTD TechKnowledge Notes on the list.

8 Editing Techniques for Great Images in Lectora

eLearning Brothers

But what if you’re not a Photoshop whiz or own a separate image editing software? If you’re not finding a character that fits your business needs, check out the eLearning Template Library for images in multiple industries. Guest blog by Jennifer Valley.

eLearning Learning Update

Tony Karrer

eLearning Learning was launched about a week ago. There has been quite a response and some great feedback. It made it to the delicious popular pages for eLearning and e-Learning. If you look at the other entries such as Jane Hart's recent top tools and Stephen Downes on The Future of Learning, that's quite good company. Several of my favorite bloggers have been added into the mix. I'm also listing what they show as their top tools in the widget for some of them - which I find interesting.

A Guide to Superior eLearning Graphics

Bottom-Line Performance

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are extremely useful tools for creating a variety of visuals. But I really think you get the most inspiration by just keeping your eyes open and seeing what other people are doing, especially outside of the eLearning business.

Guide 289

Holiday Wish List for Corporate Training Professionals: Part 4 - Software for Content Creation


It contains the information that is most valuable to the learner providing value to the business. Today, much of the value we offer the business is our ability to create digital media content quickly, inexpensively, and deliver it conveniently to any device.

April – May Updates: 1291 casual eLearning characters and more


It’s time to do a quick update, so that you guys know I’m keeping busy. note: it turned out to be a Photoshop action that didn’t work on the updated version… easy fix, but we had to reprocess a TON of images). Spring is flying by, and summer is now only a month away.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


After all, businesses big and small, from Fortune 100 multinationals to your local hair saloon chain, have already done so. Photoshop is, of course, the undisputed king for this kind of work, but it might not be your best choice for several reasons.

It’s All About the Brand, ‘Bout the Brand…

Learning Rebels

Then sometimes a company will rebrand for a reason only known to the ivory tower and the result becomes this: Leaving us all scratching our heads and taking liberty with Photoshop. . Brands are all around us and at a glance we know what they mean and who they represent.

Maslow 220

Learn a New Skill: Create Engaging Visual Content with Canva


With Canva, you can create images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, as well as blog graphics, business cards, emails, presentations, and fliers. For other tools to create visual content, check out our Piktochart course and our post on Adobe Photoshop.

Photo 77

Spotlight on.SHEVA


Beginner courses for Lower Grades; Instagram, Photoshop, internet safety & cost. Courses covering; Beginner and Advanced Introduction to Smartphones, WhatsApp for business, Duolingo for working Internationally, as well as Canva and YouTube to help innovate products.

Top 75 Online Courses for Freelancers To Up Their Game


Courses in business and management (7). So, you feel ready to launch your own business. Learn how to create a portfolio that converts, how to market your freelance business, pitch media, network, and much (trust us, much!) Business and Management Courses for Freelancers.

Virtual Jeans=Real Jeans

Kapp Notes

In the Double Happiness application, the data collected in Second Life at each work station is fed into to a computer running the graphics application, Adobe Photoshop, via an Application Program Interface (API) developed specifically for this application. In the future this.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Course in 2018


But, in case you have thought you have something to share with the world, there is a lot to concern about: – Are online courses the right type of online business for you? Coaching type courses you can create are: Business Coaching. Business Courses. Photoshop Course.

Guide 105

2018 The Year of Discovery

Learning Rebels

I’ve been in business, on my own, for four years. I could take a class in accounting, photoshop, or website development. They help fill my gaps, so I can focus on my strengths and build my knowledge and business.

5 Reasons Most Online Courses Fail (and How Not to be One of Them)


And since your online course generates business for you, why not run it through a few tested business validation methods ? Perhaps you could do a course on how to use Photoshop CS7 or focus on Twitter Bootstrap responsive design best practices.