e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Article comparing new Mash-Up tools (Popfly, Pipes, Google) - thanks Sam Adkins

Mark Oehlert

» June 03, 2007 Article comparing new Mash-Up tools (Popfly, Pipes, Google) - thanks Sam Adkins Sam Adkins at Ambient Insight passed along a link to a post on the Social Strategist that I just reading through now but which does a compare and contrast between some of the emerging tools for creating mash-ups. We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay

7 Steps for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints


But there’s good news: more than half of the time, those customers will do business with you again if you work with them to solve the problem. But when it comes to resolving customer complaints, putting up an argument is not going to win repeat business.

Measurement Matters: 3 Data Analytics Lessons to Remember

Talented Learning

Since the start of the digital age, we’ve all been swimming in business data. Even before data-based measurement became widespread , I saw its value at work in dozens of different business scenarios. Not so long ago, the road to business intelligence was tedious and expensive.

How Redis Labs Launched 600 Software Environments at RedisConf


Blog Business Conference Event recapEach year, Redis Labs , the home of open source Redis (more on Redis here ), hosts an annual conference called RedisConf.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Someone buy me this poster

Mark Oehlert

We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay

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Online Courses with Empty Promises


In most cases people want to build a small business around their online courses, and the vast majority of course creators have honest intentions. But there is an unfortunate “dark side” to the online course business. They want to sell you on a pipe-dream to get your money.

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I can’t get in, they can’t get out

Spark Your Interest

Maybe buying the “pro&# version of a product is the cost of doing business? Pipe-dream? One thing that I’ve noticed over the past few months is the challenge that an organization firewall presents for someone like me. I’m not an employee, or a long term contractor, just a short term consultant, so my clients can’t always invite me to collaborate using their internal tool.

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Employee Development in the Era of Screen Time

CLO Magazine

The idea that society is going to change is a pipe dream. In October 2018, a Bloomberg article suggested companies that invest more in development reap greater business rewards and less turnover. Much of this can be done using business simulations and serious games.

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Should Your Courses Have Affiliates?


I think you can agree though that this is a pipe-dream. If you have a strong network within the same industry as your course then having an affiliate program could have a big impact on your business. Some online businesses exist because of their affiliate program alone!

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Fighting the River–Saving the Middle School

Kapp Notes

It was a busy morning. As the water started to come into our side of the bridge through drainage pipes (draining the wrong way because of water pressure).

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Social Media: Searching for Work on LinkedIn

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Although you cannot tell in the photo, I linked to their business pages, if they have one. If you have your own business, create a LinkedIn page and link to it. The pipe gives your profile a fresh look and is a nice alternative to bullets.

5 More Great Books for Your Learning & Development Bookshelf

Mike Taylor

Robert Mager & Peter Pipe. Mager and Pipe do this from a holistic perspective focused on finding the true problem and then looking for the most effective and efficient solution.

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Screencast of the Week - Jay Bailey and RapidFire Video

TechSmith Camtasia

This week's Screencast of the Week has it all - mountains, roads, half-pipes and road rash! Exporting to various sizes and formats is important as some clients use these as a " Digital Business Card " and actually want to e-mail a small WMV file, while others upload it and send a link.

updates: the travel anxiety, the chilly interviewer, and more

eLearning Brothers

When I was in college and took a marketing class, I wrote two marketing plans for “pipe dream” companies I wanted to start. Anyway in the past year I had some side business opportunities. Somehow I unconsciously let it slip about my pipe dreams when corresponding with Jim. One of his areas of business he deals with is advising small start-ups. Here are updates from four people whose letters were answered here in the past.

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The dawn of a new generation

E-Learning Provocateur

The real tracking now should be done with the business scorecard. Or is it just a pipe dream? User-generated content (UGC) is not a novel concept, but most of us in the corporate sector have barely scratched its surface.

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How to Up Your Competency Management Game for 2019


This vision isn’t a pipe dream. But solving strategic business goals through competency management is a complex endeavor and it’s really tough to do that well without technology. Think ahead to this time next year. What if you didn’t have to wonder where your employees shine?

Pipes 61


Jay Cross

Intro: If you want to learn how to fix a pipe, solve a partial differential equation, write software, you are seconds away from know-how via YouTube, Wikipedia and search engines. The Peeragogy Handbook. How to Use this Handbook. Working together is how things get done.

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Job Site Safety Training: is it Worth it?

KMI Learning

The props included objects like ground pounders, shovels, sand bags, barrels, pipes and anything else that could be safely brought into the classroom. Visit our website today and see if PowerLift is the right fit for your business.

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The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

Origin Learning

As people juggle busy schedules at work, relationships, and family commitments; expecting people to sit together in one room for a long training session facilitated by an instructor is proving cumbersome for organizations.

xapi 151

How the Big Data of NASCAR Reflects the Future of Learning


It's all about looking into the future and preparing for 5G: Bigger wireless "pipes" and faster connectivity. Keeping your eye on other businesses and how they use technology is your window into the future. So consider your business and people you serve with learning solutions.

Social Network Analysis - Twitter - Social Media - Best Stuff from Last Week

Tony Karrer

Business Casual , April 25, 2009 Fantastic File Converter - eLearning Acupuncture , April 24, 2009 Call for eLearning Demonstrations - eLearning Technology , May 1, 2009 When should you use Informal Learning? Upside Learning Blog , April 27, 2009 Online CEU Credits - eLearning Technology , April 27, 2009 508 Compliance, Even If You Do Not Need To - MinuteBio , April 30, 2009 Diffusion of Innovations - Kapp Notes , April 30, 2009 Gathering comments with Yahoo Pipes?

What are you reading for eLearning insight?

Integrated Learnings

Books about training, consulting, and trendy business topics. For instance, when I was in the Instructional and Performance Technology master’s program at Boise State University, the books required for my classes included The Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook by Judith Hale (included a CD with several consulting templates), Systems Thinking Basics by Virginia Anderson and Lauren Johnson (an easy-to-read workbook), and Analyzing Performance Problems by Robert Mager and Peter Pipe.

Desire2Learn Mobile FLV - eLearning from Last Week

Tony Karrer

May 3, 2009 How to Get the Most Out of a Conference , May 7, 2009 New technology supporting informal learning , May 4, 2009 Royalty-Free Music , May 2, 2009 Top Keywords Camera (8) Twitter (27) Pipes (2) Desire2Learn (2) Social Network Analysis (2) Learning Management System (6) Mobile (18) FLV (2) Photo (9) ISPI (2) TechSmith (2) Articulate Presenter (2) eLearning Technology. Here what eLearning Learning thinks is the most interesting stuff from last week.

How to lead the way with learning analytics (Free Guide)


This is the edge that Chief Learning Officers and Heads of L&D have been looking for, and it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! Imagine being so confident in your understanding of your audience that you can design elearning you know will work.

LMS and Gamification


The good news is, with just a little tweaking, you can have things hot and piping in your learning management system. Follow these simple tips: Identify key performance goals of your business Gamification is only effective when it is placed for certain goals and behaviors within a system.

Is your company ready for the iGeneration?


A pipe does not break only during weekends. I don’t know about you, but I find shopping malls to be tremendously tiring: so many choices, so many people, so much noise. But at the same time, shopping malls can be truly surprising, and even inspiring.

Letting our hair down

Learning with e's

We all processed in to the grand strains of the huge cathedral pipe organ. It was also a time for the staff to let our hair down a little, and spend some fun time together at the end of a very busy and challenging academic year.

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3-Real-world elearning challenge: Improve call center customer satisfaction


THE BUSINESS GOAL WE CRAFTED: Increase satisfaction ratings from 67% in 2016 to 90% in 2018, by maintaining an escalation ratio of 40% of all calls (+/- 2%), with at least 95% of escalated calls meeting escalation criteria. In this third post, we’ll look at what learners need to be able to do in order to achieve the business goal. For now, your job is to continue eliciting all the actions that people need to take to reach the business goal.

Five Barriers to Effective Learning in Organisations

Performance Learning Productivity

Even in organisations where L&D priorities are closely aligned with business priorities there’s plenty of head-room for improvement. In fact the business impact of most training and development is not even measured in many cases, so a definite figure is difficult to determine.

How to Create an LMS Mission Statement

Growth Engineering

Your business might have come a long way since its birth, but in all likelihood, the reasons for its creation are the same now as they’ve always been. Different business sectors will have different requirements. Why should any customer choose your business over your competitors?

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The Corporate Training Predictions You Need to Know for 2017


That changes who we are, what we do, and how we add value to the business. We can now be a strong integrated part of the business because we know more about how the brains of our employees process the content we produce. You must make the decision based on your specific business needs.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

Talented Learning

Imagine that your organization is informed in real-time about individual and program progress, as well as relevant business impact. Sounds like a pipe dream, right? If you don’t empower your sales teams to sell, your business is nothing but an idea.

People who get it… in El Lay

Jay Cross

Those peasants consider their compatriots distant from the equator cold, dull, uncreative, and uptight business types. Ceci n’est-ce pas une pipe. Here’s a pattern I’ve seen in California, Italy, France, Australia, Germany, the U.S., Brazil, Australia, and Spain.

Pipes 46

Preparing for Change

Bottom-Line Performance

My number one recommendation for preparing your organization for change is to not wait until change is coming down the pipe to start preparing for it. Recognize that there is a business case for success and the emotional metamorphosis required for sustained success. I’ll start with some foundational business questions to ask: 1. When I was fifteen my father told me that one thing I can always count on is that things are going to change.

Change 128

Why companies should consider the gamification of work


The use of gamification in business training is a tried and true strategy of getting high engagement rates from the part of employees. Companies that operate in high-risk environments might better not allow a receptionist to test leaking gas pipes.

Interesting Information via eLearning Learning

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Ken Allan - Blogger in Middle-earth Ken talks about everything including some that come up for me Writing a Blog , Analytics , Communities of Practice , Photoshop , Pipes , Firefox , RSS. Mel Aclaro - Business Casual Mel has a lot of interesting topics, but clearly a lot around social topics ( Social Media , Social Networks , LinkedIn , Twitter , RSS , Social Network , Facebook ), but keep him in mind for Streaming , Privacy , and Internationalization.

Alternate Career Options for L&D

Learning Cafe

We will also be exploring alternative career options and pathways for L&D professions wanting to branch out into other business areas and industries. Rhys Cohen works in Business Development for a specialist L&D recruitment company; HCi Professional Services. Jeevan has explored may alternate career options – HR Manager, PeopleSoft /Oracle Consultant, Business Development, Entrepreneur, Professional Services Manager, Board Member … Big Questions.