Product Review: Plateau TMS (Talent Management System)

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I’ll be the first to admit, that I was not a big fan of the previous versions of the Plateau system. After viewing the Plateau TMS, my concerns in one area have been eliminated, in others, not so much. Plateau LMS is a Talent Management System, made up of four modules. Plateau Learning. Plateau Performance. Plateau Career and Succession. Plateau Compensation. Front end (what the end user sees) UI – A giant Kudos to Plateau.

Is Your Business in Need of a Change?


The same is true in business. To challenge the status quo, businesses need to know when it is time for a change and embrace it. Your business has hit a plateau. Research reviews on your business. The post Is Your Business in Need of a Change?

6+1 Tips On Starting A Successful Training Business


Of course starting your own training business is not easy , but only in the sense that starting any kind of business can be daunting. What’s more, you have this handy guide we’ve made for you, with everything you need to know on how to start an online training business.

2019 eLearning Predictions – Hype Curve

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The discussion of the concept or technology increases a bit – never reaching the previous level of buzz, because the only people with reason to discuss it are the actual users – and reaches a moderate, stable level: Gartner dubs this phase the Plateau of Productivity.

2016 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

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We think this one has a relatively clear path to the Plateau of Productivity. Defense Department is supporting it, so xAPI will probably eventually make it through the swiftly approaching Trough of Disillusionment and make it to the Plateau of Productivity….eventually.

Executive Education Excellence

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IESE Business School, the graduate business school of the University of Navarra, consistently ranks on the Financial Times ’ annual twin rankings of executive education programs worldwide; the publication does separate rankings for open-enrollment programs and customized courses.

Gamification, Virtual Worlds and The Gartner Hype Cycle

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The Hype Cycle provides strategists and planners with an assessment of the maturity, business benefit and future direction of certain technologies. The final height of the plateau varies according to whether the technology is broadly applicable or benefits only a niche market.

Breakthrough eLearning: Whats the Purpose of an LMS?

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The presenters were Josh Bersin of Bersin & Associates and Shelly Heiden of Plateau Systems. The biggest reported “business driver” for purchasing an LMS was to “manage training administration,” and the biggest reported benefit to having an LMS was for “tracking and reporting” on training activity. Where is the view that an LMS could be a great tool for improving employee performance and facilitating the achievement of specific business results?

2016 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

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We think this one has a relatively clear path to the Plateau of Productivity. Defense Department is supporting it, so xAPI will probably eventually make it through the swiftly approaching Trough of Disillusionment and reach the Plateau of Productivity….eventually.

MOOCs: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Headed

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Several pundits and observers have noted that MOOCs are following the Gartner hype cycle for emerging technologies, and most agree that we are now somewhere between the “trough of disillusionment” and the “slope of enlightenment,” on our way to the “plateau of productivity.”.

2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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Data Visualization in eLearning: Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise was published in 2012, and right about that time the market for self-service business intelligence software (Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI) went bonkers. Plateau of Productivity.

Helping Consultants, Experts, and Coaches Smash Through Personal and Professional Plateaus with David Shriner-Cahn


David shares what he has learned about best practices in business from interviewing entrepreneurs, along with strategies you can implement to smash the plateau in your business’s growth. Many business owners and entrepreneurs think about success as a linear progression.

Overcoming the forgetting curve in training courses


L&D specialists constantly search for ways to create courses that are relevant, engaging and that can prove a positive ROI for the business. Finally, it reaches a plateau where it stops.

The dawn of a new generation

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However in the past 6 months improvements have plateaued despite improving the content and structure of the training workshops. The real tracking now should be done with the business scorecard.

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2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

Web Courseworks

Data Visualization in eLearning: Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise was published in 2012, and right about that time the market for self-service business intelligence software (Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI) went bonkers. Plateau of Productivity.

How Could Custom Solutions Help Meet your Goals?

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Maybe your team needs some encouragement to think about things in a different way after you hit a plateau. A custom solution works with your business’s ebbs and flows by filling a gap that internal resources cannot cover.

Meridian Expands Leadership Team with Learning Industry Experts


Most recently, Kai served as the VP of Business Development at Blackboard. and Plateau Systems. “We Reston, VA – December 13, 2018 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions today announced a significant leadership team expansion with the recent addition of three learning industry veterans.

Kevin Oakes on the Rise and Fall of the LMS

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• Plateau is a leading provider of talent management software, content and services designed to increase workforce productivity and drive business success. • KnowledgePlanet is a leading provider of performance-based learning solutions and services that drive business alignment, operational efficiencies and competitive advantage through workforce and talent development. Sitting in a fun presentation by Kevin Oakes at DevLearn on the Rise and Fall of the LMS.

Gamification and the Hype Cycle

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Virtually all areas of business could benefit from gamification as it can help to achieve three broad business objectives 1) to change behavior; 2) to develop skills; or 3) to enable innovation.

Harnessing Hyperconnectivity

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But how do we apply all this to the skills development and training needs of business? Some are going through a steep learning curve early in their role, others may have plateaued and be looking for tips and techniques, and others simply want to reinvent themselves.

3 Considerations of modern career development


That is because the business world has changed so much over the years and promises to transform even more every day that it is almost impossible to make an accurate prediction of where organizations will be in a couple of years.

LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers

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Overall Rating Plateau Learning Managem. Plateau Systems, LTD 22 6.24 Virtual Learning System Plateau Systems, LTD 1 5.90 Update, Nov.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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To wit, we in online learning are often in the business of managing transactions. Less abstractly, the CE business of non-profit associations is threatened by for-profit CE providers that undercut the associations’ prices. Plateau of Productivity.

The Augmented LMS: New Life for Talent Management Learning?

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Old-school LMS companies (like SumTotal , Plateau , , GeoLearning and Certpoint ) were acquired by much larger talent and HR-suite providers like SAP/SuccessFactors , Infor , Oracle and IBM.

Don’t waste your budget on a magic bullet

From the Coleface

I never practiced much between lessons so fairly soon my playing standard plateaued (over 80% of my playing time was actually in violin lessons). In a management culture where quick fixes are valued over consistent processes, the magic bullet is king; everyone would like to think that in one quick intervention the situation will get fixed (and who is the external training consultant to argue as this fits their own business model nicely).

Budget 100

5 Signs It’s Time to Make A Career Change


If you’re finding that your heart sinks when you step into the workplace, or that the hours seem to drag by, then it sounds like you’ve plateaued. People, roles and businesses change over time, so it may be that you are no longer the right fit.

7 Surprising Things Hurting Your Development as a Leader


Many people in leadership roles struggle with hitting a plateau when it comes to enhancing their leadership skills. Are you so busy, you scarf lunch down at your desk by yourself, or worse you skip it all together? If you are unhappy in your development as a leader, you’re not alone. As with the path to developing any skill, you are going to hit valleys and peaks on your way to developing as a leader.

Top Ten Learning Management Systems – July Rankings

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Some conversations I have with them includes pitching themselves as some type of business intelligence tool with learning, other times it is the opposite. How a vendor of this size and quality can have this business approach in this day and age is beyond me.

Can we jumpstart new tech usage?

Clark Quinn

Everyone would be using them to conduct business, and folks would work from desktops connecting to everyone else. The Gartner Hype Cycle talks about the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ and then the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’, followed by the ‘Slope of Enlightenment’ until you reach the ‘Plateau of Productivity’ (such vibrant language!).

Should you use MOOCs over other forms of corporate trainings?

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Over a period of time, we may even see hybrid models of MOOCs and traditional training methods as this new concept reaches its plateau of productivity in the hype cycle. Bryant’s business career has been based on his results-oriented style of empowering the individual.

Action Mapping for ELearning


Your trainings seem to be hitting the plateau. Identify business goal: Organizational goals have to be linked with performance goals. Ever wondered why the best laid plans for eLearning go awry? Why the human resources managers are unhappy and why the employees fail to perform?

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – What you need to know (criteria, approach, and yeah some vendors)

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These are vendors who have been around a long time, build share of the market and generally speaking had early name recognition which has helped them in build business. SuccessFactors – Just for those folks to remember, SF is owned by SAP and had acquired Plateau. They haven’t been Plateau for a few years, so stop calling them Plateau – a pet peeve of mine. Small Business. It’s nearly here.

LMSs, TMs and HCMs

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Oracle then followed suit by acquiring SuccessFactors who had acquired Plateau in the past. I’m sure the people who had purchased Plateau or even SuccessFactors Learning system were delighted to hear the news. Right now, they are separate LOBs (lines of business) but will they eventually fall under the spell of integrating the two? I’m not sure, but if you look at some of their competitors, it would make strong business sense.

Tablet install base is promising


Not only is the plateau in sales good news for the obvious reason that it signifies a large and happy install base, it may also invite an aggressive wave of further product sales. Tablet install base is promising.

Advice for High-achievers and Leaders Who Coach Them

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While they love success and recognition, they have little experience with failure when they enter the business world. If you are a star performer, you will plateau at some point in your career if you can’t make and learn from mistakes. Your ability to do things well could keep you from taking risks. A common pattern among high-achievers and leaders who have a history of excellence is a consistent focus on the tried and true.

Niche Is the New Black: ASTD Conference Day 2

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Since I saw Chris and Moki last, they’ve dropped out of the 9 to 5 and started up their own business serving a unique niche. Their business idea? Worldwide, the soccer industry is a booming business and Euro teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid are giants. Over dinner at a great Cuban restaurant outside Orlando, they told me how their little niche business grew almost right from the start.


2010 LMS Products of the Year

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Big Dog (Saba, SumTotal, Plateau, Cornerstone OnDemand, If you are seeking TM as your focus and you want one of the big dogs – I found Plateau’s system to offer appropriate functionality for it, but found some real concern in other areas (see my product review). Made specifically for business. Your competitors are not always the Big Dogs –, Saba, Plateau, etc. LMS Products of the Year 2010.