Team Players: Collaborating in Business


Being a team player is one of the most coveted traits that employers look for in new candidates. What does being a team player mean? Millennials grew up participating in sports and being team players from their earliest days of playing tee-ball. Business

MOOC Major Players


The MOOC landscape is taking shape , and just like social networking sites before it, the major players are starting to emerge. There is a good chance that we’ll see some more MOOCs emerge in the near term, and then expect them to dwindle away as the true major players begin to emerge.

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Free xAPI HTML5 Video Player

Learning Dojo

I have been extremely busy. One template that I have been spending some extra time on has been my xAPI HTML5 Video Player. So if you want to download a free xAPI video player, head over to my downloads section or download the template here

Ready Player None: The Pitfalls of Gamification

eLearning Alchemy

Like all learning efforts, gamification is a solution that should be designed to solve a specific business problem. You should never set out to build a gamified course, you should always set out to solve a business problem. Length: 777 words. Reading Time: ~3.5 minutes.

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5 Major Players in Distance Learning


To explore the distance learning major players in more detail, let me introduce Allie Cooper – an individual who has a passion for all things learning, education technology, and the latest industry happenings. Below, we’ll feature five major players in distance learning worldwide.

How to Use Articulate Storyline 2 Game Templates and Player Skins

eLearning Brothers

Since the Articulate Storyline 2 update, we’ve been busy tweaking our templates to work with the new software. As you may know, developing game templates and player skins can take a lot of time. How to Use Articulate Storyline 2 Player Skins.

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How to Make a Game Live So Players Can Access It

Knowledge Guru

With automatic email reminders enabled, Knowledge Guru Drive will automatically send email reminders to players after extended periods of inactivity. Follow these steps to make your game live so players can access it, and enable or disable email reminders: Quick Steps List. When enabled, email reminders are sent after the following periods of inactivity, until players log back in to Drive: 3 Business Days. 6 Business Days. 9 Business Days.

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The Benefits of Gamification In Business

Hurix Digital

They keep a player focused, excited, and constantly motivated to succeed. Gamification in business is the conscious integration of these game mechanics into existing processes to better engage users. Benefits of Gamification in Business.

Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player | LearnNuggets


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags articulate , eLearning , tutorial Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player by Kevin on May 20th, 2010 To kick things off, a note on the words: “Player” and “Skin”.

Successful Business Digitals – How Do They Do It?

Your Training Edge

After the crash of the dot com era in 2001, entrepreneurs were worried about the next big thing that would be basically the breakthrough technology to support business operations and decision making. Let’s scroll through some factors that determine successful business digitals: 1.

Business Process, customer experience, IoT!

Origin Learning

Can IoT prove to be an integrating factor for diverse businesses in a dynamically-evolving digital environment? IoT is all about re-imaging things: business process, customer experiences. Ditto is the case with FMCG players and those in the industrial engineering domain.

Securing your Video Player

KZO Innovations

When utilizing an enterprise video platform , one of the top concerns is almost always securing your video player. A secure video player means content owners can select the level of permissions for groups, the level of user authentication, and secure the delivery of the video stream. Permission can be granted per individual or group to accommodate many business units within the same enterprise that have video needs.

Two Key Players Create Value from Competency-Based Learning

CLO Magazine

That reality only deepens the disconnect between academia and business that she said contributes to the skills gap employers are facing. Higher education’s use of competency-based learning (CBL) delivery approaches may be the key to mitigating the skills gap.

3 Trends Proving mLearning is a Power Player


Although mobile learning, also referred to as mlearning, is not yet as readily available as companies would like, it has already proven to be a major power player in elearning. According to Ambient Insight , the rapidly growing mlearning business is estimated to double to become a $12.2 This value may be surprising, but when you consider the fact that 47% of businesses having already adopted some form of mlearning for training employees, its growth is not at all shocking.

Know All about The Players in the E-learning Outsourcing Process

CommLab India

Stakeholders are the owners of the business requirement. They may not be e-learning experts, but wish to use e-learning to achieve their business goals. The success of outsourcing in e-learning depends on the quality of people management on both sides, especially the vendor side.

Reasons why every business needs a good leadership

Your Training Edge

A successful business is not only composed of business strategies but also exceptional leadership. A business that has all the fundamental things which are needed to operate a business but lacks a good leader will not be able to retain its positioning the market.

Making A Business Case For Software Change


Pro basketball player and businessman Michael Jordan famously once said that “limits, like fears, are often just an illusion” He was right too, our limitations are mostly self imposed. The post Making A Business Case For Software Change appeared first on Administrate. That said, some are surmountable and some, well… I’d really quite like the ability to fly, but alas, I’m not Superman. The same Read More. Published on December 15, 2016.

Improve Sales Performance by Identifying Poker Players Part 2

Training Industry

Can your sales team identify Poker Players? Procurement has learned that by masking their true buying criteria they are able to weaken your sale’s strategy and tactically maneuver you into caving to their discount demands - flatly denying your value and any impact to their business. Consider the buyer who has been willing to listen to your value message and has provided essential data to calculate the impact your value will have on their business.

The power of one

E-Learning Provocateur

In other words, the player exploits his or her “locus of control” Of course you’re not the CEO, so you can’t make anything happen just by decreeing it. Are you a victim or a player?

5 Business Cases that Call for Serious Games

Knowledge Guru

No matter what learning solution you think you want to produce, it’s important to identify the learning need (and business need) before starting a project. Use the five business cases described above to inspire you as you look to find ways to apply serious games in your organization.

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The Business Partnership Award

CLO Magazine

that has demonstrated exceptional business impact from their workforce development programs. To improve these soft skills, Bechtel University created an interactive, business-relevant program that works for all types of learners. is a key player. Learning in Practice Awards 2016.

The benefits of business simulation

Sponge UK

Business simulations allow learners to interact with a realistic version of their work environment. Business simulations seek to put the learner in a realistic scenario that they will encounter in their work life. Mirror real business challenges in your simulation story.

Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading

Bottom-Line Performance

Responsive Player: Did you get excited when I said “responsive”? While a responsive player is heavily touted addition to Storyline 360, in reality, the player leaves developers a little wanting. Sometimes the responsive player ends up being a bit of a miss.

Business games

Learning with e's

In my response, I echoed what I had earlier said in my Zukunft Personal keynote - Open Educational Resources are the start of a movement that is already transferring itself to the business sector. I pointed out that some major players in the gaming industry are participating.

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6+1 Tips On Starting A Successful Training Business


Of course starting your own training business is not easy , but only in the sense that starting any kind of business can be daunting. What’s more, you have this handy guide we’ve made for you, with everything you need to know on how to start an online training business.

4 Ways Gamification Drives Business Results

Bottom-Line Performance

These types of results are hard to quantify, yet they drive meaningful value for a business. There are still plenty of ways gamification can drive business results within an organization. What’s the value of a more informed sales rep?

[Video] How to Modify Custom Articulate Storyline 2 Skins

eLearning Brothers

Since the announcement of Articulate Storyline 2 , we have been busy creating new Storyline 2 templates. For Storyline 1 users, look at the video on How to Use Articulate Storyline Player Skins.

What Is Mobile Learning and Why It’s a Must-Have for Your Elearning Business?

Adobe Captivate

In addition, busy bees with tight schedule can’t find time to learn, and they prefer to consume information when they have free time, for example during the commute. Gartner foresees that 45% of businesses will work according to BYOD (bring your own device) policy by 2020.

2 Ways to Take Care of Business in Captivate

eLearning Brothers

How’s that for taking care of business!? Teamwork is an essential part of business operations. Our Business 01 layout template tries to capture the look and feel of what it means to be a team player. The Business 03 layout has the feeling of buying a new suit.

How To Add A Live Event To Your Mostly Online Education Business Mix With Mike Morrison From The Membership Guys


Learn about how to add a live event to your mostly online education business mix with Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. We don’t build online businesses to actually have to go out there and meet people, right?

Sports and Business Are Not Analogous

The Performance Improvement Blog

For the past few weeks it seems like all we’ve heard from the news media are analogies between sports and business. We do love our sports, whether player or spectator. He cites five ways in which the Olympics (and sports in general) do not teach us about business.

E-Learning Specialist: What’s Your Perspective? Key Players For Development!

Designing Digitally

A successful project will begin with a detailed analysis of the actual business needs and not the preferences of the client. Traditionally, people think in terms of an individual who masterfully does it all. He or She designs, develops and evaluates content that will be used for training.

Webinar highlights business case for elearning games

Sponge UK

Serious results with serious fun: The business case for elearning games is being hosted by award-winning elearning company, Sponge UK at 1500 (BST) on Thursday, September 15. The post Webinar highlights business case for elearning games appeared first on Sponge UK.

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Knowledge Guru Adds Business Theme Packs and Experience API Control Panel

Knowledge Guru

I’m excited to unveil two new enhancements to the Knowledge Guru® product: two Business theme packs and tight Experience (Tin Can) API integration. You can now create your own game in a business-themed world, with a businessman or businesswoman version of the Guru.

The power of one

E-Learning Provocateur

In other words, the player exploits his or her “locus of control” Of course you’re not the CEO, so you can’t make anything happen just by decreeing it. Are you a victim or a player?

How to Get Your Learners as Addicted as Pokemon Go Players


You can barely go online–let alone leave your house–without meeting a barrage of Pokemon Go players hunting for a Jigglypuff or looking for tips to level up. It’s the players themselves driving the craze. Message boards and forums are abuzz with tips for Pokemon hunting; players are interacting out in public; and, most importantly, players are logging in again and again throughout the day.

4 Reasons why you should include games in business training


Business training is a very dynamic field and with the rapid globalization leading to companies hiring people in all corners of the world, e-learning is starting to be the norm rather than a once in while solution for training. 4 Reasons why you should include games in business training.