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What you need 2 know: 3rd Party Content

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Then – Client contacts their new LMS vendor or current one, says they need courses in Business, Safety, Software. The courses sit on the LMS server, thus in a sense your LMS and not on the 3rd party course provider’s servers. Some may be free (TED) or some MOOCs, others are fee-based (Skillsoft, Skill Pill, Harvard Business, etc.). . Then: Quality was mixed. Skillsoft too. Skillsoft – B2B, partnerships.

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Implement An Online Learning Content Strategy

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More and more 3rd party content providers are requiring their content to be housed on their servers, with it appearing in either an iFrame within the LMS or LEP OR the learner has to click a link and go to the 3rd party provider’s web site. – but on the 3rd party provider’s servers. First off, this vendor houses it on their own servers, not on the LMS. After all, it screams bad business. Better quality.

State of the E-Learning Industry 2017

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3rd party courseware providers (ex: Skillsoft, Wiley). As a whole, business is being generated in all areas, how much is a different story – since it varies by market and by the vendor themselves. Analyticals and reporting (quality and quantity). Thus, from a price standpoint, price plays a partial factor in quality, but it is truly dependent on the custom development shop. They are not cheap, but quality is outstanding.