How To Quickly Create Documentation Without Compromising Quality (Customer Story)

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Snagit now helps employees process information faster and with a professional polish that meets the high-quality expectations maintained by DFCU Financial. DFCU Financial upgrades to Snagit after free tools become a hindrance to business. At a glance.

Accelerating innovation through platform development for high-quality outcomes

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Organizations in the business of consumer engagement, specifically Edtech companies dealing with the Generation Alpha today, face a constant imperative: how to innovate by adopting modern technologies in an ever-evolving digital environment.

How to Increase Revenue by Optimizing Business Systems

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Businesses in today’s market carry huge burdens because of inefficient business systems that disrupt day-to-day operations and complicated processes. Often, company heads make the decision to re-purpose a system rather than think about the functionality of the business system long-term.

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3 Crucial steps in ensuring business agility


Well established organizations pride themselves with how long they have existed and many even put their starting year on their logo – the fact that they have been around for a long time is supposed to be a quality guarantee. 3 Steps in ensuring business agility.

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The Business Impact Award

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The Business Impact Award is for learning executives who have implemented a significant measurement or evaluation program that has demonstrated exceptional business impact from their workforce development programs.

Upgrading learning management systems: What to look for


Upgrading learning management systems: What to look for. The role of learning in business. Given the important and various roles e-learning plays in corporate training, utilizing a strong learning management system (LMS) lends businesses a competitive advantage.

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Quiz Maker › Take Quizzes › Computers & Tech › HP Business NoteBook nx6320 battery. Loading Page, Please wait… HP Business NoteBook nx6320 battery. Brand new high quality 4400mAh HP Business Notebook NX6320 battery Black. All of our replacement HP laptop batteries are made with high quality safe parts and are guaranteed to meet or even exceed the original manufacturers specifications. Business Management. -->. -->. Upgrade.

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Inculcating learning culture in the organization – Who’s Baby: Business Honchos or L&D?


One of my recent discussions with a business leader triggered a debate – Is it the individual employee’s responsibility to develop his or her talent? And the only thing which can create this differentiation is the quality of education one receives and the quality of training one gets.

Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

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We're excited to introduce a fun new project we're working on this month--the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive! For our first week, we asked each business to give us some insight into who they are, what they do, and how screencasting might fit in with some of their goals for the year.

Active Loyalty in the Lifelong Learning Business

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Hog’ owners become part of a community of high-quality, expensive motorcycle owners sporting the brand’s clothes and tattoos. Ask them: What do we need to do to keep your business for the next few years? Nobody likes to think their business is taken for granted.

How To Add A Live Event To Your Mostly Online Education Business Mix With Mike Morrison From The Membership Guys


Learn about how to add a live event to your mostly online education business mix with Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. We don’t build online businesses to actually have to go out there and meet people, right?

Show Me the Money: Building a Rock-Solid Business Case for E-Learning


We have to look at it from the business perspective as well. By not knowing how to do X, what business impacts are we seeing? Once you have the problem(s) clearly articulated from a business perspective, you can begin to list the e-learning program’s benefits to address these issues.

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Podcast 23: Open Source LMS Advantages – With Lars Hyland of Totara

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KEY TAKEAWAYS: Over the past decade, open source software has become pervasive in business environments. The primary advantage of an open source LMS is flexibility, so you can customize, modify and scale learning solutions as your business needs change. .

Mindflash in the New York Times: How One Business Made the Switch


Make your company grow with an LMS system for small business now!


It’s time to make your company grow in unparalleled levels with the acquisition of an LMS system for small business! An LMS system for small business will bring you multiple advantages when training employees or clients. Other benefits of LMS system for small business implementation.

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How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation That Isn’t Boring

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In this post, we’ll give you our top tips to upgrade your PowerPoint slides in order to reach your audience and give a presentation they’ll actually remember. The business world is starting to get smart about how GIFs can be used to improve company communication. Business Featured

LMS Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Learning Systems Market Update

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In fact, for nearly a decade, LMS trends have been shaped by market demand for robust business solutions that extend beyond traditional talent management functions. This makes it tough for LXPs to win business if they don’t beat the SMB LMS specialists in the door.

Why We’re Excited About Open edX Hawthorn


Optimized video quality with adaptive video streaming. While you were able to deliver video content via S3, you were stuck delivering them at only one resolution quality. With adaptive streaming in Hawthorn, video quality can now adapt to the speed of the learner’s internet connection.

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Continuing Education: Will You Sell More CEUs With an LMS?

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Continuing education is a big business. Thanks to a surge in learning technology innovation and greater demand for a workforce with proven professional skills , the business of selling continuing education units ( CEUs ) is growing bigger each day. 6) Business-Critical Priority.

7 Warning Signs It’s Time To Change Your Corporate Learning Strategy

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The strategy is not only a basic precondition of success in business but also one of the rare surefire ways to retain reliable workers. When Is the Right Time to Upgrade a Corporate Learning Strategy? Every business or organization needs a solid corporate learning strategy.

Customer Spotlight: How Itential Grew Customer Training Attendance by 2x with Virtual Labs


The Itential Academy training team wanted to help their customers, partners, and the network automation community build applications on its platform through courses and quality API documentation.

Taking gamification in training to the next level


Not two years ago, on a warm summer night I happened to be the beneficiary of free and reliable babysitting – the grandparents had come over to spend quality time with the baby. Businesses have started loving gamification as much as players use games.

The ABCs of Choosing the Right LMS

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The truth is that a quality LMS can enhance the productivity of your employee’s daily functions, encourage retention, and promote overall engagement, all of which make a favorable impact on your bottom line. What are your business needs and requirements?

Employee Management Skills Every Leader Should Know

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Whether you’re the Chief Executive Officer of a worldwide business or the proprietor of a tiny retail store, you need to involve the task with more than a vision. If you wish to have a managerial spot in this area, it’s critical that you show an understanding of the business in its entirety.

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4 Closing Tips to Help You Sell Online Courses


You can have a whole cohort of curious customers on the fence about singing up for your course, but still run out of business before you can convince them to take the final step. Income is hard to predict, and that makes it difficult to make smart business decisions. You can make better-informed business decisions, and sleep easy at night knowing what your next paycheck will look like. If you started with a basic course and then found ways to upgrade it: congratulations!

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Measuring the Effectiveness of E-Learning Compliance Courses


For some, a breach of a law or regulation could be business critical at worst and seriously damaging to your reputation at best. Therefore, you must allocate more resources to compliance issues that present your business with the greatest amount of risk.

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


A Learning Platform empowers L&D departments to drive business growth through their efforts, and a key pillar of this solution is the Learning Management System (LMS). There are many benefits and advantages to both businesses and their learners when implementing an LMS.

Effectiveness of Corporate Learning and Development programs

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Increased standards of productivity and quality. Productivity and quality are the core things. It is very important for corporations to maintain their standards of quality and productivity because if the standard gets low it can damage organization’s image.

The Role of Technology in the Workplace


There are a few cons to having technology fill a prominent role in your business, but the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The primary drawbacks include dependency, the constant need to upgrade and possible negative effects on workplace relationships. But if you need to upgrade your system very often, it can be time-consuming as well as expensive.

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Snagit vs Snipping Tool: 5 Reasons You Need To Switch

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Here at TechSmith, we often hear from people who try out the built-in tool to cut costs, but they soon come to Snagit when they realize how much time and quality they were losing without using it.

The ABCs of Choosing the Right LMS

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The truth is that a quality LMS can enhance the productivity of your employee’s daily functions, encourage retention, and promote overall engagement, all of which make a favorable impact on your bottom line. What are your business needs and requirements?

We Can Build Your Next eLearning Course!

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Our team has many years of experience in the eLearning business and have worked with Fortune 500 companies to build quality eLearning courses. Developing new eLearning courses or upgrading current courses. We do much more than just create awesome eLearning templates! The eLearning Brothers Custom Development team is ready and available to help you create dynamic and engaging learning experiences that are customized to your eLearning needs.

How to Select the Right eLearning Authoring Tools and Services

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Deciding on the right eLearning authoring tool is a tricky business unless you are sure of what you want. Then again, technical support, upgrades/updates may not be included in the price and this would make the authoring tool more affordable. What is an eLearning Authoring Tool?

Why it Is Important to Be a Real Leader to Your Employees

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” Integrating this leader mentality into your business will immediately lead you to great success. As a manager or a boss, implementing this frame of mind will boost your business in no time. Integrity is a key quality which defines your business in the end.

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