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If you had to choose an eLearning provider solely on the basis of samples, and one gave you a module with just text, and the other gave you a module with text and a voice-over provided by professional talent, you’d be likely to think the latter represented the better product.

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Audio for eLearning: What's that Popping Sound?

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by Rick Zanotti Have you ever listened to an eLearning lesson and heard annoying popping sounds as the narrator spoke? The popping sounds are called plosives , as in "explosives," or P-pops. The air causes the microphone to create the "popping" sound, which can be distracting to learners. If you're busy, it's probably not a good option for you.

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Sound Advice Bad Leaders Don’t Listen To


” There are literally hundreds of things a leader of a team or business is responsible for and if you miss on any of them at a particular time it will hurt performance. Whether you are a leader with an extremely busy calendar or one who tends to keep your schedule more free and flexible, here are two ways to improve the quality of your relationships during the time you spend together: Share Your Competence.

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How to Soundproof a Room for Quality Voice Overs

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No amount of set design, camera effects, or lighting tricks will help your finished video if your audio sounds like an old cassette tape. Your point gets lost in the static along with your voice. The Science Behind Sound. Sound moves in waves.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. audio elements, including your voice. As a busy L&D professional, you want to spend more. training data, you’d have had to pay a variable fee, with the potential for spiraling costs as your business. true business impact.

A Conversation with Eric Lee about Voice Talent, Storytelling and the Industry

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The other day I had a chance to ask Eric Lee a few questions about being a voice artist , storytelling, how he got started and why high quality audio is so important for effective eLearning. Kapp: You are in a rather unique area of online learning development, you are a voice artist.

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Writing & Grammar: Business Jargon

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by Jennie Ruby  How much current business jargon do you know and use on a daily basis? At about that time, the business world all at once started using the word "impact" as a verb. Passive voice AND using a noun as a verb! Thousands of voices in editorial/communications departments suddenly cried out in terror and then were stilled.   What current business jargon are you reading and hearing these days?

Top 6 Content Marketing Trends for 2019


This is because an overarching trend toward watching videos without sound. Research shows that 85 percent of videos on Facebook are viewed with no sound. Natural Voice Search. However, voice searches already comprise 20 percent of all mobile Google searches and are on the rise.

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

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We watch what we want, when we want, on whatever size screen we want, with the highest quality of sound we want. Sound Quality. Hollywood Rule: Sound is more important than visuals. It sounds strange coming from eLB, a company known for “visually explosive eLearning”.

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eLearning’s Staggering Growth Due to ROI Benefits for Business

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Interestingly, the arena that has adopted and fostered the meteoric rise of e Learning is not the realm of academia, but the domain of business. Knowledge powers business. However, if business growth in the last five years is any indication, that number may be conservative.

State of the Front-Line Manager

BUSINESS • • • • • •. •. •. Now, does that sound a little. provided sound models and pragmatic. What’s the business case for focusing on front-line. data shows voices across organizations. State of the.

What You Need to Know to Get the Best Audio

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If you’re recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. For capturing location sounds, or dialog between 2 or more people, we recommend a shotgun mic. The Science Behind Sound.

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4 Reasons to use video for business training


4 Reasons to use video for business training. Most smartphones come with reasonably powerful cameras, a tripod for stability and a microphone for clear sound are not that big an investment, and you can find various video-editing software at fair prices.

Listen vs. Hear

Marcia Conner

The phrase “Customer Listening” or its partner-in-crime “ Voice of the Customer ” always elicits my twitch. Perhaps that’s because it sounds so dang phony, so “I serve people–perhaps I should learn their modern communication ways.”

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Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 2

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We're turning the corner to the second week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive ! This week each business created their first (or in some cases, second or third) screencast and sent us an exmaple. This week each business created their first (or in some cases, second or.

How to Win with Video for Small Businesses

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Screencasts can be fantastic marketing content for small businesses—they’re cheap, easy to do and can provide a great return on investment. A brilliant example of this is the WordPress Guide to Small Businesses. This all sounds great but how can I get this to work for my company?

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Is There a Better Way to Social Learning?


July 21st, 2010 Goto comments Leave a comment Last week, I had the good fortune to speak with George Siemens for an upcoming Xyleme Voices podcast. These sound a lot like the definition of Social Learning. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

The 5 Types of Subject Matter Experts & How to Deal With Them

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Does this sound familiar? Does this sound familiar? Give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas, and let them know when you agree and why you disagree. Does this sound familiar? Does this sound familiar? The Too Busy Subject Matter Expert.

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A Guide to Creating a Captivating Video CV – Part I


The sound, in particular, is almost as important in the video itself. And again, remember that the background of your video CV also needs to be appropriate – you will not create much of an impression if you are wearing a business suit, with your kitchen sink as background.)

CDSM Enjoyed World of Learning 2015


We spoke to so many people that we may have started to lose our voices…and our jelly brains seemed to go down really well! The exhibition was a fabulous opportunity to meet potential new customers and business partners, and attend some fantastic seminars on the ‘world’ of learning.

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What I Learned at LSCon 2019

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We need to build a business case for what we’re doing visually if there’s a reason to go beyond the branding restrictions. I don’t do much voice over myself, since I’d much prefer to pay a good voice over professional to do it.

The Automation Revolution – Chatbots and AI


If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. If you’ve ever used a customer service function and listened to the friendly voice walk you through your options and attempt to answer your questions, you’ve dealt with a chatbot.

Discover the Right Way to Choose A Voiceover for Your Digital Learning


Hiring a pro might sound pricey, but in the right circumstances, it’s an investment you’ll need to make. Creating empathy is the culmination of a number of different factors, like the tone of voice, language, and inflection.

Microlearning Video on the Go – Tip 2

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Sound is a big deal in video, and recording good sound is especially challenging for live action shots in busy places, whether indoors or outside.

eLearning Pet Peeves

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Examples : Audio levels are too high or too low, the sound quality is bad, the narrator is monotoned, or the narration itself is dull or unnatural sounding. It can be impossible to understand or annoying sounding if there were problems with the microphone.

Text-to-Speech Costs – Licensing and Pricing

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Text-to-Speech Examples In this post, we will look more closely at costs of Text-to-Speech and issues around TTS Voice Licensing and Pricing. The subject of TTS voice licensing and pricing is important because it helps e-learning practitioners understand which TTS tools they are legally allowed to use for their specific applications as well as letting them estimate the costs and pricing models of using these TTS tools. The rates are given in $ per hour of recorded sound.

5 Golden Rules of Creating Course Content


Long gone are the days of monotone voices over boxy screen captures and two hour live recordings of event lectures having the power to hold the attention of the online world at large. So you’ve got your fancy new LMS or web training portal up and running.

Speech Recognition: Transforming the Way We Learn?

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Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are all examples of devices that use voice activation technology to perform simple commands. From setting an alarm and finding out the weather, to switching off the lights in your living room downstairs, the potential of voice activation technology is immense. What is Voice Activation? How Does Voice Activation Work? Voice Recognition for Elearning. Advantages of Voice in Elearning.

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No, I Won’t “Tweak” Your PowerPoint Slides

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The PowerPoint slides just need to be tweaked—editing the onscreen text, adding some animation, prepping the script for voice over recording, and syncing everything together. Often, the same text is in the voice over notes as on screen. ” “Sound good.

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Employee Empowerment – The What, The Why and The How


So let’s start: Business. You know, the ones who make business an actual real thing. Where the worker works and business profits. The worker still works, of course, and businesses still profit. The evolution of business is really the evolution of management.

How to Successfully Add Music to Your Videos

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If you think music will distract from your message then you may choose not to include it at all and focus on your voice. If it is too loud the track will distract from your voice and your message will be lost in the mix. Music Tip: Want your voice to cut through your music even easier?

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Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | June 14, 2019

Mike Taylor

“A good man will not waste himself upon mean and discreditable work or be busy merely for the sake of being busy.” – Seneca. Dual coding and learning styles sound similar but are not quite the same thing.

Online Reputation Management: 9 Techniques for the Prosperity of Your Brand

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Online reputation management is as much about promoting good news as it about burying the bad news and negative reviews that every business will come across at one point. People love to see businesses that are approachable and personable.

Email: Lost in Translation

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doesn’t sound so bad — it looks like a quick, half-cheeky way to end an overlong discussion. If it were said on a phone call or an instant message, “Take the money” would have sounded like an entirely normal way to end the conversation.

How to write scripts for webinars, videos and eLearning


This blog article could also be called ‘confessions of a voice-over artist.’ For several years I’ve done voice-over work here at BrightCarbon, lending my voice to eLearning courses, promotional videos, and webinars aplenty. Listen to how it sounds read aloud: [link].