The Corporate Learning Guide to Spaced Repetition and Feedback Loops (Free Download)

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Any business professional looking for one of the following outcomes through a corporate learning program: Less accidents. The real story behind the forgetting curve, and what the latest research has to say about Herman Ebbinghaus’ theory.

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Our 10 Best Corporate Learning Articles of 2014

Bottom-Line Performance

Learning Theories Gone Wild – Urban Myths that Hurt Your Learning Designs . When Remembering Really Matters – White Paper from Sharon Boller. Speaking of instructional design, Sharon went even more in depth in this white paper.

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Professional Development in 60 Seconds: Microlearning For Senior Leaders


Scores of books and blog posts offer theories on effective leadership development. An offsite scheduled weeks from a pressure cooker business situation doesn’t do much good. Download our brand new microlearning white paper now.

Mind the Gaps


Why, then, is it ever acceptable to approach other costly endeavors, such as implementing new workplace technology, with a narrow focus on the technology and little consideration for its impact on business users? Understanding business user needs is a critical but often-overlooked element.

Putting the Future of Work in a Global Context

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and what policymakers, learning and development providers, and business leaders should be doing to prepare for it. As American politicians, educators, and business leaders, we must ask ourselves: How can the startling impact of these innovative approaches be applied within a U.S.

Ten Words We Must Keep Saying About the Science of Learning (While We Still Can)


You’ve done your homework, completed your analysis and aligned your plan with the goals of the business. Let’s drop all this neuroscience and learning theory stuff; it sounds like too fluffy.”. Link Your Recommendations to Business Outcomes.

4 reasons why ‘experience’ is the focus in learning now

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In the Learning Pool white paper, Powering the Modern Learner Experience: Next-Generation Learning Tools Come of Age, these changes are grouped into four main areas: Work. Learning Theory. Further to the above, businesses now deploy whole cohorts of contingent workers to meet skills gaps and achieve particular strategic goals.

The Evolving Face of Embedded Performance Support


THE JOURNEY: In today’s business environments where: ‘Learning at the speed of need’ is the most crucial factor for success. business problems are more complex and hence demand quicker, effortless, and effective performance support solutions than ever before. White Papers/Documents.

5 Best Employee Training Books

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They can range in topics from practical business practices with case studies and research, to more subjective insights into human behavior. Gartner Analysts discuss some recent changes in business writing : “There seems to be a trend and it is a welcome one.

Are you with me? C3 here I come.with simplicity in mind


The digital skills gap today cost businesses $1.3 Grovo Bite-Sized Learning White Paper, pg 6). It is time to move from theory to application and using blended, flipped and micro. I'm so excited to be hosting a session at the upcoming C3 conference in Las Vegas.

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In B2B spaces, content richness draws buyers' eyes


Business 2 Community contributor Darren Faber recently explained some of the theories behind creating materials in the B2B space. Faber highlighted the rational nature of purchasing within the business sector. In B2B spaces, content richness draws buyers' eyes.

Mirror Neurons, Virtual training, Crowds, Misunderstanding, Long Tail, & Copyright

Big Dog, Little Dog

37 billion - US and UK businesses count the cost of employee misunderstanding - Cognisco. businesses $37 billion (£18.7 understand their jobs, according to a new IDC white paper commissioned by. organisations was attributed to loss of business due to unplanned downtime.

Building Marketing Leaders of the Future

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With the goal of defining excellence in the field and providing transparency into marketing careers, we’ve crafted a framework that will help provide this clarity for individuals, teams, and business partners. Analytics and Insights: Get business insights and drive ROI using data.

The Value of a Virtual Academy

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In 2008, when Michelle Young, then a learning and development consultant, set out to help Microsoft’s CFO transform Microsoft Finance’s worldwide team from another pair of hands to a value-added business partner and trusted adviser, she didn’t predict that her virtual global learning pilot would become the model for scalable online distance learning across the company. Now in year four, the program continues to evolve to fit into Microsoft’s business strategy.

How Authentic Is Your Leadership Development?

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CLOs may already know who they want to pull into leadership development programs, but it pays to include high potentials at lower levels to add cultural and business performance value. Action-oriented projects bestow empowerment while maintaining clear responsibility and accountability as an indicator of leadership potential and positive business results.

Free L&D webinars for March 2018

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But organizations that appreciate and recognize their employees—not just for blockbuster achievements but for meaningful efforts and results—get better business results than organizations that don’t, according to Brandon Hall Group research. Cognitive load theory will be used as an example.

Commonly Used Training Evaluations Models: A Discussion with Dr. Will Thalheimer

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This was just published this year: “Kirkpatrick’s framework is not grounded in theory. And I’m going to go into ROI, but it means return on investment, just like you would learn in business school. Will Thalheimer is of the most respected learning researchers out there.

LMS Decision Making Criteria B4 U Buy

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Regardless if it is employees, fellow businesses/clients (B2B), customers or some/all of the above, you will have a use case – a learner case. Same thing with white papers. Business Requirements, Technical/Security Requirements.

195 posts about MOOCs

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What is the theory that underpins our moocs? She’s a Berkman Fellow and at the Harvard Business School. Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11 NANCY WHITE | TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2011. Today’s before and after #Change11 MOOC Slides NANCY WHITE | MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2011.

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Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace

Janet Clarey

Know the learning theories behind your craft damn it! White Paper: Generations at Work. Applying Constructivist and Objective Learning Theories in the Design of a Web-Based Course: Implications for Practice. Instructional theories and models. Applying Constructivist and Objective Learning Theories in the Design of a Web-Based Course: Implications for Practice. Cisco internet Business Solutions Group, Global Education.

The LTEM Training & Learning Evaluation Model

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I think a lot of times, when people aren’t doing evaluation at all, or if they’re just evaluating course completion or attendance, they’re told by other learning professionals, “Hey, you’ve got to align with business goals.”

2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

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Glenda Sims and Wilco Fiers have released their long-awaited white paper with their discussions and recommendations. At Harvard Business Review , Tom Diplock, Philip Meier, David Jordan, and Niklas Ek have some solid and actionable suggestions on how to put data analysis to good use.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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Or neither, just influenced by many theories? statement by Wendy Drexler in her paper prompted this question. Cognitive Load Theory Coming Under Withering Attacks - Will at Work Learning , September 14, 2010 First I must explain that there is a difference between empirical research findings and the theoretical formulations that human researchers create to explain their findings. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been busy, as well. Social Enterprise White Paper (PDF).

7 Proven Techniques for Keeping Your E-Learning Customers Happy - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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However I’m cautious on the fuzzy thumb theory. Give stats from white papers, universities, or case studies that confirm why you made your selection. Sometimes they get writers block or just don’t think my query is that important, other times they are genuinely busy. The Rapid Elearning Blog. 7 Proven Techniques for Keeping Your E-Learning Customers Happy. January 22nd, 2008. 29 comments. It’s a tricky balance working with customers.