Sell and Scale Like Outdoor Voices


The Wisetail LMS has the tools to boost engagement and better your business. The post Sell and Scale Like Outdoor Voices appeared first on Wisetail LMS. All L&D Best Practices LMS Best Practices LMS LMS culture mobile learning outdoor voices

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DesignxHumanity: Adding Diverse Voices To LXD

The eLearning Coach

BusinessDo we talk enough about diversity, equity and inclusion in LXD? DesignxHumanity is changing the conversation and taking action.

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What is Voice Analytics Software?


This is where voice analytics software comes into the mix. In this brief article, I’ll share the following: What is voice analytics software? The benefits of voice analytics tools for sales. What is the VoiceVibes voice analytics technology? When using voice only.

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The Importance of Voice Search and Virtual Classrooms in Learning Platforms

Origin Fractal LXP

Here are some interesting stats on voice search: 20% of all searches on Google are voice-based 31% of smartphone users use voice search at least once a week 50% of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020 Almost 20% of all voice search queries are triggered by just 25 keywords Global voice commerce is expected to be worth $40B by 2022. offers further insights on the emerging market for voice search. Voice Search in Fractal LXP.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. audio elements, including your voice. As a busy L&D professional, you want to spend more. training data, you’d have had to pay a variable fee, with the potential for spiraling costs as your business. true business impact.

Voice of the Employee, What is it all about?


Voice of the Employee or VOE measures employee experience and engagement. What is a Voice of the Employee Program? Voice of the Employee programs can improve the employee experience, improve workplace culture, boost productivity and refine business processes.

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4 Tips to Create Voice Search Friendly Content

Hurix Digital

With the “best route to reach Lower Parel” voice command, she found the fastest route to work and reached her office in record time despite the perennial traffic jams. . Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon are all perfecting voice recognition technology. Voice assistants like OK Google, Siri, Cortana and Alexa are already prevalent in your house, office, car and really, everywhere you go. Voice recognition from Google already has an accuracy of 95%.

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How to Leverage Voice Analytics Software to Improve Seller Performance


In my last article, I gave you an overview of voice analytics software. This software is a game-changer for Enablement organizations looking to increase the 38% of communication that occurs due to voice quality and tone (as compared to only 7% from the words an individual uses).

Confident Communication: How to Discover and Hone Your Personal Voice


Here is a closer look at modern business communication practices, as well as some ways to create and maintain a personal voice. The post Confident Communication: How to Discover and Hone Your Personal Voice appeared first on KnowledgeCity.

Pro-Tips for B2B Voice Actor Demos


Pro-Tips for B2B Voice Actors. If you are a voice actor looking for B2B jobs, this post offers you an insider’s perspective on creating a professional B2B demo that will reach the client. If you are a marketing or training professional, consider these Pro-Tips as background information to aid you in the process of choosing the “right” voice for your upcoming video or training course. Here are four tips that will help you, the voice actor, get your demo to the client.

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How to Soundproof a Room for Quality Voice Overs

TechSmith Camtasia

Your point gets lost in the static along with your voice. But for anything with a voice over, on-screen dialog, or interview, you’ll want to make sure the sound quality is as good as possible. Once we understand what makes a voice recording echo-y or scratchy, we can start fixing the problem. Direct sound comes from sound waves going directly to your ears (or voice recorder). No one will know if you record your voice overs from the passenger seat.

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Teacher Voices: Stewart Matthews

Learning with 'e's

Here's another post in my continuing series on teacher voices. In his busy schedule he still manages to teach specialist sessions in computing. Photo courtesy of Stewart Matthews Teacher Voices: Stewart Matthews by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 education learning Plymouth University schools Stewart Matthews teacher voices teaching Technology

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Giving the modern workforce a voice: preparing businesses for the Future of Work


New EduMe survey feature addresses the engagement crisis London, 31 March 2020: EduMe, the Workforce Success company , today launched the first step in giving the modern workforce a voice. We are dedicated to providing a platform for businesses that enables them to achieve Workforce Success.”

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Six Advantages to Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in Contact Centers

Learning Pool

These changes can often result in quickly recorded messages (usually from a member of staff with a few spare minutes!) – which can impact the brand ‘tone of voice’. . Business continuity planning.

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A Conversation with Eric Lee about Voice Talent, Storytelling and the Industry

Kapp Notes

The other day I had a chance to ask Eric Lee a few questions about being a voice artist , storytelling, how he got started and why high quality audio is so important for effective eLearning. Kapp: You are in a rather unique area of online learning development, you are a voice artist. Can you tell us what a voice artist does in the learning industry? Kapp: Why do you think voice is so important in creating effective learning online and otherwise?

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Using Your Brand Voice for eLearning 

Ninja Tropic

In fact, branding affects not only your business, but also the learner experience. The post Using Your Brand Voice for eLearning appeared first on NinjaTropic. Branding isn’t just for marketers. It’s a critical way to position your courses as the go-to resource for your potential clients. ELearning Elearning course Microlearning

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Using Interviews to Build Your Online Course Business


Are you looking for a way to market your online course business but don’t want to write article after article? Read and comment on their blogs using an authentic voice and tone. Influencers are often busy. It is a lot of work, but interviews can elevate your status and your business. The post Using Interviews to Build Your Online Course Business appeared first on LearnDash. business

Day 4: Tone of voice, style and character

Good To Great

A friendly, conversational tone of voice is something that was suggested by a few webinar participants and this is definitely one of my top tips for improving an e-learning course. It almost goes without saying that an e-learning course which adopts a less formal and more natural ‘voice’ is more enjoyable and user-friendly than a very stuffy, formal course. So how do you make your course’s voice more conversational?

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A great business story starts with you


As you find ways to articulate your vision for the business, don’t forget the central character – you. As the founder, your business story is compelling, and you should be prepared to step into the spotlight as the face and voice of your brand. .

What Business Application Training Accomplishes


What Business Application Training Accomplishes. By instilling basic business skills courses within your program employees can quickly obtain the business skills they do not know they require to succeed in their roles. This blog will now focus on the list of generic business application training that will not only expand the learning and development program of your organization but will also enhance the competencies of your workforce.

Writing & Grammar: Business Jargon

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Jennie Ruby  How much current business jargon do you know and use on a daily basis? At about that time, the business world all at once started using the word "impact" as a verb. Passive voice AND using a noun as a verb! Thousands of voices in editorial/communications departments suddenly cried out in terror and then were stilled.   What current business jargon are you reading and hearing these days?

Ignite Crowdsourced Learning for These 3 Business Benefits

Absorb LMS

Only half of employees say their company listens to their ideas for improving business outcomes, according to Mercer’s “ 2019 Global Talent Trends Report.” 3 business benefits of crowdsourced learning. The organization showed employees the strength of their collective voice by providing survey results in real time. The employee voice matters. The post Ignite Crowdsourced Learning for These 3 Business Benefits appeared first on Absorb LMS.

Blogging to Build Your Business

Experiencing eLearning

I recently gave a presentation to the Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals about blogging to build your business. At the time, starting a business wasn’t even on my radar. If I was going back and starting a blog now as a tool to build my brand and my business, I would do several things differently. Now I have my business in one place and my blog in another, which splits my online identity. Every business needs a website.

The Voice of The Customer: Introducing gomo Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram

gomo learning

That so many businesses are creating the role is no big surprise: the skills a customer success manager like Simon can bring are a real advantage for any business that needs to incorporate client feedback into its products.

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Driving The Pace Of Digital Transformation For Lucrative Business


Effective digital learning strategies have a great impact on business growth. Strategists aim to enhance traffic (52%), improve sales (50%), optimize conversion (46%) and the organization’s share of voice (46%). Apart from external benefits, digital transformation also offers few internal benefits such as business productivity, collaboration and customized approaches are also an important metric (41%) in measuring business progress.

Retail training is important for businesses with multiple-channel accessibility

Creativ Technologies

Those companies which are not making a foray into digital technologies are lagging behind competitors and losing business. So, there is not much delay between when a customer asks for a product and when it is supplied to him counting as an effective business.

How This Leader Is Helping More Women Find Their Voice


Jennifer Hedding, SVP of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, shares how she leverages her role to encourage women to be bold, connect with others and to use their voice in the workplace. As SVP of HR, Hedding leads the human resources team that is responsible for HP Enterprises 40,000 technical and services talent, or better said as, “the engine that drives a 28 billion dollar business”. He took the time to teach and then challenge me in areas of business far outside my comfort zone.

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Want Better Business Results? Involve Your Employees


While this is a given to any business that wants to achieve long-term goals, the saying “the end justifies the means” just isn’t the right way to conduct business. This is why employee involvement plays such a big role in today’s ultra-competitive business world. Organizational Development focuses on attaining company goals by balancing metrics, business structures, and employees. And in this aspect, the business that adapts the quickest usually gains the upper hand.

The importance of establishing concrete business processes


In the world of business, these kinds of processes are equally and especially important. While they won’t guarantee smooth sailing all the time, they can certainly get you on the path to running an efficient business. When your business works seamlessly, customers benefit, too.

OpenSesame announces partnership with Mind Tools for Business to expand its leadership and management library


Global organisations can now access Mind Tools for Business’s extensive collection of career skills training through the OpenSesame Plus subscription catalogue. Click here to view all MindTools for Business courses available from OpenSesame. ###. About Mind Tools for Business.

Grow multicultural leaders with coaching, not just business English

CLO Magazine

As workforces continue to grow more diverse, human resources and learning and development teams have embraced language training programs, such as Business English and ESL, for multicultural employees. Leadership Development business english multicultural leadership

6 Challenges for Women Business Leaders

General Assembly

The business world is no longer just a man’s world. According to 2017 data from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), over 11 million U.S. As a woman entrepreneur, business leader, and the CEO and founder of the travel company Acanela Expeditions , I am incredibly passionate about female empowerment in the business arena. Below, I want to share six common challenges women business leaders face.

How to Upskill Your Employees with Business Application Training

Hurix Digital

This is where business application training and other types of corporate training programs come into the picture. The Role of Business Application Training in Upskilling Employees. Key Benefits of Business Application Training.

Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading

Bottom-Line Performance

Replay 360: Articulate Replay allows you to quickly record your screen, voice, and face simultaneously. The post Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading appeared first on Bottom-Line Performance. Have you ever watched Bob Ross paint, amazed by how the piece is taking shape? Have you ever watched Bobby Flay pan sear a ribeye to perfection? What do Bobby Flay and Bob Ross have in common? They use the best tool available for the job.

The augmented world of work: Chatbots and voice in digital learning

Brightwave Group

Much has been said in the last 12 months about chatbots, digital assistants and voice interfaces. Our work with our data science and innovation teams leave us without a doubt that Chatbots and voice interfaces will be our guides in the future to finding the resources we need, when we need them. Augmented communications and learning environments will help busy people put innovative learning to work.

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The Business of Development

CLO Magazine

With a bachelor’s degree in sociology and statistics, a master’s in organizational psychology and a work history rooted in operational development, Schlueter is able to take a decidedly business-first approach to L&D. Jesse is a very business-oriented leader,” said Christine Deputy, chief human resources officer at Nordstrom and Schlueter’s direct supervisor. When Schlueter joined Nordstrom, each business unit was handling its own training programs.

Making a Business Video: 5 Questions – 5 Answers – 5 Pro-Tips


Making a Business Video: 5 Questions – 5 Answers – 5 Pro-Tips. Over the past 20 weeks, I’ve focused on answering questions related to corporate or business video. In each post, I try to provide professional advice for marketing managers, training professionals, and business owners. My goal each week is to be your go-to knowledge source for corporate and business video production. B2B Voice Actor Demos.

The benefits of business simulation

Sponge UK

Business simulations allow learners to interact with a realistic version of their work environment. Business simulations seek to put the learner in a realistic scenario that they will encounter in their work life. To get the most out of a business simulation game there are several things you should do. Mirror real business challenges in your simulation story. If you create a business simulation that includes these elements you can expect to see the following benefits.

Unleash the Impact of Body Language on Business Outcome: PART 1

Origin Learning

Similarly, a voice case study of former British Premier – the late Margaret Thatcher – by well-known impressionist Steve Nallon was able to highlight the ‘unique experiences’ of the lady leader while speaking at the House of Commons. The post Unleash the Impact of Body Language on Business Outcome: PART 1 appeared first on Origin Learning Blog - A Elearning Solutions Blog. Corporate learning General Business Body Language Business Etiquette

Thinking Web : Voices of the Community - Free eBook

Take an e-Learning Break

Chapter 7 - Make Your Website Stand Out from the Crowd by Ursula Comeau Social media has become so commonplace that it can't be ignored if you want your business to succeed and Ursula explains how important social media and blogging can be to your website and your online marketing strategy.

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