When Remembering Really Matters – New White Paper from Sharon Boller

Bottom-Line Performance

Sharon Boller, President of Bottom-Line Performance, has authored a new white paper: When Remembering Really Matters: Learning Strategies for Long-Term Retention. You can download the white paper by filling out the form below: Here’s what is covered in the white paper: What will learners remember? All of these strategies are explained in detail within the white paper. Download the white paper now!

A not-so-white paper on succession

CLO Magazine

The dolls were identical, except for skin tone: one white, one brown. Overwhelmingly, Black children selected the white doll for positive traits and desirability. How many times in training and motivational talks are we regaled with the legends of older white male leaders?


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Four Strategies for Long-Term Retention in Corporate Learning (White Paper)

Knowledge Guru

Sharon Boller , Knowledge Guru creator and Chief Product Officer, has authored a new white paper on strategies you can use to help learners remember. Most importantly, you’ll find five unique business challenges in the white paper… and the strategies we used to solve those challenges for our clients. The white paper is available as a free download in the Learning Center on our Bottom-Line Performance website.

Digitec Publishes Association LMS Selection White Paper

Association eLearning

To help make sense of it all, Digitec has released its new industry white paper, 8 Steps to Selecting an Association LMS. Whether you’re just getting started, or have narrowed down your list to a select few, the white paper offers a few practical suggestions on how to simplify the process of selecting your new LMS. When she is not counting down to "cake time", Amy is busy meeting with folks at national conferences and sharing her love for eLearning.

White Paper: Playing Games with Leadership


Surveying today’s business environment reveals several key facts: • Distributed leadership is lifeblood. Businesses are facing a demographic time bomb—the retirement of baby boomers—that is beginning to affect the ranks of senior management at global corporations. This white paper will speak to how organizations can better use advances in simulation technology as part of their leadership development efforts. Want to read the full white paper?

White Paper: The Complete Guide to Virtual Labs


The post White Paper: The Complete Guide to Virtual Labs appeared first on Appsembler. Business Featured postDelivering effective software training is crucial in enabling students to learn how to use any solution quickly and to their fullest capability. Yet traditional ways of delivering this training – such as instructor-led, classroom-based training or simulator labs – are often expensive, time-consuming to set up and run, and difficult to scale.

What Will Corporate Learners Remember from your Training?

Bottom-Line Performance

This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, When Remembering Really Matters: Learning Strategies for Long-Term Retention. The white paper includes eight strategies to improve learning and remembering. Organizations typically have business challenges to address and growth goals to reach. Imagine that you are in charge of designing and imple- menting a learning solution that addresses one of the business problems on the next page.

Unicorn to launch new ‘Learning Ecosphere’ white paper at Learning Technologies

Unicorn Training

The Learning Ecosphere is designed to help businesses to recognise what new pieces of the learning jigsaw might be missing in their business and how it is possible to make the many different elements on both sides work harmoniously together.“What What is needed is balance, and anyone visiting the Unicorn stand at Learning Technologies will go away with a much clearer understanding of how that balance could potentially be achieved within their business.”More

How Much Do Corporate Learners Forget After Training?

Bottom-Line Performance

This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, When Remembering Really Matters: Learning Strategies for Long-Term Retention. The white paper includes eight strategies to improve learning and remembering. Will Thalheimer published a paper in 2010 that argues against Ebbinghaus’s global 90% statement. Click the image to download the white paper.

The important roles of equity and inclusion in DE&I


Once a broader diversity of staff are hired, the organization must find ways to include everyone (respective of roles and positions) in business activities to garner the benefit of the diverse experiences and perspectives that this staff brings. Uncategorized DEI Guest Post White Paper

Roles 58

How to Select a Learning Management System [LMS] and other free white papers

Take an e-Learning Break

Came across a great group of free white papers today including: How to Select a Learning Management System [LMS] Human Capital Insights: E-Learning Navigating Strategy Execution: The Case for Custom Business Simulations Check it out: [link] You can also get a free subscription to Chief Learning Officer magazine (if you qualify).

Time for Training? 11 Rules for a Better Product Launch

Bottom-Line Performance

The following is an excerpt from Nancy’s Harkness’ new white paper: Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success. How can reinforcement become part of the way you do business? Click here to download the white paper! Curriculum Design Product Launch Training White Paper curriculum design product launch training Launching a product?

Less Desktop; More Mobile… but Not That Fast

Bottom-Line Performance

This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities. The white paper describes today’s learning landscape… then predicts 7 trends for the next 12 – 18 months. Businesses will follow. But it’s also happening in businesses as IT standards start toppling all over the place to handle trends such as “BYOD” (bring your own device) and the demise of the Blackberry.

Mobile 183

What is an eLearning Business? Examining the $200-billion eLearning Industry

Troy Nielsen

Is eLearning really a business? Read our white paper and learn more about the eLearning industry/market, and create a new revenue stream out of your eLearning

Foster Training Success By Extended Enterprise LMS


Consequently, it increases their flexibility to adapt as per the desired business goals. It acts as a powerful tool to help an organization increase profits, attain success, and take the business to the next level. The LMS for the extended workforce highly impacts business growth with the right use of quality content and technology. The extended workforce LMS has a plethora of benefits, helping in expanding the reach of your business. White papers

Digital Future Of Consumer Goods Industry Using Online LMS


Digitization has led to huge transformations across multiple business aspects, offering unrivaled opportunities for value creation, while representing major risk associated with it. To win in today’s digital world, consumer goods companies face major questions that include how to build a strong brand presence, establish business via online channels and how to grab technology-inclined opportunities to identify customers’ needs. • White papers Consumer Goods FMCG

Gamification in Business

Growth Engineering

Since 2001, people have been using gamification in business in a number of ways. More often than not, gamifying business processes has shown disappointing results. How do you ensure success when you’re using gamification in business applications? You need to make sure that your gamification strategy is aligned with the business objectives. The point of gamification is to reward people for displaying behaviours that have a positive impact on the business.

Learning goes small, social, savvy

Origin Learning

The transitional phase of learning has altered the sphere of business and day-to-day lives. The next day a business trip awaits. ” Statistics reveal that 64 % of the American adults own a smartphone and 42 % a tablet, triggering excitement among professionals in this business. This means superimposing digital information on a physical infrastructure by which a measurable impact on business generation is possible.

Social 170

Content Repurposing: Create Less and Promote More


It can be challenging to develop consistent and high-quality content to improve business performance and learners ’ engagement. Most of the times, the original data is chunked in the form of blogs and white papers. To know more, click here to download the white paper for free. White papers

The Corporate Learning Guide to Spaced Repetition and Feedback Loops (Free Download)

Knowledge Guru

Any business professional looking for one of the following outcomes through a corporate learning program: Less accidents. A case study of an organization that used a spaced repetition solution and achieved tangible business results. distributed practice Learning Research Quick Tip Serious Games white paper feedback loops interval reinforcement repetition spaced learning spaced repetition

Guide 181

Starting young: learning entrepreneurship


This article is extracted from the White Paper “ Get ready for the Skills Economy “ Coorpacademy and Citizen Entrepreneurs , the association constituting the French G20 YEA delegation, co-edited this exclusive collection of insight papers on education, used as a discussion piece for this summit. Start-up support should be provided for students who are motivated and able to start a business in the near future.

Top 5 Reasons You Will Leave your LMS – and How to Switch Successfully

Association eLearning

Some attendees mentioned that their current LMS vendor was either out of business or ending a product, but others are just simply unhappy with their current platform. A use-case can be as simple as a white board exercise, walking through the steps a learner, administrator and content creator would perform to complete various tasks in the LMS. For more information on those steps and other tips, check out our white paper: “8 Steps to Selecting your Association LMS.”

RFP 127

Creating the Learning Organization Structure


How do you know if the design of your learning organization is accomplishing your business goals? In PDG’s new white paper, “Creating the Learning Organization Structure,” we explore: How to structure a learning. Here’s a preview of the white paper: Creating The Learning Organization Structure Download the White Paper Overview. Ultimately, the “best” design depends on your organization, your business, and your goals.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

Years ago a start-up commissioned me to write a white paper that would help put them on the map. I wrote the paper that follows. The start-up stiffed me but the paper morphed into the Informal Learning book. This paper addresses how organizations, particularly business organizations, can get more done. IBM white paper by Rob Cross. He is the author of numerous articles and white papers on eLearning and business effectiveness.

Using e-learning strategies in your business


This distinction should be at the very heart of your business’s e-learning strategy. MATRIX White Paper: Thriving through change with continuous skills development for your workforce. The post Using e-learning strategies in your business appeared first on MATRIX Blog.

VUCA, or how to do business in interesting times


And what are “interesting times” for business owners? Many knowledge workers now perform their jobs remotely, while governments and individual business organizations look for ways to keep the world going. Be it as it may, running a business has never been easy.

Business Continuity: How Can Competency Management Help Now?


Tom Grobicki, Avilar CEO, has long been a proponent of using competency management programs for business continuity purposes. We had a chance to sit down with Tom for his perspective, lessons learned from previous business continuity challenges and practical tips for harnessing competency management in response to the current pandemic. In what way is competency management well-suited for business continuity planning, too?

How to Update Your Business Continuity Plan in a Time of Crises


Hurricane season is in full swing, bringing with it the triple whammy of high winds, destructive water, and flying debris that can threaten your business and its workforce. The short answer is, “Update your Business Continuity Plan now.” . How Natural Disasters Impact Businesses.

Coaching Means Business


“In the moment” coaching delivers real, tangible business results. If people don’t associate taking a coaching approach to day-to-day business challenges with making a positive, impactful difference that will hit the bottom line, they probably aren’t going to do too much of it. You will need to take a coaching approach to illuminating how coaching positively impacts business results. Curious to see other positive business results from “in the moment” coaching?

Business Process, customer experience, IoT!

Origin Learning

Can IoT prove to be an integrating factor for diverse businesses in a dynamically-evolving digital environment? In such a scenario, “It’s important that leaders in more organizations investigate this incredible technology revolution and the impact it can have on their businesses,” opines Nicholas Butler, Senior Group Manager, Embedded Systems Product Marketing, National Instruments. IoT is all about re-imaging things: business process, customer experiences.

Maximize the Business Impact of your Learning & Development Strategy


But now there is a new challenge, to optimize and maximize the impact learning has on business. In this whitepaper by Fosway Group, you can learn how to maximize the business impact of your learning and development strategy. Why measure the business impact of your L&D strategy. But business leaders care about business outcomes and metrics, not learning outcomes and metrics. What can really deliver a positive result, both for the learner and the business?

What Are You Spending on Product Training for Your Sales Team? Double It!

Infopro Learning

In the latest Tribal Knowledge podcast, Infopro Learning’s Nolan Hout shares insights on why business leaders should consider doubling-down on product knowledge training for their sales team. Learn more on product knowledge training and how to maximize your sales training budget in our latest white paper. Most organizations spend 2.5 times more on sales training than they do on product knowledge training.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Does anyone else see "Student Records" in "Data Portability"?

Mark Oehlert

White Paper Solicitation and I came to this section of items that would be valuable to have addressed by submitted white papers: "Collaboration and Community. If I was evaluating the white papers and Im not, I would really look for one that included a process for investigating and evaluating how all of this other work might integrate with the search for SCORM 2.0. That white paper would be a prize itself.

Upcoming Webinar: Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business

Web Courseworks

A Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Webinar with Tagoras on March 26, 1 pm Eastern – In just two weeks, Web Courseworks will join Tagoras for a webinar on Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business. I have a strong interest in joining Tagoras for this webinar because of how impactful an education business strategy can be on the entire lifecycle of educational products. for Your Education Business.

What Are You Spending on Product Training for Your Sales Team? Double It!

Infopro Learning

In the latest Tribal Knowledge podcast, Infopro Learning’s Nolan Hout shares insights on why business leaders should consider doubling-down on product knowledge training for their sales team. Learn more on product knowledge training and how to maximize your sales training budget in our latest white paper. Most organizations spend 2.5 times more on sales training than they do on product knowledge training.

Practical, Proven Steps Toward a True Organizational Culture of Learning


In this post, learn three ways to harness the unique potential of eLearning to create an organizational culture of learning and develop the dynamic new skills and capabilities that drive business results and workforces of the future. edX Business Insights

How Quiz Maker Can Help Businesses to Generate Leads


Today, businesses experiment with quizzes to generate leads through audience interaction and engagement. When it comes to lead generation for your business, interactive content outshines the static one. We have 10 experts onboard to pen down their views on how businesses can grow and generate more leads by creating quizzes. A quiz maker may introduce business concepts. It can spark concepts and ideas to the target market and generate leads for businesses.

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