How xAPI Benefits the Learner

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xAPI has been a buzzword among eLearning professionals for a while, and rightly so. The data xAPI provides can be very gratifying for an instructional designer, and allows us to help our learner even more. With xAPI we can get better data to help us look at the results and the outward impact of what we’re doing, not just what learning modules were looked at. xAPI—a catalyst. Let us show you how xAPI can transform your learning.

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xAPI Community

Torrance Learning

ADL created a community with their xAPI cohorts and we’re aiming to do the same with our Spring 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort. We got our feet wet with a mini xAPI Learning Cohort in 2015, and now we’re ready to take the plunge by opening up this learning experience to everyone. We’ll celebrate the successes of the cohort in person at an xAPI Party on May 12 at the TorranceLearning office in Chelsea, MI. Want to get right down to the business of registering?

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What is xAPI?


The Experience API (xAPI) is a technical specification that makes it easier for learning technologies to connect to each other. How does xAPI work? We like to use a USB analogy to help describe how xAPI works. The xAPI specification works in much the same way.

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Why xAPI? or Why Should I Care About xAPI?

eLearning Brothers

Our DevLearn 2017 eLearning Rockstars stage covered all of the top trends and techniques in eLearning development today, including xAPI. During his session, Hruska explored the business value behind learning ecosystems. He covered how the Experience API enables new technologies for a next-generation learning and performance architecture that you can build and evolve to unlock business value and competitive advantages for your organization. The post Why xAPI?

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. As a busy L&D professional, you want to spend more. training data, you’d have had to pay a variable fee, with the potential for spiraling costs as your business. learning on business outcomes. true business impact.

xAPI conceptualized

Clark Quinn

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the xAPI Base Camp, to present on content strategy. While I was there, I remembered that I have some colleagues who don’t see the connection between xAPI and learning. What I was trying to capture was how xAPI tracked activity, and that could then be used for insight. I think one of the problems people have is that they think xAPI is a solution all in itself, but it is just a syntax for reporting.

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Leveraging xAPI Data Reporting with SCORM LMS

JCA Solutions

Leveraging xAPI Data Reporting with SCORM LMS. Data Reporting with xAPI Bridge. xAPI Bridge Can Help The great news is that JCA offers a tool called xAPI Bridge to traverse this information gap. Any system that makes its APIs available can be enhanced by xAPI Bridge.

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eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Megan Torrance      In my  previous xAPI article  I pointed to the emergence of "geek-free tools and platforms" as the hallmark that xAPI is beginning to achieve main-stream status.   In the 1960s, Dr. Bruce Tuckman proposed a team development model that lends some structure to the conversation about xAPI.   In the early Forming and Storming days of xAPI, there were no off-the-shelf tools that supported it.

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Enabling Learning & Performance Analytics with xAPI

Web Courseworks

Mike Rustici , President of Watershed LRS, will be presenting “Enabling Learning & Performance Analytics with xAPI”on November 28th as part of our Though Leaders Series Webinar! As part of his presentation, he will be talking about the evolution of xAPI and its adoption in new technology, as well as how xAPI has fueled learning analytics in large enterprise deployments, and the necessity of scale-able learning. It is a stripped down version of xAPI.

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Interoperability Drives Business Case for Implementing xAPI

Learning Solutions Magazine

Interoperability Drives Business Case for Implementing xAPI. pamela-hogle. Mon, 11/04/2019 - 00:00

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xAPI: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using It

HT2 Labs

We receive many queries asking about the differences between the [surprisingly still commonly adopted] SCORM and, its modern counterpart xAPI. In a nutshell, xAPI can be considered SCORM’s shinier, more effective (and better looking) successor. Here, we list just some of the benefits of adopting the xAPI over the outdated SCORM. The post xAPI: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using It appeared first on HT2 Labs. Data & Analytics xAPI

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Podcast Episode 8: The Business Benefits of xAPI – With Mike Rustici

Talented Learning

EPISODE 8 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: The first version of xAPI was released 5 years ago. What is the relationship between xAPI and learning measurement? And what kind of real-world business benefits come from using xAPI? He’s best known as the founder of Rustici Software , where he advanced SCORM market adoption and developed its next-generation standard, the xAPI. SCORM and xAPI are perfect examples. When did xAPI enter the picture?

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Microlearning, xAPI, And Training ROI (And Other Jargon) Is Not A Thing

Dan Keckan

Are you desperately seeking to build business credibility for your learning initiatives? Stop using, creating, or trying to impress decision-makers with fancy learning terminology. Speak in terms they understand and respect. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Delivering Just-In-Time Training with xAPI Bridge

JCA Solutions

Delivering Just-In-Time Training with xAPI Bridge. xAPI Bridge Makes Capturing Just-in-Time Training Data Easy. At the same time, you may be curious about xAPI and how it could expand your knowledge about your learners and their training activities.

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Think xAPI is Next-Generation SCORM? Think Again

Talented Learning

Anthony is an independent xAPI evangelist and Instructional Developer for the Internet of Things. If you’re an elearning professional, you’ve probably seen or heard the term xAPI countless times. But are you still fuzzy about where SCORM ends and xAPI begins? After years of educating people about xAPI (aka Experience Application Programming Interface ), I find that it is still one of the least-understood concepts in the digital learning world.


XAPI Gaining Traction: An interview with Megan Torrance

Web Courseworks

Megan brings over a decade of business consulting and project management experience to her instructional design and development work. Megan led a session with Rob Houck from LearnShare on the Learning Record Store and the XAPI. The xAPI and the LMS: What does the future hold? It is exciting times for instructional designers because of XAPI and there is an increased role for those that are involved in e-learning and designing e-learning.

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Details Announced for xAPI Camp


Last week, I wrote a little bit about the xAPI Camp we’re putting together through Connections Forum. Today, details about xAPI Camp are online including our initial set of speakers, sponsors and an agenda. The Campfire presentations are short talks about how organizations are leveraging xAPI and the problems they’re solving. Our speakers are implementing xAPI solutions with healthcare providers, universities, energy companies, government services and military.

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eLearning: Is it Time to Jump on the xAPI Bandwagon?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Megan Torrance      xAPI and the Tin Can Project. Few eLearning developers have ever developed or seen an eLearning project that uses xAPI. However, given the fact that eLearning development tools and learning platforms now support xAPI, it may be the time to jump on the xAPI bandwagon.    What is xAPI? Many people say that xAPI is the next version of SCORM.  Along comes xAPI.  Is xAPI here to stay?

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Why SCORM is More Popular than xAPI


However, I think this says more about xAPI/Tin Can API than it does SCORM. There are many reasons for SCORM ‘s continued dominance that deserve discussion, but in my opinion the one often overlooked component is the marketing efforts (or lack thereof) for xAPI. First off, it can’t be overlooked that xAPI has two names (xAPI & Tin Can API). The “xAPI” moniker is the shortened version fo “Experience API” So yeah, more confusion.


How to Use xAPI Bridge to Collect Just-In-Time Training Data

JCA Solutions

How to Use xAPI Bridge to Collect Just-In-Time Training Data. xAPI Bridge Makes Capturing Just-in-Time Training Data Easy. At the same time, you may be curious about xAPI and how it could expand your knowledge about your learners and their training activities.

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xAPI, LRS – The Interview

eLearning 24-7

xAPI and LRS (Learning Record Stores) have been in the news and frankly everywhere within the e-learning industry in the past 1.5 I worked with business analysts, IT and communications teams on governance for these new technologies. The name “Tin Can API” stuck around once ADL advocated to use the prototype produced out of “Project Tin Can” as the basis for the Experience API (“xAPI”). ADL, IEEE and many people and businesses talking about this technology call it xAPI.

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Why xAPI? A Business Leader's Getting Started Guide Webinar Recap

Yet Analytics

For many L&D teams, getting started with xAPI is all about finding the balance between meeting strategic organization-wide data transformation goals and defining an achievable, feasible, and valuable team-level proof of concept. Getting to this happy medium requires not only an understanding of technical functionality, but more importantly the ability to help your stakeholders understand how they will benefit from an xAPI-powered learning ecosystem and data strategy.

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xAPI Camp Videos on Connections Forum


As promised, almost every other day we’re posting something new from our one-day xAPI Camp that took place at University of Central Florida on March 24. LRS and xAPI Conformance. Speaking the Language of Business. There are many more videos to go, and you can check out what different organizations are doing with the Experience API right now ! Andy Johnson. Ben Betts. Enabling Personal Data Ownership. Marty Rosenheck. Driving Innovation in Teacher Education.

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6 Brilliant Reasons To Adopt An xAPI-Enabled LMS


Now xAPI (Experience API), also known as Tin Can API, found its way into this list. Considering the significant benefits it offers, there is no surprise why everyone is going gaga over how xAPI can impact the online training landscape. Linking learning outcomes to business objectives.

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5 More Business Reasons Why xAPI

ATD Learning Technologies

If your responsibilities include onboarding team members, developing learning curriculums, delivering training programs, or evaluating the performance of your organization, at some point this year someone likely asked if you had looked into xAPI. ” Either way, someone probably jumped into a technical explanation about how xAPI is a magical data interoperability standard that is going to solve all of your training tracking and performance measurement challenges.

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The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

Origin Learning

From early adopters who used archaic systems to set up a lesson that could be shared on one computer with an instructor to guide employees, to modern workplace learning that’s focused on xAPI -enabled mobile learning; eLearning at the workplace has traveled a long way. xAPI or Experience API is the outcome of Project TinCan that started in 2010. xAPI or Experience API is the outcome of Project TinCan that started in 2010. Why xAPI Matters?

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Best Business Process – Identifying Data Sources for Business Insight


The State of Learning Data & xAPI You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Business Runs on Data” but what does this mean for L&D? With the advent of xAPI, organizations can gain understanding of employee behavior and performance better than ever. Competencies Learning Data LMS LRS Reports xAPI and cmi5 Dashboards xAPI

Why are we still talking xAPI?


What is xAPI? According to “The Experience API (or xAPI) is a new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline). So, as it is still critical, let’s do a quick primer on xAPI. 4 reasons to choose xAPI. With xAPI in online training, you can track any learning interventions happening in your online training environment. xAPI vs AICC vs SCORM.

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Leveraging xAPI For Tangible Learning Value And Business Results

Dan Keckan

Learning practitioners don't appreciate that they're living in a wonderful time. Technology offers the ability to target learning interventions and deliver precise outcomes. Unfortunately, some practitioners resist this new reality. For those with foresight, the time has come to show value for learning. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning Best Practices Employee Training Experience API Learning Solutions Online Training Strategy

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Is Your Business Data Really Worth Keeping?

Talented Learning

Daniel is an author, speaker, blogger and educator who works with leading technology brands to help businesses around the world embrace the benefits of digital transformation. Business Data: Blessing and Curse. For business, data is the lifeblood of digital transformation. There are multiple reasons why your business should create a data purge strategy. Long story short: storage vendors are running a business, just like you do.

What is the plan for DISC, xAPI, and ADL?


Towards the end of last year, our big announcement was the formation of the not-for-profit Consortium formed to handle the governance and address the evolution of xAPI with/for ADL. xAPI, being open-source and licensed as Apache 2.0, That’s a feature, not a bug — we licensed xAPI in this way so that it couldn’t be trapped in US DoD the way SCORM was. To make implementations of xAPI interoperable, we can’t limit the responsibility on LRSs.

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xAPI’s Tipping Point for Both Community & Industry


Since last year, I worked with IEEE to standardize the Experience API (xAPI) specification. Most of my work is with the IEEE-LTSC but recently a few other IEEE standards groups expressed interest in using xAPI. They’re looking at xAPI because it provides a way to share data across devices, related to people, in a way other systems can understand. This is exciting stuff for everyone with a hand in making xAPI what it is. Second, an xAPI Camp is happening.

5 Business Reasons Why xAPI

ATD Learning Technologies

Essentially, xAPI (Experience API) is typically viewed by learning and development (L&D) professionals as a tool to help with: tracking learning where learners go, not just in the LMS. These are all great reasons to use xAPI, but they don’t always resonate with key stakeholders in other parts of the business. In order to gain traction in the larger organization, L&D professionals need to answer the question of “Why xAPI?”

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5 Real Benefits of Using xAPI


xAPI was touted as the future of eLearning back in 2013 when it was first introduced (named Tin Can at the time). xAPI has some awesome benefits that you should know about and avail of. One of the major benefits of xAPI is the lack of disruption its adoption will cause you. xAPI can do everything that your SCORM 1.2 xAPI, the new kid on the block, is based on newer, more reliable technology. xAPI may not have swept across eLearning as expected.

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Your Performance Support Doesn't Speak xAPI? 3 Reasons it Should


​By now, you’ve heard the buzz regarding what’s variously called Experience API , xAPI, or The Tin Can API. However, at this point, you might be wondering how xAPI is relevant to performance support and workflow learning. But before we get into the uses of xAPI in EPSS, let’s quickly review the basics of how xAPI is intended to work. In a nutshell, learners go about their business learning stuff from a system like Ontuitive that supports xAPI.

Unlocking the Power of xAPI with Learning Pool’s LMS

Learning Pool

Our customers can now unlock the power of xAPI on their Learning Management System (LMS). To achieve this we’ve added two new additions to our plugin product set, the xAPI Launch Activity and the xAPI Logstore. xAPI Launch Activity.

5 Reasons Why xAPI

ATD Learning Technologies

Essentially, xAPI (Experience API) is typically viewed by learning and development (L&D) professionals as a tool to help with: tracking learning where learners go, not just in the LMS. These are all great reasons to use xAPI, but they don’t always resonate with key stakeholders in other parts of the business. In order to gain traction in the larger organization, L&D professionals need to answer the question of “Why xAPI?”

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