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Top 7 Custom eLearning Articles on our Blog in 2013

Bottom-Line Performance

Our goal is to educate and inform, and to that end we invest considerable time creating and researching content that the learning and development community will find useful. Agile learning design , Experience (Tin Can API) , social learning , and increasing the interactivity of eLearning were all hot topics at the major eLearning conferences this year. The article includes a graphic that shows what the agile learning design process looks like.

How to Create Custom Safety Training Images

Rapid eLearning

Quite a few blog readers asked how I customized the free images for the safety training demo I posted. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to create your own safety training images using that same clip art style. Then I created a colored shape that was the same size and added the icons to it so that I have icons that are the same size. Below are more examples of icons I created from individual elements in the original safety training clip art.


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Big News! Mark Your Calendars for TICE 2019!

AXIOM Learning Solutions

By design, TICE is a highly interactive experience, helping you meet new people while developing ideas and discovering solutions to address your challenges as a L&D leader. Over the course of three days, you will gather with your peers to discuss how you can create strategic alignment and overcome organizational obstacles.

Create an Interactive Course Using a Single Image

Rapid eLearning

I used the free image to create an interactive course prototype for an upcoming workshop activity. The example above was created in Storyline 2 and uses the zoom region feature and triggers to pause the timeline. How to Create an Interactive Course Using a Single Image. If you had access to a graphics designer you could create anything you want. The challenge with this is that it can be difficult to modify or customize the free downloads that you find.

Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier in Adult Education

Web Courseworks

I checked the calendar to see if I had anything interesting planned further into the week. I looked over to my calendar again. Companies who offer VR learning experiences to their customers are likely to have a competitive advantage over companies who don’t. Download our white paper, Creating Serious Games and Simulations , and stay tuned for our white paper on Virtual Reality in learning! There I was, standing in my cubicle.

eLearning Predictions 2015

Web Courseworks

Two years ago, we projected growth for HTML5 in mobile learning and responsive template design and more MOOC development from universities and traditional institutions of higher learning. To confine predictions to a single calendar year partially betrays the point of the exercise (long-term forecasting), so in my mind our predictions for 2015 build upon previous efforts and sort of stitch those thoughts together. DIY eLearning will Reveal the Value of Professional Course Design.

Best LMS For Teaching Courses Online

Academy of Mine

Secondly, a lot of the free options leave a lot to be desired from a design standpoint. However, you might find that you need to hire third parties to help you customize the platform to help you achieve your educational needs.

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8 Tips To Facilitate Negotiation Skills In Sales Online Training

Infopro Learning

In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to help your sales employees seal the deal and improve customer satisfaction. Sales employees require a broad range of skill sets to address customer needs and persuade them to purchase. They have to articulate why the product or service is worth the investment and convince the customer that the price is right. Replicate customers and situations that your sales staff may encounter in the workplace.

Sales 221

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Other organizations such as Maestro and Allego have created specialized mobile applications for internal and external sales force learning that can’t be replicated by a traditional LMS. #12 Among LMS specialists, differentiation tends to start with the target learning audience: employees, extended enterprise (customers, channel partners and other non-employees), academic institutions, associations or commercial training companies.

Training Management System vs LMS: Which one do you need for employee training?


Now all you need is the perfect software to help you create , deliver and track your courses. You can use this software to create, deliver and track online learning , and then some! Training staff can easily enroll users, upload and update content, create customized courses and learning paths, measure employees’ learning performance, and track course progress and completion. Instructional Design Employee Training

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | May 15, 2020

Mike Taylor

Last week’s most clicked item: I Create Videos for a Living. Design] Blush – Create, mix, and customize illustrations made by artists around the world. Design] Visual Dev YouTube Channel – get tutorials, reviews, tips, tricks and more [Learning] Microsoft’s Learning Portal. L&D webinars and professional development events calendar by Kari Knisely ( @KariKnisely ). I love talking about learning, design, and technology.

5 Simple and Effective eLearning Interactions

Bottom-Line Performance

Most eLearning courses will have at least one section with scenarios… and many of the courses we design are entirely scenario-driven. To control the complexity, and cost, of your scenario, only design for the series of correct responses, but write feedback for the incorrect responses. While you lose some of the opportunity for learners to see consequences and learn from mistakes, scenarios like this are much simpler to build from a programming and design standpoint.

Wearable technology — put to good use for training employees


Then there was texting, the alarm clock and an ever growing number of other features, so pretty soon when you left the house you would only need your phone: no more notepads, pens, calendars, cameras, stopwatches, and even your wallet became optional. Employees can get access on their wrist band to manuals, handling instructions, safety issues for each product, so that they can help customers on the spot. E-learning Instructional Designers Managers

The Top 7 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools


Most training managers would agree that designing, developing and delivering online training for employees is a creative process. And creating great learning experiences requires an effective training toolkit for creating quality content, communicating with learners, planning and managing learning activities and presenting expert guidance on user-friendly platforms. The learning management system that’s easy to set up, easy to use and easy to customize.

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Understanding Your LMS Requirements for Corporate Training


Design Requirements. Once you’ve found a good fit with a few LMS providers, the next step is to start thinking about the LMS requirements that will enable you to design the eLearning courses best suited to your training needs. This has everything to do with creating online training specific to your intended audience, your learning objectives, and your training style. eLearning courses are designed for one thing – users.

Why You Should Embrace The Gig Economy For Strategic Advantage

EI Design

Until recently, I worked from my home office, managing a small team of full-time Instructional Designers and technology administrators located in 5 different US states and contractors in India. For example, an HR professional in the California bay area office might consult with a customer-facing manager in New Jersey. Often their lack of skill creates a stumbling block to efficiency, quality, and innovation. Instructional Design Learning Resource

Learning from others through Enterprise Social Networks (ESN)


Sometimes the assessments done prior to designing the programs are not thorough enough, other times managers prove to be somewhat oblivious to the real learning gaps within their teams and ask for modules that don’t necessarily fit. They enable employers, employees, business partners, and even customers to participate in conversations either through status updates, commenting, or simply following up on communication streams. Instructional Designers

Evaluating Training – Capturing the Benefits Aspect of ROI

Obsidian Learning

Included in first level are: Customer (trainee) satisfaction – their opinion – what did they like, what did they learn, was anything missing, Likert rating scale feedback. Business impact (results) – Frequency: Regular intervals over the calendar or fiscal year; monthly or quarterly is typical. Setting learning and application objectives is part of the training design, so it is critical that we design with the end result in mind.

5 Blended Learning Activities to Consider for Memorable Corporate eLearning Courses


Blended learning combines face-to-face with online training to create more memorable corporate eLearning experiences. How To Create A Memorable Corporate eLearning Course: 5 Blended Learning Activities To Include. Employees must use all of the “clues” to identify what the customer needs and how they can provide service. This allows them to plan ahead and create a list of questions or talking points that they would like to address.

Social networking is king

E-Learning Provocateur

What if your customers advertised for you? Over 5000 enthusiastic members chat online, comment on the blog, post messages, upload photos, and keep track of their calendar of events. This approach differs from traditional product flog marketing because it focuses on creating “fans&# , not customers. instructional design participatory culture social media

Top 5 Training Material Development Software


This will help you stay ahead of the competition and better keep up with customer demand. However, by partnering with the right training company, you’ll cut your development time way down and have the resources on hand to create top-notch training material that truly delivers for your employees. Continu’s Learning Tracks is how administrators create courses, facilitate onboarding flows, quizzes, and more. Noted customers. Noted customers. Noted customers.

7 Steps to an Effective Serious Game or Gamification Implementation

Knowledge Guru

The challenge of in-house game design. One of the reasons serious games are hard to create successfully in-house is the lack of game design skill most organizations have on their teams. Your instructional designers may be good, but have they played lots of games? Have they designed games before? Many instructional designers continue their education and earn masters degrees in instructional design. Getting Around Game Design.

5 Must-Have Gifts for Trainers

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

For trainers who deliver instructional or on-boarding videos, excellent lighting is key to a successful video. The rapid graphic design program Canva allows experts, teams, and individual users to create professional graphics such as book covers, social media posts, documents, presentations, logos, and more instantly (and for free). It should be a staple in every Instructional Designer or Trainer’s toolkit. No matter what calendar system they use.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


As well as learning management systems , there are now all kinds of nifty online apps that can help you to organize your work, research trends, create course content, network with peers, and communicate with learners. The team at LearnUpon organizes eLearning projects and helps customers with course content every day. So we asked members of our development, customer support and design teams to recommend the top eLearning tools they can’t work without.


Mike Taylor

Why Creating “Rubbish – Lots of Rubbish” Is The Key To Outstanding Work — In this short piece, you’ll hear how top professionals encourage the steps to great work—by creating a fair bit of rubbish along the way. Remote Instructional Design Jobs – Experiencing eLearning — Christy Tucker has pulled together a nice collection of resources on how to find remote instructional design and L&D jobs? .

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SME Best Practice: The Kick off Meeting, Your Key to Working with SMEs Successfully

Actio Learning

As an Instructional Designer (ID), your relationship with subject-matter-experts (SMEs) is critical to the success of custom training development projects. After dozens of large-scale initiatives that created hundreds of hours of training, we’ve zeroed in on a few best practices. Provide an overview of the training design & development process. Help your SME be successful by explaining the process for designing and building training.


Free Flip Card Interaction

Rapid eLearning

A great way to learn to use the elearning software you have is to create small interactions. A recent challenge was to create a note card interaction. I also created a quick tutorial that explains the file and how it’s constructed. View tutorial to learn how to create and customize the free flip card interaction. Create Content You Can Use More Than Once. For this free flip card interaction I created the cards with a Selected State.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


While a learning management system is one of the most important eLearning tools you need to have, there are many nifty online apps, programs and systems designed to make your eLearning experience simpler. Trello works particularly well with different instructional design methodologies, including ADDIE. Google Calendar. Mural makes it visually pleasing to track tasks and projects, in addition to creating storyboards, etc.

Ryan Moore from Uncanny Automator Helps You Integrate your WordPress LMS with the Most Important Apps For Your Personalized Learning Paths and Course Designs


Learn about how Ryan Moore from Uncanny Automator helps you integrate your WordPress LMS with the most important apps for your personalized learning paths and course designs in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. As Ryan describes it in this episode of the LMScast, Automator is really about saving time and creating workflows that make the processes in your business easier. Chris and Ryan discuss instructional design in this episode.

How to Use Free Assets in Commercial Training Courses

Rapid eLearning

Why work to get eyes on your product and then create that sort of friction? But it still creates some friction because the attribution requirement may conflict with your project. It also creates consistency, but still can be a bit distracting. Use Engage to create an “About” player tab. Create a custom slide and insert it using the lightbox feature. Creating Your Own Background Image in Storyline. I’m working on the calendar for next year.

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Free learning & development webinars for September 2020

Limestone Learning

Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 9AM – 10AM PT: Learn How to Create Assessments for Your Video Training and Publish to an LMS You’ve shot an awesome video for the upcoming training initiative, but what’s the best way to get your video into an elearning course on your LMS?

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How to Design Workplace Learning Like a Pro – Start with These 5 Dangerous Questions


Or is it that you just heard yourself say you’d be happy to create and present a slide deck to help roll out a new HR benefit that starts next month? Or maybe your boss can’t stop talking about how great it would be to have some “online learning” about great customer service. It’s great that she calls you the “customer whisperer” because you’re so good at the job yourself, but now she wants you to build the learning she has in mind.

5 Practical Tips To Maximize Your Gains From Outsourcing Corporate eLearning Development

EI Design

While most eLearning development organizations have access to a similar portfolio of tools and technologies, your partner can add value to your learning designs through innovative and creative Instructional Design approaches. Enhanced focus on your customers. Whether you are servicing internal or external customers, outsourcing the development of your eLearning content provides your internal team with additional bandwidth to pick up other related aspects.

Is Building eLearning Internally the Right Strategy?

ThinkingKap Solutions

So, if you’ve decided your company should use eLearning, now it’s time to determine how you’ll create it. The more training you create, the more skills you require, and the more head count it takes to build that team. Conversely, the volume and quality of training they create determines if you’re justifying the expense. This included updating classroom assets to be more modern and polished, and doing an instructional design analysis of the content.

Free L&D webinars for September 2019

Limestone Learning

Design learning? How innovative organizations are building skills and designing learning experiences, not just providing content. Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Carl Crisostomo, Product Manager, Content at Saba Software, as they share key insights into how to set the strategic foundation to create a learning experience that engages learners and drives outcomes for your people and your business.

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Why the 70:20:10 model works for online training


The customized use of pictures, graphics, videos and HTML files of an LMS contribute to making the training as appealing as possible, thus setting the stage for an engaged audience. Online training courses for employees can cover all aspects of formal education, from structured lessons, assignments and calendars to grading and certification. Instructional designers support learners to go through all required lessons and finish the course with success.

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PowerPoint Animations Made Easy with This Free Tool

Rapid eLearning

There are a few pre-determined paths and then you have the ability create your own custom path. Here’s a quick tutorial that shows how to create and edit motion paths in PowerPoint. PowerPoint MVP Shyam Pillai created a PowerPoint add-in for motion paths. Let’s say you create an object using three different motion paths. His presentation is titled Practical Techniques for Designing Better E-Learning. PowerPoint has some great animation features.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


Aside from learning management systems, there are now all kinds of nifty online apps that can help you to organize your work, research trends, create course content, network with peers, and communicate with learners. The team at LearnUpon organizes eLearning projects and helps customers with course content every day. So we asked members of our development, customer support and design teams to recommend the top eLearning tools they can’t work without.

5 Practical Tips To Maximize Your Gains From Outsourcing Corporate eLearning Development

Adobe Captivate

While most eLearning development organizations have access to a similar portfolio of tools and technologies, your partner can add value to your learning designs through innovative and creative Instructional Design approaches. Enhanced focus on your customers. Whether you are servicing internal or external customers, outsourcing the development of your eLearning content provides your internal team with additional bandwidth to pick up other related aspects.

Facebook for e-Learning


Groups could be closed (customize group settings) and they can be used for courses and projects. On a class group page you can add links, videos, discussion threads, photos, create events and send group messages. Facebook was not created to be used as a learning environment and for sure I wanted more learning features! 1) Interactions between Learner and Content SlideShare You can create and share presentation on Facebook.