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Customize Your LMS to Support Your Brand


There are plenty of best practices to drive toward that goal, including customizing your LMS interface. What does this have to do with a customizing your LMS? Custom brand SAP Litmos Training for a better learner experience. What Can You Customize?

GETOGETHER 2017: Celebrating Customer Success!

Growth Engineering

It was Growth Engineering’s annual customer conference, The GETOGETHER 2017. Our awesome customers flew in from around the world, and truly wowed us and each other at this year’s GETOGETHER. The event celebrates everything our customers have achieved over the past year. For our customers the GETOGETHER was also an opportunity to meet each other, share ideas and see how others use Growth Engineering’s products, such as the Academy LMS.


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How to Create an Online Course (in 2020)


Creating and selling online courses can be quite profitable, with many professionals achieving 6- and 7-figure incomes. How can I create a profitable course? Well, we created this massive guide to answer all those questions for you. How to Create an Online Course. First Steps to Creating an Online Course. How to Create an Online Course (Step by Step). Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills. Creating the Course Content.

Improve Quality of Life With Virtual Learning

CLO Magazine

Courtesy of Sodexo Sodexo provides food and facilities management services to thousands of customers globally. Further, a portion of Sodexo’s management workforce is usually on summer layoff status due to the academic calendar. Pleased with summer 2010 virtual meeting results, the company decided to replicate the process in January 2011 and created “Show Your Sodexo Spirit” — a themed learning event for winter 2011.

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How to create effective online training courses on a budget

Your Training Edge

You can use old tutorials, resources sections, forum questions and answers, customer service responses, website blogs, etc. to create new content quickly and cost effectively. For instance, take an old website blog, do some research on the same topic and update the data, statistics and related tools and create infographics with updated data. You can scale the repurposing of the old content by developing a process and content development calendar.

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How Your Company Can Use eLearning to Achieve Great Customer Service


Due to the bad reputation customer service can receive, many people dread having to call their service providers for fears of such a situation, which can have an adverse affect on your company. There are two ways in which this fear of customer service can be harmful to you and your company. The first reason is if a customer has a need to call you but is afraid to, then you are unable to help them. What is Customer Service? Understanding Customer Service Course.

Implementation of Effective Blended Learning Program for Employee Onboarding


Induction programs are an integral part of the training calendar of any organization. G-Cube created an innovative induction program for one of the leading automobile companies in India. Our customized e-learning solution helped the client in many ways by: • Reducing dependency on senior leadership.

Get Ready for a Season of Learning Tech Success! Fall Webinar Series

Talented Learning

Our “ Summer of Learning ” webinars were so popular, we’ve decided to extend the series with four new topics — all designed to help you drive successful learning programs for employees, customers, association members and more. We’ll send individual confirmations for each selected webinar with a calendar invite. So, what happens when you want to educate customers, channel partners and others across your extended enterprise?

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

Normally as the calendar shifts from March to April, we celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. To help educational institutions, healthcare providers, municipalities and non-profit organizations embrace “the virtual workplace” LogMeIn is offering Emergency Remote Work Kits to new customers. To help distributed workers or learners connect, communicate and collaborate, Cisco is making Webex online conferencing tools available for free to new customers for 90 days.

Top 6 Cornerstone Alternatives and Cornerstone Competitors in 2020!


Cornerstone learning an award-winning learning management system (LMS) enables companies to create a culture of continuous learning and train their employees as per the requirement. With robust configuration options, administrators can customize users’ portals to meet unique needs.

Effective Training on Compliance and Patient Safety Using Robust Healthcare Learning Management Systems


Some of the leading healthcare companies are investing in new-age healthcare Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver effective ecourses while ensuring the delivery of right quality products and optimal patient care. Top benefits of using modern LMSs in the healthcare industry are discussed as follows: Create custom online courses. E learning solutions help healthcare representatives to create, develop, track, and deliver training content.

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #04

Mike Taylor

Streamyard is an easy way to create professional live streams. Create immersive virtual experiences that drive results with an event marketing platform that supports scalable virtual events. A great custom illustration creator for Sketch and Figma. Unlimited calendar adds.

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Arlo + Zapier just got better

Arlo Training & Events Software

In just a few clicks you can set up workflows for your data to be automatically synced to and from Arlo, with systems such as Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Excel, Outlook Calendar, Salesforce and more! A few months ago we announced our Arlo integration with Zapier.

E-Learning Trends For 2018: From Flux To Focus


We live in very interesting times – technology is now getting omnipresent around us, we are interconnected at global level like never before, and thanks to all the search engines and bots and calendars and what not, we don’t want to remember anything, but be given the information we need just at the right time, and preferably the information should reach us on its own without us telling anyone/anything what we need!

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The Best LMS Features that make Paradiso LMS Stand at the Top of the Competition


These features have been described below: Multi-Tenant LMS : This is one of the features of Paradiso LMS which allows user s to create private portals for different departments, divisions, or clients. They can run, save, and schedule a wide range of custom reports.

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Tips For Running Your Business Smoothly

Your Training Edge

The technological advancements and new opportunities available in the business world due to globalization have resulted in higher profits, new customer bases and innovative business models. But, higher demands from consumers and increased competition created new challenges for managers. Breach of data security can leave your business operations paralyzed for a long time and you can lose customers. How Businesses Can Hire Quality Workers (Visited 16 times, 17 visits today).

Increasing LMS utility with Learner Dashboards


The reporting function of new age LMSs also makes sure that there is room for customized reports that the learners can also utilize to take control of their learning. Our proprietary LMS WiZDOM has a Learner dashboard, encapsulating the progress of the learner through multiple courses, the cumulative progress as per the entire learning curriculum, as well as a learning calendar to plan for trainings as per individual schedule.

15 Best Online Course Themes For Your WordPress LMS

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

When you’re creating an e-Learning site (or any type of site), choosing the right online course theme becomes a very important part of the process. However, if you can afford it then LifterLMS can be a better choice because of the quality of its extensions and support.

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It’s Time to Rethink Online CME Courses and How We Deliver Them


It’s not just the presence of continuing education, however— quality matters even more. You can offer professional development with no calendar headaches, no missed deadlines, and no one standing at the counter demanding to know where their certificate is. Solution: Customize every stage. You can create and then adjust courses that inspire your employees, not cause them to wonder why they’re bothering. You can customize: Workflows.

Paradiso LMS one of the top Learning Management System on the List of Online Learning Platforms


An online learning platform allows you to create a virtual environment for teaching with features that make it possible for the trainer to deliver interactive, didactic and constantly updated training sessions. Let’s see in detail: Custom eLearning Solutions : The online learning platform that you choose must have branding options at its deepest cut. Rapid Course Authoring : It is important that the platform you choose has authoring tools to create and customize your courses.

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11 Best WordPress Education Themes – 2020

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

If you want to create a professional education website that scales rapidly and provides a good experience to your learners, it’s necessary to choose a good WordPress education theme. A WordPress theme with a special focus on education is necessary because it makes it easy for you to create a WordPress-based eLearning website. It has all the basic theme features like responsive design, SEO-friendliness, support for critical plugins, and Customizer support.

Learning Systems RFP and Tier4 NexGen

eLearning 24-7

Event Management – Scheduling capability, includes calendars, waitlists, notifications – a must – you will want. BTW, you want the calendar feature. A video assessment is based on speech patters/words used when practicing a scenario, sales training techniques, customer service techniques to the coach/mentor/manager. Extended Enterprise (B2B/B2C) – If you are doing or want to do customer education, then this section is extremely important to you.

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5 Must-Have Gifts for Trainers

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

You’re bound to get professional audio quality with this mic! The rapid graphic design program Canva allows experts, teams, and individual users to create professional graphics such as book covers, social media posts, documents, presentations, logos, and more instantly (and for free). No matter what calendar system they use. So, What’s on Your List? Still shopping for that last minute Christmas or birthday gift for an office pal? Not sure where to start?

The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


It offers good quality video even for more than 10 participants. It integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Users say that the video and audio quality needs improvement. Despite the fact that it is one of the oldest webinar platforms around, it comes with a pack of useful features that are suitable for every business including custom-made landing pages, email notifications, and reporting capabilities. It has HD video quality.

5 tips for running a successful webinar course

Arlo Training & Events Software

This illustrates how important it is for businesses to recognize disruption and be willing to adapt to the changing needs of its customers. For training providers, those customer needs come in the form of flexible and accessible learning. Create a professional environment.

eLearning Brothers Makes a Powerful Point by Acquiring Get My Graphic

eLearning Brothers

This acquisition continues eLearning Brothers’ commitment to serve the eLearning Community, this time by providing high-end PowerPoint graphics to it’s customers. When we started Get My Graphic, the vision was to empower our customers to achieve their goals using powerful visuals,” said Mike Parkinson. “This acquisition supercharges what our customers can do by offering more graphics than we ever imagined.” Calendars.

The best free PowerPoint templates online


When creating presentations in PowerPoint it’s important to have a template to ensure design consistency, but it takes time, effort and skill to create high quality templates and masters. Whichever PowerPoint template you chose, you should still try to create visual, engaging slides. Treating these free PowerPoint templates as building blocks, rather than finished masterpieces will help you create something more customised to your needs.

Why Comcast (and Maybe Your Company!) Needs eLearning


By this time you’ve probably heard the story, and maybe even the actual recording , of the Comcast customer service representative aggressively refusing to end AOL Vice President Ryan Block’s Comcast service. Due to the bad reputation customer service can receive, many people dread having to call their service providers for fears of such a situation, which can have an adverse affect on your company. What is Customer Service? Understanding Customer Service Course.

Is Staff Training the Answer to Poor Performance?

But before you clear the calendars for a training day, take a close look at what’s going on. Because no team members have the authority to make decisions, the micromanager becomes a bottleneck, damaging customer experience and decreasing overall performance despite the manager’s extreme efforts. These are usually folks that care deeply for the quality of your products and services, so it’s worth spending time to help them manage better.

eLearning Predictions 2015

Web Courseworks

To confine predictions to a single calendar year partially betrays the point of the exercise (long-term forecasting), so in my mind our predictions for 2015 build upon previous efforts and sort of stitch those thoughts together. This model creates value by aligning the objectives of health record analysis (gather information about treatments and outcomes to identify issues/concerns) and the objectives of professional development (train practitioners on how to improve performance).

A Complete Guide On How To Sell Fitness Programs Online


Even if you are running your fitness classes successfully, creating an online community for your members is an additional benefit. Use your online fitness programs to help your clients create a healthy lifestyle while making along the way with your expertise. If you have never taken your fitness classes online, you are missing out on one of the lucrative ways to popularize your brand globally and create an additional revenue stream. Calendar scheduling & class management.

10 free HR software

Ed App

Not only can HR staff be trained online, but HR can also create courses for other employees so that they know the company’s policies. Because of these reasons, it’s a good idea for HR staff to explore various solutions to creating eLearning in their companies.

How To Start a Cooking Business?


Take time to create a plan for you to follow during the schedule. Try playing around with staple ingredients to create basic recipes and repurpose them to create new recipes. Create a platform to showcase your videos. The platform must not only be appealing in looks but must also feature basic and advanced features like creating cooking classes, managing access, processing payments, accepting reviews and set ratings, etc.

4 Steps to Run Better Video Conferencing Meetings

Sales Hacker

When everyone can see each other, you create more meaningful connections. Finally, the right video conferencing technology doesn’t just make it possible to connect with remote workers , it improves the quality of your conversations too. Video conferencing tools that offer integrations with things like instant messaging services, calendaring, and scheduling tools can significantly improve the experience for your teams and drive productivity.

An LMS helps close the manufacturing skills gap


82% of manufacturing executives say the shortage will negatively impact the ability to meet customer demands, innovate and expand. High-performing managers create high-performing teams. Manufacturers often put too little emphasis on training supervisors, despite the fact that the quality of the boss is a key factor in both worker performance and retention. Use our calendar to schedule a brief consultation or ask us a question.

Top 8 FREE Open Source LMSs

eLearning 24-7

In the 100% free with no limitations, I have personally found quality to be all over the place – sometimes excellent other times “ahh, I see why it is free” Yet, we as “humans”, (can’t speak for ancient aliens) like free. I’m not talking about your customization of it, rather that with some companies they charge for you to use their open source code. Everyone loves free, especially with software.

It’s raining features: TalentLMS 3.5 update lands on the Cloud


With a large enough percentage of TalentLMS customers using the platform for commercial eLearning , we are always looking for ways to strengthen TalentLMS capabilities in that area. Free (and turnkey) SSL with custom domains. link] using TalentLMS through a custom SSL-secured domain was a little more involved than it should have been. TalentLMS comes with free SSL for your custom domains for everybody on a Plus plan and above.

ILT 55

5 Practical Tips To Maximize Your Gains From Outsourcing Corporate eLearning Development

EI Design

Furthermore, it brings the added value of getting more done in a shorter time with the required quality. Enhanced focus on your customers. Whether you are servicing internal or external customers, outsourcing the development of your eLearning content provides your internal team with additional bandwidth to pick up other related aspects. These could help you devote quality time with your customers that can help you create further business opportunities.

The Top 7 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools


And creating great learning experiences requires an effective training toolkit for creating quality content, communicating with learners, planning and managing learning activities and presenting expert guidance on user-friendly platforms. Here are a few of the most affordable , easy-to-use tools for creating effective online employee training content: Canva : Create tailored graphics and infographics, or use one of their many templates.

Tools 63

The 7 worst scary-bad corporate training mistakes


So, aim to create continuous learning programs that reinforce education via a blended learning model , across modalities and activities, such as social learning and coaching. To breathe new life into existing courses and/or to create better new ones, consider applying some tips from this recent webinar on how to engage learners. Plus, new modules are added all the time, so you can continually grow the course library that you offer your employees, customers, and partners.